How to contact Cdiscount customer service Number?

There are many ways to contact Cdiscount customer service. Although the Cdiscount telephone number is not clearly offered on the Cdiscount website, there are a large number of free numbers that allow you to contact Cdiscount.

How to contact Cdiscount Customer Service by phone (free number)?

The Cdiscount customer service telephone number is kept confidential by the Cdiscount teams. Indeed, the company fears being invaded by telephone calls and not being able to answer correctly all the requests of its consumers. This is why no number is provided on the Cdiscount website.

Cdiscount free number

However, you can call 09 70 80 90 50. This telephone number corresponds to the free number of 39 79 (70 euro cents per minute in addition to the possible price of the call). Initially, 39 79 is a telephone number that allows Cdiscount to help customers in difficulty in browsing the Cdiscount website. However, if you request it, you will be put in touch with a Cdiscount customer service agent who will be able to respond to your request.

Cdiscount customer service premium number

If you wish to call Cdiscount customer service directly, call 0811 700 233. This number is a premium rate number, however it will allow you to contact Cdiscount customer service directly without having to wait. By calling this number, you will be billed 6 euro cents per minute in addition to the possible price of the call to this number (depending on your phone plan).

Cdiscount free after-sales service number
If you wish to contact the Cdiscount After-Sales Service, dial 05 57 14 45 00. This number is non-surcharged. It will therefore not be subject to any additional invoicing by Cdiscount.

Contact the Cdiscount claims department

With regard to complaints, several specialized sites help you contact the advisers of the Cdiscount complaints department.

Cdiscount how to contact them?

You will find at the top of the page all the means of contacting Cidscount: by phone, by email, by telephone in particular.

About Cdiscount

Cdiscount is a French distributor of technological, leisure, home and personal equipment products at discount prices, for sale on the Internet. Thanks to its online development, Cdiscount offers its offer on four continents, in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. In 2000, Cdiscount became a subsidiary of Groupe Casino, and now offers deliveries to relay points via Casino stores, making delivery and returns easier and more accessible.

Cdiscount Information Service

Do you want to make a purchase on the Cdiscount website but want information on how the site works, payment methods, delivery times, the return, exchange and refund system? Do you want to order online but want more information about this product before making your purchase? For all inquiries, you can contact the CDiscount Information Service at 39 79, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 9 pm. You can also send your questions by email to the following address: If your question concerns an order placed on the Cdiscount site, please consult the Cdiscount after-sales service section.

Cdiscount after-sales service

To contact the Cdiscount After-Sales Service concerning the use of your Customer Area (email, password, address, means of payment) or the management of your online orders (order tracking, exchanges, returns, refunds, subscriptions) you must connect to your Cdiscount Personal Account by entering your email address and password, then go to the “My After Sales Service” section. You can also write to Cdiscount Customer Service at the address: Customer Service, BP 90200, 93472 Neuilly Sur Marne.

Cdiscount Relais Points

To find the relay point closest to your home, you can consult the Cdiscount collection point search tool, indicating your postal code or your city.

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