How do I change the PIN on my Wells Fargo card?

Anyone who has an EMV chip or magnetic stripe credit or debit card at Wells Fargo needs a personal identification number to approve certain transactions. This four-digit key is known as a PIN number and, like the CVV, must be kept secret. For security reasons, it is recommended to change the password of the cards periodically, especially if it is thought that it could be compromised. “How do I change my Wells Fargo card PIN?” The answer will depend on whether or not you remember your old personal password.

Change Wells Fargo Card PIN

How do I change the PIN on my Wells Fargo card?

As we said, the methods to change the PIN of your Wells Fargo card will depend on whether you have forgotten your PIN or simply want to change it to another for security reasons.

How to change my Wells Fargo card PIN if I’ve forgotten it

If you forgot your PIN, you can make an appointment at Wells Fargo or visit the nearest bank office without an appointment. It is important that you carry your Wells Fargo card and at least two personal identifications with you issued by the government (passport, driver’s license, or a state photo ID, such as a Texas ID).

The bank representative may ask for your SSN for security reasons, this to avoid card fraud or identity theft. Therefore, it would not hurt to have it at hand.

If you don’t want to leave home, you have the option of calling the Wells Fargo customer service number in Spanish to request a PIN reset. This alternative would be the slowest because you will have to wait for the bank to send you a new password by post. When you receive the communication, use the system-generated PIN to change it to another. In this way, your money will be safer.

How to change the PIN on my Wells Fargo card for security

If you remember your current PIN or you just received the key generated by the bank, you have two different options to change it for another. Unfortunately, none of them is online, since this financial institution does not allow you to modify the PIN through the app or mobile banking. The good part is that you won’t have to wonder if Wells Fargo Today is open, since you won’t be required to visit a bank branch.

1. Change your Wells Fargo card PIN at an ATM

You can wait until you withdraw money from Wells Fargo ATMs or visit an ATM exclusively to change your password. Enter the card in the ATM, your current PIN and choose the option “change my Wells Fargo PIN”. This operation does not usually have an added cost and is immediate.

2. Call the number on the back of the card

To change the password by phone, you will need have your tax identification number handy (Tax ID), it can be the SSN or an ITIN, for example, and your Wells Fargo account numberto have it.

You may also need to enter the card number and expiration date (MM/YY). Enter your current key and then the new replacement PIN. You will have to enter it once more to confirm the operation.

Tip: Don’t use the same PIN for all your cards. Try to create a strong password with random, unique numbers (nothing like 1234 or 7777) that you can easily memorize and that don’t match your phone number, birthday, zip code, etc.

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