Getting reimbursed by Paypal without an account, is it possible?

The question may arise for a buyer who wishes to be reimbursed for a product if it is possible that this reimbursement, made by his online seller can be done by Paypal even though he does not have a Paypal account.

We give you here the answer to the question of the possibility of an rpayment without Paypal account.

Paypal refund without having an account

The principle

The generally accepted principle in the context of an online reimbursement is that the seller uses the same channel as the payment made by his buyer.

Thereby, for a purchase made via Paypal account, the customer will be reimbursed by Paypal account while for an initial transaction sanctioned by payment by credit card, the buyer will be reimbursed by credit card.

Despite this principle, some sellers may reimburse their customers in a different way than the original payment method. This is particularly the case of a refund by Paypal of a purchase made by bank account.

In this case, iThere would probably be no problem if the customer had a Paypal account and the address of it was known to the seller. Indeed, even if the payment of the purchase was made by another means, the refund will be effectively received.

The customer will just have to transfer the amount obtained to his bank account to be able to withdraw it by card.

The problem

The problem of reimbursement by Paypal arises especially when the customer does not have a Paypal account.. However, in practice, it happens that some customers who pay by credit card receive an electronic message from Paypal saying that their refund has been made and that it was done via Paypal.

We are then entitled to wonder if such a refund is possible or if in the end, the customer will lose his money in the maze of virtual payment circuits.

The answer

You should know that online sellers who have a Paypal business account have the option of setting up their account so that it is possible for the customer to pay by credit card without having to go through the Paypal box.

By way of parallelism, one can also suppose that the seller should have the right to pay on the basis of the means of payment available to him.

In this case, he will therefore wish to reimburse his dissatisfied customers by Paypal account.

The receiving customer does not have to have the same type of account. since this reimbursement consists of a transfer to the customer’s bank account with the difference that it is a transfer from Paypal account to bank account and not a classic bank transfer from account to account.

To conclude, you should know that this type of reimbursement occurs on average within 30 days. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the expiration of this period before being alarmed about a default of repayment on the part of the seller.