How do I contact Gearbest customer service Number?

There are several ways to contact Gearbest customer service. On this page are listed the different means ofget in touch with Gear Best customer service. This maybe by telephone, through mail, through mail or through social networks. There are also other ways to contact Gearbest, including through online chats (cat Where Facebook messenger) with an agent of technical service, of customer service or after-sales service from Gearbest. Note that all of your procedures on the Gearbest website are only accessible if you have an account on the Gearbest website. If you have placed an order on their site, it is because you necessarily have an account.

How do I contact Gearbest Customer Service by phone?

Unlike other Chinese online sales companies, Gearbest provides a phone number to reach customer service. This number is (1) 855 666 1888, it is directly supplied on the Gearbest website, Contact section. Please note, this phone number is a foreign phone number. Before calling, check the rates for your phone plan, because if nothing is planned for calls abroad, you risk paying dearly for your call to Gearbest customer service.

How to contact Gearbest Customer Service by email?

Some prefer contact customer service by email. The email makes it possible to keep a written record of the exchanges and to transmit multimedia files such as images or videos. Also, if you have a defective product, it may be good to communicate by email by sending a photo to customer service.

To contact Gearbest customer service by email, send your message to

About Gearbest

GearBest is an online sales website specializing in electronic products. The site offers a wide choice of technological gadgets, cell phones, PCs, tablets and accessories, computers and connected watches. GearBest specializes in consumer electronics, gadgets, and men’s fashion offering free worldwide shipping.

Gearbest offers a dedicated professional service for each of its customers regardless of the volume of the order. The Gearbest Help Center responds to support requests quickly, while Live Chat and phone support (available 24 hours a day) gives you real-time support whenever you need it. If you would like help with the website, an order, a return or a complaint, you can reach Gearbest customer service.
Gearbest customer service is available by email at or directly by live online chat, on the website, in the “Help Center” section. The help center can assist you on all questions concerning:
• Customer account problems (registration, connection, password, coupons)
• Order management (quantity, cancellation, address, delivery, order tracking)
• Payment problems (payment methods, price)
• Presale (product, bulk order)
• Return guarantee (refund, defective product, missing item)
Gearbest Customer Service by phone

Gearbest After-Sales Service

If you encounter a problem with an item purchased on the Gearbest site, you can go to the website in the “Submit a ticket” section by entering your username and password allowing you to identify yourself and access your customer account. .

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