Allstate in Spanish: Customer Service and Phone Number in Spanish

There are many possibilities that something unforeseen happens in our lives and, if you analyze it well, you will find many reasons to take out insurance. In Allstate in spanish You can consult the information about their products and services, from the protection of goods to the management and support for legal problems.

Allstate Customer Service Number in Spanish

When an unforeseen problem or situation arises that requires action from your insurance company, generally the first thing we need to do is a phone call. If this is your case, the Allstate customer service number in Spanish it will be of great use to you.

Allstate service phone number in Spanish: 1-800-669-1552

Looking for information about the services Allstate offers? Do you want to hire any of their services? Have you already contracted their services and have questions about your policy?

If you live in the United States and you don’t speak English, allstate customer service in Spanish It allows you to make your inquiries and insurance procedures in a simpler way. To call Allstate insurance in spanish dial 1-800-669-1552.

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Allstate Customer Service Number in Spanish

Other Allstate Phone Numbers

  1. Claims: you can enter My account or call 1-877-810-2920. It is also possible to process claims through your agent. Claims related to life insurance can be made by the Allstate phone number 1-800-366-3495.
  2. Roadside assistance: in case you have contracted a membership plan you can use the number: 1-877-597-3393
  3. Billing and payments: this type of query can be made through the automated system, in the Allstate number 1-800-901-1732

You can also send payments by post to the following address:

Allstate Payments

2012 Corporate Lane Suite 108

PO Box 4310

Naperville, IL 60563

  1. Changes to coverage and policies: If you want to make any type of change that has to do with vehicles, such as property, for example, you must use the telephone number 1-800-669-1552. You can also contact your Allstate agent or go to “My Account” at Allstate in Spanish.
  2. Annuity and life insurance assistance: for issues related to the payment of life insurance you should review the documents of your policy, so you can obtain information regarding payment options and contact. In case you don’t have any of these documents, you can call 1-800-366-3495.
  3. Manages with “My account” and mobile app: for this type of procedure you must use your username and password in the online assistance. You can also call 1-877-597-0570.

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Allstate en español: products and services

The coverage options offered by this insurance company cover several areas, including:


Within this line, there are mainly two types of policy. The Drivewise consists of a system of personalized recommendations that help reduce the cost of your policy and the Milewise it is tied to the number of miles you drive.


This is one policy created to protect the assets you have in your rented home before any unforeseen event.

Policy for owners

This contract protects property owners from different situations such as vandalism, tenant lawsuits, theft, damage to the property’s structure, among others.


If you want to protect your home this is a good option. Includes comprehensive coverage that covers, theft, frozen pipes, water damage, fire, wind and hail. The Allstate insurance for housing offers you coverage of structures, personal property, civil liability if someone is injured on your property and medical coverage for possible expenses for injuries that your guests may suffer on the insured property.


This policy of Allstate insurance It has a base coverage and then you can adapt it to your needs and possibilities. You can also choose, depending on your budget, the coverage limits. Basic policies are for liability, personal belongings, guest medical coverage, and additional expenses.

The possibilities to add to this basic option are very varied. For example:

  • Water ebb
  • Building and planning code
  • scheduled personal belongings
  • Electronic data retrieval
  • Green upgrade reimbursement
  • Loss assessment
  • Extended protection
  • Identity reset

You may consider adding an additional policy, such as comprehensive coverage or flood insurance, which is not normally part of the basic policy.

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This policy has a fundamental objective which is to provide financial peace of mind to the family in the event of your death. In Allstate in spanish you will find different life insurance policies. The priorities and reasons for choosing one or the other should be closely linked to your age and stage of life.

What you should consider before hiring the insurance:

  • As you begin your adult life: at this moment your priorities are to build your financial structure, therefore, if you take out life insurance it should be at a low cost so that you can continue to pay the policy if you change your job or if you lose it. The purpose of insurance at this age is to protect your relatives and guarantors of your student debt in case something happens to you.
  • When you form a family: in case you already have a family, if something happens to you, your priorities are to leave an amount of money that allows your loved ones to stay at home and meet the expenses, both day-to-day and the education of your children .
  • In case you are raising children by yourself: If you find yourself in this situation and if something happens to you, it is important that you leave a financial base for your children so that they can continue to grow and educate themselves correctly.
  • Being retired or soon to retire: in this case, the purpose is to provide financial support that allows you to meet the final expenses (inheritance, funeral home, etc.) and protect your close relatives from possible debts that you still have.


The company Allstate offers a variety of customizable insurance packages that include equity, civil liability and coverage plan for your employees.

The civil liability coverage is very broad, it includes among other things: protection against lawsuits for unjustified dismissal, sexual harassment, physical damages of employees and clients and also discrimination. This policy also provides coverage in the event that an employee uses your vehicle in business activities and is involved in an accident.


Two roadside assistance plans are offered, the Roadside Advantage, financial assistance 24/7 and the plan Platinum Elite which includes some additional services, also with 24/7 assistance.


Allstate motorcycle insurance offers coverage for both the bike and you as the driver. There are different types of policy, it is advisable to contact an Allstate agent or representative. You can also call Allstatede customer service number 1-877-379-BIKE.

If you have any questions or need to solve any problem related to your policy, contact Allstate in spanish to the phone number 1-800-669-1552

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