First Bank Puerto Rico customer service phone

First Bank is a Puerto Rican financial company with more than 70 years of experience. If you are one of their loyal customers or pretend to be, it is very likely that at some point you will want to request information or carry out some management by telephone. So, to facilitate your search, we have created the guide “First Bank Puerto Rico telephone customer service”, in it you will find all the necessary data so that you can communicate and complete your management easily.

First Bank Puerto Rico customer service phone

First Bank Puerto Rico customer service phone

So that you can make your queries in a simple way, the First Bank customer service puts at your disposal several telephone numbers so that you can clarify your doubts and carry out your operations in a simple and comfortable way.

First bank customer service phone: 1-866-695-2511

through the number 1-866-695-2511, You can contact First bank to request information or clarify your doubts. You can also call First bank telephone number 787-725-2511. Calls made to these numbers are free of charge.

First bank customer service phone (Commercial Banking)

  • First Commercial Service Center: 787-729-8290 / 1-866-939-8039
  • Merchant POS: 787-773-5484

First bank Puerto Rico phone: Other numbers available

  • First bank phone number for credit cards: 787-701-2265 / 1-855-701-2265 (Toll free).
  • Telephone of First bank for mortgages: 787-283-4120 / 1-800-983-4120 (Toll free).
  • First bank telephone for the insurance area: 787-292-4380

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First Bank Puerto Rico customer service: Postal Mail

To send written notifications to First Bank Puerto Rico, you can direct them to the following address:

FirstLine Solutions Center (Customer Support)

PO Box 9146

San Juan, PR 00908-0146

You can also write by email to: customer

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First Bank Puerto Rico: Personal Banking Products

At First Bank Puerto Rico they offer a wide range of financial and insurance services. Below we will mention some of the most important.

checking accounts

With First Bank Puerto Rico checking accounts, you can enjoy some services such as ATH Móvil, Tu Banca Digital, Banca Móvil and more than 445 ATMs around the island.

The checking accounts that are at your disposal are:

  • BONUS account: a combined checking and savings account that pays you for transactions, products and services you purchase.
  • ONE account: a basic account that you can open from $1 and does not have a minimum balance required.
  • Perfect Account: an account that pays interest and offers other benefits.
  • First Investment: an account that generates very competitive interests if you maintain high balances.

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Savings account

With First Bank Puerto Rico savings accounts you have access to services such as ATH Móvil, Tu Banca Digital, Banca Móvil, branches and more than 445 ATMs.

The savings accounts that are available to you are:

  • Easy Savings: An account that you can open from $1, earns interest and allows you to save for the future.
  • FirstMove: An account designed for teenagers so they can learn to manage their funds.
  • FirstOne: An account specially designed for children. It helps them develop good habits of saving and responsibility.
  • Christmas Club: An account that allows you to save during the year so that Christmas expenses do not take you by surprise.


IRA CDs allow you to invest in your future in a smart way.

  • IRA Savings: allows you to make automatic contributions from your FirstBank checking or savings account with the IRA Fácil service.
  • First Roth IRA: allows you to receive your contributions and the increase in the amounts contributed exempt from the payment of income tax when you turn 60 years old.
  • First Educational IRA: an account that allows you to plan your children’s education.

Certificates of Deposits

The Certificate of Deposit (CD) is an account with a defined term during which attractive interest is accrued. It can be used as collateral to secure personal loans.

Among its most important benefits are:

  • Competing interests
  • Freedom to choose the term of the account and when and how interest is paid
  • Access to your account information through ​Tu Banca Digital.
  • The balance of your CD counts as part of the average daily balance to be maintained in your BONUS account to avoid the monthly service charge.​​​​​​

Credit cards

First Bank Puerto Rico offers you a wide range of credit cards that you can request according to your needs. Among them you will find the following:

  • Beyond One Mastercard
  • Beyond Ultimate Mastercard World Elite
  • Beyond Platinum Mastercard
  • Beyond Business Mastercard
  • Beyond One Visa
  • Beyond Platinum Visa
  • Beyond Global Visa
  • Beyond Ultimate Visa

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Personal loans

At First Bank you can request different types of personal loans depending on your needs and your profile. Request more information by phone.

First Bank Puerto Rico customer service phone (Personal loans): 787-282-2800


Life insurances

First Bank Insurance Agency, LLC. offers you insurance policies that keep you protected. Among the life insurance that are available you will find:

  • Term life: the Term Life policy offers protection for specific periods of time, usually 10, 20, or 30 years. Premiums are level for the selected term, this makes them affordable.
  • Simple issue term life: This type of policy is commonly used to protect mortgage debt in the event of the death of one of the homeowners.
  • Ordinary Life (“Whole Life”): A permanent life policy with a fixed premium payment. It offers the benefit of using the policy for investment and financial planning. Part of the premium you pay accumulates as a cash value.
  • World Life: a flexible life insurance with which you can adjust the premium according to your budget. It lets you choose the amount of coverage, the insurance premium you’ll pay, and the cash value you want to accumulate.
  • Variable life insurance: an ideal policy for policyholders who are more tolerant of investment risks. The death benefit and accumulation of values ​​are not guaranteed. These two factors can fluctuate according to the result of the investments in the portfolio offered by the insurer.

property insurance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FirstBank Insurance Agency, LLC. offers property insurance policies, among them you will find the following:

  • Home insurance: It is the simplest policy that covers damage to the main structure.
  • Homeowners Policies: a broader policy than the previous one. Provides coverage to the structure and contents of the property.
  • Personal multiline policies: a policy that offers comprehensive coverage. It is known as the “Personal Package” because it includes homeowners insurance, personal property insurance, personal liability insurance, automobile, public personal liability (Umbrella).
  • Flood insurance: Covers expenses for property damage even if it is in an area that has not been declared a disaster area.
  • Title Insurance: This policy covers defects in ownership of the property so that it can be sold without claims against the seller.
  • Home assistance: offers plumbing, electricity, locksmith and glassware services.

Auto and boat insurance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​FirstBank Insurance Agency, LLC. offers insurance policies for vehicles and boats, among them you will find:

  • Compulsory public liability insurance
  • public liability insurance
  • full cover insurance
  • double interest
  • GAP (Guaranteed Self Protection)
  • Roadside assistance
  • travel assistance
  • boat insurance

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