How do I contact Groupon customer service Number?

Groupon is a platform for the sale of various services at reduced prices. There are discounts on reservations for restaurant tables, hotel rooms, activities and leisure.

You will find on this page all the information allowing you toget in touch with Groupon customer service. After reading this page you will know how contact Groupon by phone, contact them by sending them an email. You will also have their address to send them a mail.

With regard to complaints, several specialized sites help you contact the service advisers. Groupon claim.

How do I contact Groupon Customer Service Number by phone?

If you want contact Groupon following a problem with an order, you can do it by phone. Especially if you have a dispute with Groupon, that you have a claim, or you want to make a refund request. The corresponding number is 09 70 73 20 00. This number is the direct line of Groupon customer service. This phone number is a number not surcharged. You can therefore dial the number and call it without any risk: it will not be subject tono additional billing. If you have a package where calls to landlines are not chargeable, then you will not pay no additional costs.

The downside to this number is thatit does not put you in direct contact with a telephone operator. By calling this number, you come across a voicemail which gives you the following message:

Thanks for calling Groupon. If you have any questions regarding your order, please log into your account and visit the website>
Using the mobile application, select “My Business”, then please contact customer service.

Once at the Internet address provided by the voicemail, you will first be asked if you have a Groupon account or not. If you have a Groupon account, you will find an insert that says: ” I don’t have a Groupon account – General question Click here “. If you already have a Groupon account, you will find an insert ” My question is about an order – If you bought a coupon – Please click here “.

In the first case, you end up on a page of help Center. You will then find a drop-down pane offering the following solutions. : “Using my coupon”, “Partner problem”, “Canceling an order”, “Delivery and returns of goods”, “I can’t make a purchase”, “My Groupon account”, “Promotions and Referrals ”,“ General questions and comments ”,“ My coupon expires ”.

Choose the subject of your request. Depending on your situation, a second drop-down window will appear, allowing you to specify your request.

For “Use of my coupon”, you can choose between:

  • – “I cannot / no longer want to use my coupon, I wish to withdraw”;
  • – “I want to view or print my coupon”
  • – “How should I use my coupon? “
  • – “The codes of my coupon do not work”
  • – “What if my coupon expires?” “
  • – “Are there any restrictions for using my coupon?” “
  • – “When does my coupon expire?” “
  • – “I can’t find a booking that suits me”
  • – “There is no availability on the booking tool”
  • – “What should I do to receive my order? “
  • – “My credit card is debited, but I cannot find my order”
  • – “My order always indicates” In progress “or” Failed “
  • – “I have questions about the deal or the seller”.

For “A problem with the partner”, choose between:

  • – ” I can not contact the partner “
  • – “I cannot make my reservation”
  • – “I used a coupon and had a bad experience”
  • – “My deal has been canceled”
  • – “The partner refuses my coupon”
  • – “The partner has not noted my reservation”
  • – “The partner is closed”.

For “Cancel an order”, choose from the following options:

  • – “I need to check the status of a refund”
  • – “Can I cancel my purchase? “
  • – “I need to change the delivery address on an order”

For “Delivery and return of goods”, choose from:

  • – “I need to change the delivery address on an order”
  • – ” Where’s my package ? “
  • – “The parcel tracking number indicates” delivered “, but I have no parcel”
  • – “The article has been delivered but it is damaged or defective”
  • – “My item is missing parts or accessories”
  • – “I received the wrong item”
  • – “I want to return the item I received”
  • – “Can I exchange my item for another?” “
  • – “I returned an item but I have not yet received a refund”

For “I can’t make a purchase”, you can choose between:

  • – “The payment page does not accept my delivery address”
  • – “The website does not accept my payment”
  • – “I don’t know if my order has been taken into account”

For “My Groupon Account”, you will have the possibility to:

  • – “I can’t find a coupon that I bought”
  • – “I cannot connect to my account”
  • – “I need an invoice for an order”
  • – “I need to add, delete or update a credit card or bank card”
  • – “I wish to modify my newsletter subscription”
  • – “I am not receiving Groupon newsletters”
  • – “I would like to delete my Groupon account”
  • – “I don’t know if my order has been taken into account”

For “Promotions and Sponsorships”, you will choose between:

  • – “How to refer a friend to have a voucher?” “
  • – “I did not have a voucher for a friend whose account I sponsored”
  • – “How to use a voucher? “
  • – “My promotional discount was not applied to my purchase”
  • – “When does my referral voucher expire?” “

For “General questions and comments”, click on one of the following choices:

  • – “How does Groupon work? “
  • – “I would like to give you feedback”
  • – “I need to check the status of a refund”
  • – “Is it safe to buy on Groupon?” “
  • – “I have questions about the deal or the seller”

For “The expiration of my coupon”, you may be affected by one of these two requests:

  • – “When does my coupon expire?” “
  • – “What if my coupon expires?” “

If you cannot find your problem among the list above, you can always use the FAQ, at the top left of the page, just under “Member Services”. If you already have a coupon, then two solutions are available to you.

  • Either you bought it yourself and are therefore already a Groupon customer.
  • Either you have been offered it, and in this case you do not necessarily have an account.

In the first case, you will have to authenticate yourself by indicating your email address and your password. In the second case, you will need to create a Groupon account. You can also log in or create your profile using your Google account or your Facebook account.

How to contact Groupon Customer Service by email?

Groupon can also be reached via their mail address. If you want send an email to Groupon, write your email and send it to the following address: This address isGroupon customer service email address. When writing your email, do not forget to indicate your order number, the graduation day, the bill number, the order price as well as your name, first name, address and phone number. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for officers to Houses of the world to authenticate you.

How do I contact Groupon Customer Service Support Number by post?

Finally you can contact Groupon customer service by post. Groupon’s head office is located at Courbevoie (92400). To send a letter to Groupon, address your letter to the following address:

Groupon France
For the attention of Customer Service
16, place de l’Iris
92400 Courbevoie

Groupon Reservation

Before making any reservation you must make sure that the dates you want are available. For that you simply have to check the calendar and select the dates you would like to have.

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