How do I know who took me from my account?

Have you ever looked at your recent banking transactions and found that a company or an individual allowed themselves to present an invoice without asking anyone for anything? Obviously! It happens to all of us! Forgotten or proven fraud, the real question is now to know the identity of the originator of a payment that you cannot recognize at the time. Let’s be honest, if the tools at your disposal will allow you to find information quickly, in some cases, you will have to dig. So how do I know when I have withdrawn from my account? Our response could more than help you find the culprit.

Who Has Withdrawn From My Account


Not all payments have the same origin. If some companies use your bank details (or RIB) to proceed to the payment of a service automatically, by direct debit, it is more and more frequent with the development of online reservation services to be charged with an amount. unknown by credit card. And that makes all the difference! While the applicant for a direct debit can be traced quickly, creditors using your credit card numbers will be more difficult to detect at first glance. Before starting your research and in order to find out who is behind the disputed transaction, take care to distinguish the payment method used. This will help you avoid wasting time. Once you have the answer here is what you need to do to find out who made the payment.

A simple and effective method to find the author of a sample, do an internet search

Internet Payment Search

100% of companies operating in France are registered with the National Directory of Commerce and Companies (or RNCS) and 70% of them have already been the subject of research by individuals who encounter the same problem as you currently. To find the author of a direct debit or payment by bank card, it will only take a few minutes by typing the title of the debit transaction to find who is at the origin of the payment. For your search to be effective, type in the right keywords! Indeed, sometimes a simple copy / paste will not be enough. If your investigations are unsuccessful, proceed immediately to the next step.

Ask your entourage! A basic principle sometimes forgotten!

Friends, family or relatives can be invaluable allies in answering the question ” who debited from my accountIt might sound silly, but your handy bank card can easily be used without further verification from the debtors. Do you find that your kids spend a lot of time on their cell phones playing on their favorite app? Husband or wife asked you for your credit card to go shopping in town and you said yes? All these situations are so many clues to arouse your suspicions and ask the right questions to the right people. asking those around you to identify the origin of a payment is certainly not a bad idea.

Contact your bank to find out more about the origin of the payment

Nothing fools your banker! Direct debit or credit card payment, your manager will certainly give you more answers than anyone! Dates, hours and minutes of use of your card, frequency of operations, origin of the payment and name of the organization, your bank advisor has all the tools to trace the origins of an unknown payment. Do not waste time, take your phone or your keypad to give it all the information in your possession. All bank advisers are required to respond within 48 hours to embarrassed customers, it should not be long before you discover the name of the culprit.

Oppose your bank card or the unknown direct debit to build up a reimbursement file and apply for insurance

Opposition On Credit Card

If you are reading this last paragraph, it is because you have not yet managed to find who has withdrawn from your account! You only have one solution left to remedy the problem, BLOCK EVERYTHING. You can, within a reasonable period of 10 days, contact your banking institution and request the reimbursement of sums wrongly withdrawn. For this, it will be necessary to put your credit card in opposition and to establish a fraud file. If the process causes some difficulties (recommends a new bank card with change of code for example), it is better to act rather than submit. Especially since banks generally do not like to reimburse in place of the company that has used your account to earn money without your consent. All this to tell you that the insurance service in charge of compensation will conduct an in-depth investigation which will allow it to bring new elements to your research. After a few days of waiting, you will not get to know the author of the sample.


No organization can use your account without making itself known, if you do not immediately find the origin of a banking transaction, you will end up discovering the truth after a few days! If the bank refuses to reimburse you because you are at the origin of the payment, immediately turn against the organization that you will have identified thanks to these few tips. If some of the sums collected may seem derisory, the question of the principle deserves that you do not abandon the procedures.