How do I contact Ebay customer service Number?

Ebay is an online sales website where you can buy and sell products of all categories, payments are secure.

How do I contact Ebay customer service by phone?

To contact the Ebay Customer Service, there is no phone number to contact you can however contact them by e-mail, via the contact form or by post.

How to contact the Ebay service by e-mail?


You can contact the Ebay mediator by e-mail, for this nothing could be simpler, send your e-mail to the following address mediateurduecommerce @ fevad, we advise you to detail your request and fill in all the information.

Contact form

Can get in touch with Ebay customer service via a Contact form and thus ask all your possible questions according to your type of request.


If you have any questions about Ebay offers, the progress of the subscription of the contract or other you can always go to the Ebay FAQ and find answers to the questions most asked by Ebay consumers.

How do I contact Ebay customer service by mail?

The head office

You can contact the brand’s Headquarters by sending your letter to the following address, you can contact them for any request for information, complaint or suggestion:

Ebay Marketplaces GmbH
Helvetiastrasse 15/17
CH-3005 Bern

Ebay mediation

Ebay insurance disputes

Insurance Mediation
TSA 50110
75441 Paris Cedex 09

Ebay consumer disputes

60 rue de la Boétie
75008 Paris

How to track an Ebay parcel?

Once you have placed an order on Ebay and the seller has sent your order, he will enter all the tracking information on the platform, so you can follow the delivery of your package online at any time.

How to cancel an Ebay order?

If you have placed an order on the Ebay website and wish to cancel the transaction, you should immediately contact the seller from whom you made the purchase. He is the only one who can cancel your order, he can only do so during the hour following the purchase and before sending the order.

However, if you have not succeeded in canceling your purchase, be aware that you can at any time upon receipt of your package request a return and try to get a refund from the seller.

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