How do I find out my Bank of America account number?

No matter what you need it for, Finding your Bank of America account number is extremely easy, and there are several ways to do it.. Now, don’t forget to take steps to keep your account number, as well as any other financial information, safe.

How do I find out my Bank of America account number?

Method # 1: Look for the second series of numbers at the bottom of a personal check (if you have one)

The first series of numbers printed on the bottom left side of a check is the bank’s 9-digit routing number. The second series of numbers, usually 10 to 12 digits, is your account number. The third and shortest series of numbers printed at the bottom is the check number. Usually the number will be surrounded by pairs of identical symbols. For example, the number might look like this: ““ ⑆0123456789⑆ ”.

Your Bank of America account number is printed on every bank statement you receive, whether it’s digital or physical. In this case, the number, 10 to 12 digits, You will find it in the upper right, under the heading “account number” or “account number”.

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Method # 3: Use the online banking platform

To do this, go to, enter your details in the box on the left, log in and click on the tab to see a summary of your account. In this section you will find your Bank of America account number, but if for some reason you can’t do it, use the “Help” function.

Method # 4: Contact the bank

In this case, Call the number on the back of your credit / debit card or find the customer service number on the bank’s website. You will likely need to provide your name, address, and Social Security number so they can verify your identity. Then they will tell you what your account number is. If you write down the number, be sure to keep it in a safe place, like your wallet or filing cabinet.

5 ways to protect your Bank of America account

  1. Check your accounts regularly

Keeping an eye on your account will help you know when something is wrong. Even accounts that are not used very frequently should be checked regularly. In this order of ideas, We recommend that you balance your checking account every month to ensure that all transactions that appear in your history are legitimate. And if you find a transaction that you don’t recognize, contact Bank of America immediately.

  1. Never give your PIN

While this advice may seem obvious to those who have had a bank account for years, it is not always obvious to those new to the banking world. In a nutshell, never give your PIN to anyone, not even to the bank tellers. If you are ever asked on the phone to provide your PIN, don’t do it! Now, most banks have an automated system that will ask you to dial or enter your PIN and then connect you with a bank teller or representative, therefore it is important that you make sure that any call with the financial institution is legitimate. And finally, remind your family and loved ones that they should never share their PIN with anyone.

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  1. Use strong passwords

Online banking is the fastest growing banking sector for scammers and crooks. Although online banking offers great convenience, it also makes us more susceptible to theft. One way to ensure your security is to create a password that is strong. Don’t make your passwords too easy using information like your date of birth or your child’s name. In this sense, the best thing is that you include a series of numbers, letters and symbols arranged randomly.

  1. Be careful where you access your account from

On almost every corner, you can walk into a coffee shop or fast food joint and get free Wi-Fi access. This allows you to work outside of the office, but think twice before using these connections to check your bank account. Remember, these are still public places, and you don’t necessarily know what security measures are in place. Someone looking over your shoulder while you connect or a hacker can easily access your account through the public Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Avoid ATMs in tourist areas or that seem out of place

If you need to use an ATM, it is always best to use one that you know and that belongs to your bank. It’s a good idea to avoid ATMs in tourist places, or standalone ATMs that seem out of place. Not only will it save you money by avoiding out-of-network ATM fees, but you will also prevent scammers from stealing your information.

There are several ways that other people can access your bank account. Therefore, it is imperative that you are aware of your information, use strong passwords, and be on your guard when it comes to accessing your accounts online. While the new technology is great and offers convenience, it can also give thieves more opportunities to access your money. Be vigilant and do what you can to avoid the headache of your bank accounts becoming the target of thieves.

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Bank of America account faqs

How can I access my account?

Through online banking or mobile banking, you can access the information of your checking account, savings accounts, CDs, GO TO, credit card, mortgage and line of credit from Bank of America. You can also access your account by phone, ATM or the nearest financial center.

How can I change my address?

The fastest way to update your address is by logging into the online banking platform. You can also update your information by calling the bank or visiting any financial center. To find out which phone to call, read: Bank of America in Spanish: Customer Service Number.

How do I close my account?

To close your account, make sure that you have canceled all recurring debits or credits linked to your account and that your pending transactions have been cleared. So, follow the next steps according to your situation.

Close a checking or savings account

  • Visit a local financial center to speak with a bank representative
  • Call 800.432.1000
  • Submit a written request to Bank of America, FL1-300-01-29, PO Box 25118, Tampa, FL 33622-5118. Make sure all account owners sign the letter and state how they would like to receive their balance, if any.

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Close a credit card account

  • Visit a local financial center to speak with a bank representative
  • Call 800.732.9194
  • Submit a written request to avBank of America, PO Box 982234, El Paso, TX 79998-2234

Close an IRA or CD account

  • Visit a local financial center to speak with a bank representative
  • Call 888.827.1812

How can I find the best Bank of America account for me?

If you want to open a personal account, you can find information about Advantage banking, account selection tools and an online account comparison chart.

How can I stop paying a personal check?

You can request the suspension of payment of a personal check through Online Banking or by calling customer service at 1.800.432.1000, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, local time, or by calling the number that appears on your statement.

To request a suspension of payment through the online banking platform, select the account in question and click on “Stop payment of a check” in the Services area. Then fill in the required information.

However, You will have to provide the following information: check number, issue date, exact amount, and beneficiary. If the amount and number of the check are not exact, the check may be cleared. Stop payment cannot be placed on an item that has already been submitted. The suspension of payment of a personal check will be effective for 6 months. On the other hand, it is necessary that you contact the bank if any information in the confirmation is not correct.

For more information on stop payments, stop payment charges, or bank and customer responsibilities, see your Deposit Agreement and Disclosure booklet.

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