8 things you should know before applying for a Chase credit card

If you want to have one of the best Credit cards for daily expenses that you can find, Chase Bank it may be what you are looking for. But first, we show you 8 things to know before applying for a Chase credit card.

The wide range of chase credit cards Today they total more than 30 types of cards for different uses and in different categories. They offer great signup bonuses, programs, and promotions that you shouldn’t miss out on.

But if you want your app to get the chase credit card be processed or obtain the correct one, pay attention to the 8 things you should know before applying for a Chase credit card.

We must clarify that it is not a regulation established by chase, are not guidelines that appear in your credit manuals and policies.

But according to studies and background, tips that we will give you below could be taken as “maximum” of experiences that you should consider before applying.

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1- It is possible that you will be denied any of the Chase cards if you contracted five or more bank cards in the last 24 months

It is about the application of the5/24 rule”.

In internet forums you can read various anecdotes and reviews that Chase is very likely to reject your application if you have applied for or received more than five credit cards in a span of two years.

You may wonder how Internet users have come across this information.

It’s because when Chase Bank made the launch of his Chase Sapphire Reserve® with great registration bonuses (100,000 points equal to $1,500 in travel), the rule literally appeared on their web portal.

Clearly, this is an excellent bonus even when you factor in the annual cost of the card. Chase Sapphire and with this they wanted to alienate those who only wanted to obtain the bonus.

The 5/24 rule is a practice that still applies to other types of Chase credit cards.

2- Chase can only approve two credit cards every 30 days

It seems crazy! but another thing you should know before applying for chase credit cards is that you should avoid applying to more than two offers.

This is another of the measures taken chase to prevent them from taking advantage of the system and obtaining bonuses or offers.

You should know that the most common is that Chase only approves a maximum of 2 credit cards to the same cardholder within a period of 30 days.

In other words, if your idea is to obtain several chase credit cards, you will have to make the requests very gradually and no more than 2 every 30 days.

Another thing is that this point could help you meet the spending requirements that it demands chase so you can enjoy the best benefits and bonuses.

Before trying to apply to multiple credit card applications At the same time, remember that when you formally apply to an active card, what is known in credits as “hard inquiry” or hard review of your credit report.

Multiple in-depth reviews of your credit report can affect your credit score. The renowned credit agency Experian.com tells us more about reviews of your credit report (soft and hard inquiries).

3- Chase can deny you a request if you have received the registration bonus on that card in the last 24 months

Until recently, if you requested the same chase credit card in a period of two years, after you had received a bonus for registering the same type of card, they only prevented you from enjoying the bonus again.

Things have been tightened up and now Chase will even be able to deny you the same specific card application within 24 months of receiving a sign-up bonus.

Chase Bank in your information page section about your Credit cardsposted the following:

“This product is available to you if you do not have this card and you have not received a new cardholder bonus for this card in the last 24 months.”

This is a rule that you should keep in mind if you plan to cancel the chase credit card that you already have to apply for another.

4- You can only have one credit card of the brand sapphire at once

In case you don’t know, we’ll tell you.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® and the aforementioned Chase Sapphire Reserve® are arguably the most popular Chase credit cards. But Chase Bank has removed the ability for you to sign up for both credit cards at the same time.

Although they have overlapping benefits, there are separate sign-up bonuses for each card. It is a rule that also applies to the credit card chase sapphire free of charge or annual fee.

It is another restriction that is intended to prevent those who seek to take advantage of the system and the benefits that are offered in a suspicious or malicious manner.

For these two Chase credit cards, the aforementioned rule of enjoying the welcome bonus within 24 months of a new request also applies.

We remind you: If you received any bonus in the previous 24 months, it is very likely that you will not be approved. credit card chase sapphire.

5- Chase can lead you to higher signup bonuses within 90 days of approval

You are probably one of those who expects to get the best offers and benefits with the Credit cards. Who does not?

But you can rest assured, even if you apply for a Chase credit card right now and a better offer arrives in the next 90 days, they will be able to match your bonus with the new offer or higher award.

For example: in case you apply for a bonus of 50,000 points and in 60 days chase launches a new offer where it gives its customers 60,000 points for the credit card you have, you may request that additional difference.

If you want to request a difference to match a better offer, you can call or communicate via the web or by phone through the customer service offered Chase Bank. Enter here if you prefer speak with a Chase customer service representative in Spanish.

This so that they “evaluate you” to offer you the highest bonus; we say evaluate, because there may also be additional requirements to grant extra bonus.

It is not a rule that is written, but usually chase he will want to keep you happy and that your relationship progresses in the best way.

6- The “three months” to meet the registration bonus spending requirements could be more than three months

It is obvious to think of having to spend US$4,000 in a period of 3 months to be awarded 50,000 points; That must seem like a lot, at least to most people.

But what if it is in practice a period of time close to 4 months?

Based on investigations of reports by Chase credit card customers, the deadline is typically 115 days after you apply.

And the shortest time is that you are granted 103 days after you are approved so that your expenses are accounted for in time. Taking into account the time it takes for you to receive your chase credit card, its activation and use.

What you should do is contact the customer service numbers of chase so that they tell you the date on which you will have to meet the minimum spending requirement.

7- Chase will send you your new card at night if you request it now

If you really need the credit card right now, now. Chase may expedite the shipping process free of charge.

The truth is that you could have your chase credit card in a day or two.

In case you have an emergency and it is necessary to cover it with your credit card or you are worried about reaching the expense required for the bonus before the established time, you may be one of the lucky ones to have a Chase plastic in your hands in less than 48 hours.

Don’t forget that the approval process and requirements are rigorous and will all depend on your credit score and verifiable income.

8- If your credit card is denied, call the reconsideration department and find out why

Reasons you might be denied chase credit card there are many, we have already explained a few here.

But if you do not find yourself in any of the situations like the ones we have mentioned, you should contact the reconsideration department of Chase. Enter here if you wish to communicate with Chase customer service in Spanish.

They will be able to give you an explanation of what happened and tell you some things you should know before you reapply for a Chase credit card and get approved.

It can be a very simple situation that you could easily comply with, but you can always call 1-888-270-2127 and request an explanation directly.

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