Aetna: Customer Service Phone Number in Spanish

If you are researching health plans in the US -or have done so in the past- you may be familiar with Aetna. This company is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Although it was founded in 1853, Aetna provides services in all 50 states of the country and has been updated to the maximum to give the best service to its customers, including a customer service telephone number in Spanish.

Today, Aetna offers any policy you need, from dental insurance to family life insurance. Its financial rating describes it as a strong company that is easily accessible to all, including minorities. But let’s go to what concerns us: the Aetna customer service phone number in Spanish.

aetna customer service phone number

Aetna Customer Service

One of the most important study factors that potential users analyze before buying a health policy is precisely customer service. According to the latest surveys, Aetna customers are highly satisfied.

Close to 90% are interested in renewing their health insurance policy with Aetna and rate the customer service with a score of 4/5. This has led experts to give Aetna an “Exceptional” rating from JD Power and Associates.

Although the insurer is not listed by the Better Business Bureau, customer reviews speak for themselves.

How to contact Aetna?

Aetna has a customer service quite comprehensive including an online platform, as well as online resources to educate the client. This allows you to help people locate the policy they need and what health benefits are best for them and their families. This initiative has led Aetna to be recognized by the United States Department of Health and the White House itself as one of the operators fighting to democratize healthcare.

Aetna’s online platform also has a very useful tool because it allows you to compare different policies with each other. If you are already an insured client, you can use it to see associated doctors, covered pharmacies, laboratories, medical exam prices, special procedures, among others. You can even access your own medical history to share with your new treating doctor.

A quick look at Aetna health services

Aetna has a wide range of health insurance options. You can buy one individual, family, group, corporate or even Medicare policy with them. You can also choose to review and request a HSA account to boost your savings for health and other plans preventive care.

What we love? You can request your quote online and quickly (and also buy the policy without leaving home). Medical insurance is really affordable and does not for that reason give up quality. What is missing? Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have as many short-term health insurance options, and this is a weakness against its competition.

Aetna: Customer Service Phone Number in Spanish

You can call Aetna’s Spanish-language customer service phone number at 1-866-353-9802. The telephone exchange for existing customers is 1-877-238-6200 and for new customers 1-844-202-4408. In general, the waiting time is not very long -but not very short either- since it is estimated at about 15 minutes.

Aetna call center services are available during business hours, that is, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; being perhaps the best time to call at 8:15 am If you contact them at this time, the waiting time is considerably reduced.

What help can I find at Aetna Spanish Customer Service?

The help you can find through the Aetna telephone service is quite varied and includes:

  • make specific claims
  • Buy an insurance policy
  • Check the status of a claim
  • Ask questions about coverage
  • Renew an insurance policy
  • Modify a plan or request a policy change
  • Find a doctor or specialist within the network
  • Check if a drug or treatment is covered by the plan
  • Find help using the insurer’s online platform

What do I need to have on hand before I call Aetna’s customer service phone number?

Before calling Aetna’s Spanish phone number, make sure you have all the information related to your case at hand, that is to say:

  • Personal identification
  • Member ID Card
  • Insurance policy
  • Contact of your medical provider
  • Account statements
  • Last payments of the health policy premium
  • Medical exams and reports

Remember that Aetna representatives are only trained to answer your questions related to the policy or the services they offer, which means that they are not specialists or health professionals. An Aetna agent cannot give you medical advice or give you an opinion on a diagnosis. Nor do they have a voice or a vote in the processing of claims against reimbursement or the issuance of guarantee letters.

What other languages ​​is Aetna customer service available in?

Aetna is a very complete insurer that has a varied customer service in terms of languages. You can get language assistance at:

  • Arab: 1-866-353-9802
  • Armenian: 1-866-353-9802
  • Catalan: 1-866-353-9802
  • Cherokee: 1-866-353-9802
  • Chinese: 1-866-353-9802
  • German: 1-866-353-9802
  • Creole (Haitian): 1-866-353-9802
  • French: 1-866-353-9802
  • Greek: 1-866-353-9802
  • Hawaiian: 1-866-353-9802
  • Italian:1-866-353-9802
  • Japanese: 1-866-353-9802
  • Polish: 1-866-353-9802
  • Portuguese: 1-866-353-9802
  • Russian: 1-866-353-9802
  • roma: 1-866-353-9802

To know more about the language assistance from Aetna, be sure to visit the special section of its official website.

Note: You can also call directly to the phone number that appears on your membership card. This is the best way to get personalized service.

Other ways to contact Aetna

Another preferred way for customers to contact Aetna is through the mobile application or the online platform itself. You can log in using your username and password to get a specific phone number or chat with an agent.

Another way to contact Aetna is filling in a form for someone to contact you. To do this, you need to enter your name and surname, number of telephoneinformation about you customer condition (already have a policy with Aetna or not) and some Contact information, such as email address and home address.

One of the things we like is that with Aetna you can indicate what is your preferred form of contact: by phone, email or postal mail.

Tip: If you want updated information on Aetna services in your state of residence, you can review this section of its official website. As a member, you also have rights: we invite you to review the policies for affiliate clients here. Both pages are in Spanish, so you will have no problem understanding everything.

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