Bank of America digital debit card

In this article we present what you need to know about the bank of america digital debit card (BofA). Te we provide information or data of interest, and let you know what other major banks have been updated to offer their customers security and ease in mobile banking.

The Bank of America digital wallet app

Bank of America attentive to the trends of its user market, has launched its new mobile application, Digital Wallet or “Bank of America digital wallet” which you can associate with your Bank of America accounts and debit cards. The objective is that you can make your purchases simply by sliding your Smartphone or mobile device over the payment terminals with contactless technology.

Thus, you can use it to make payments in physical stores and online with credentials from the BofA Digital Wallet. You can also associate it with a mobile wallet like ApplePay or GooglePay.

In addition, it may happen that as a new customer you consider it inappropriate that the debit card arrives in the mail due to fraud. And when you open a new account, for example, you can access a bank of america virtual card immediately through the aforementioned mobile banking application.

There are more news, you can also use the Bank of America virtual card that gives you the BofA Digital Wallet to make deposits or withdrawals through ATMs, without having a physical Bank of America card.

As an extra fact, the bank currently has more than 16,000 ATMs improved and compatible with the new technology throughout the country.

With this application, the bank provides customers with an easier way to use digital tools instead of traditional ones. traditional debit cards.

It is a new payment method implemented by both Bank of America as by other banks, which includes the digital debit cards, a novel purchasing advantage for users.

Bank of America digital debit card

Interesting facts about the Bank of America digital debit card

It is worth mentioning that the advanced functions of the Mobile banking they are an important gauge when choosing a banking institution.

According to the results of a Business Insider Intelligence (Enterprise) study, 61% of respondents said that before opening a bank account, they thoroughly researched its mobile capabilities.

This means that customers crave security and access-related features to manage their cards in the Mobile banking.

Digital Mobile Banking – What Users Are Asking For

On the other hand, of the 33 mobile banking features object of the aforementioned study, the three most desired by the respondents revolve around accessibility and security, and are:

It is worth mentioning that access to ATMs without the need to use a card is a component of updating the bank of america digital debit card, which is a highly requested mobile feature that few banks offer.

According to the above, 59 percent of respondents in a study conducted by Mobile Banking Competitive Edge Study, rated the feature as an important component of the Bank of America update, giving it a category between “Very” to “Extremely” valuable.

However, even before the results of the new trend, only 9 of the 20 largest banks in the US offer this level of technology and functionality.

Additionally, the gap between user demand and bank supply makes the feature a differentiator for BofA get your Wallet up and running bank of america digital debit card.

On the website you will be able to see the digital wallets offered by your mobile banking.

Other major banks offering digital wallets and cards

Wells Fargo and Capital One have also made strides in features that streamline commerce in mobile banking.

For example, Wells Fargo offers access to ATMs without a card, as well as the «Control Tower Wells”, which is a set of digital money management functions.

This allows customers to turn cards on and off, verify frequent payments and monitor data exchange, among other card control functions.

In addition to this, in terms of security, the Wells Control Tower assign a number of digital cards individual to the account of the mobile wallet.

We invite you to visit their website at for more information about this service.

On the other hand, Capital One offers a application programming interface (API or Application Programming Interface) of virtual card numbers. It allows customers to create virtual credit cards in order to reinforce security when making purchases online. And, at the same time, reduce the friction around card reissuance.

Enter the banking web portal and verify the information of its services and more.

Over time, other US banks are likely to follow in the footsteps of Bank Of America, Wells Fargo Y Capital oneThus, you will be able to deploy advanced functions that guarantee secure and simplified access to cards through the Mobile banking.

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