How to add a car to the GEICO insurance policy?

Add a car to geico insurance policy it’s a simple task that you can do both over the phone and online. But before you start, you should have an idea of ​​how much more or less coverage you need, what your new deductibles will be and, above all, if you can afford an increase in your monthly payments.

Now, as we mentioned add a car to your GEICO policy it’s easy, but it may not be the most convenient for your situation. If you know that the person driving the car you want to insure is unreliable or driving dangerously, it is best to take certain safety measures before insuring the car.

Things you need to add a car to a GEICO insurance policy

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Registration number.
  • Make and model of car.
  • Vehicle registration number.

How to add a car to a GEICO insurance policy over the phone

  • First step, contact GEICO’s auto insurance sales, customer service and claims department at 800-861-8380. Follow all instructions to speak to a customer service representative, and if possible to speak to a local representative, follow this route. Once you have contacted the customer service representative you will need to provide your insurance policy number. sure.
  • Second step, ask about adding another vehicle to your insurance policy. You will need to know the vehicle identification number, make and model, license plate number, how the vehicle will be used, who will be driving it, how the car was financed, and the registration number.
  • Third step, discuss with the representative the amount you want to insure the car. There are several types of coverage you can add to your policy, so your GEICO representative will likely explain the minimum amount of insurance your state requires for each vehicle.
  • Fourth step, confirm the change in the policy. The car must be insured 24 hours later.

How to add an additional car to a GEICO insurance policy online

  • First step, sign in to your GEICO account online. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can retrieve them from the main page of the company’s website.
  • Second step, Click on the “Manage Policy” tab and then on “Vehicles”.
  • Third He passed, now click on “Add another vehicle”, and then fill in each blank space with the information requested. You will need to know the vehicle identification number, the make and model, the type of insurance requested, through whom the vehicle is financed, and the registration number.
  • Bedroom He passed, finally press where it says “Send” to add the vehicle to your GEICO insurance policy.

Information about Geico

Geico wasn’t always synonymous with the famous gecko it’s known for across the country. In fact, when the company was founded in 1936, Geico was known by his longer name: Government Employees Insurance Company. Its founders, Leo and Lillian Goodwin, established the company with the goal of serving government-employed and military-enlisted men and women during the Great Depression. In one year, Geico issued more than 3,700 insurance policies. sure and hired 12 people to be able to carry out the ever-increasing work.

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Services offered by Geico

Today, Geico offers a wide range of insurance services. Here is a brief list of its main insurances.

  • For vehicles including motorcycles, ATVs and boats.
  • RV insurance.
  • Auto insurance for collectors.
  • Property, including owners, renters, condominiums and mobile homes.
  • Commercial insurance, which includes commercial auto, professional liability, and homeowners.
  • Shared ride.
  • Umbrella insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Travel.
  • Pet insurance.
  • Jewelry insurance.
  • Identity protection.
  • Insurance abroad.

Geico Customer Opinion: Complaints and Satisfaction

According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, in relation to the size of the company, Geico had a number of complaints less than expected. On the other hand, in JD Power’s customer satisfaction studies, Geico is rated between “average” and “good”.

2019 J.D. Power Study Geico classifies
Offer of services compared to other insurers about average
Customer satisfaction when making claims better than most

Pros and Cons of Geico Insurance

pros Cons
Low complaints and above average customer satisfaction. Some types of coverage are available only through members.
Solid website and mobile app. Does not offer GAP insurance.
Many discounts available. Limited network of local agents.

More about Geico


You can get information and a quote for almost any type of insurance through the company’s website, as well as submit claims or make payments. Additionally, the site also has a tool that helps you locate gas stations near you and filter the results according to the prices they offer.

Mobile app

The Geico mobile app is a great tool to keep track of not only your policy, but also your billing details.. Plus, you can access your digital ID card, pay bills, and file claims. You can also use the app to text chat with an agent, request roadside assistance, find parking, and track car maintenance history.

voice assistance

Geico’s virtual assistant Kate is an additional feature available for iOS and Android users, which is able to answer insurance-related questions as well as provide specific policy information. On the other hand, it is also possible to access Geico through Alexa (Amazon) and the Google assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Geico

What vehicles does the company insure?

Geico offers coverage for a wide range of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, and classics. They even offer coverage for boats and rideshares.

Does switching to GEICO really save you 15 percent?

Everyone knows the famous “15 minutes could save you 15 percent” line that Geico is so famous for. And it is that according to the company, potential clients could save $ 500 dollars or more when they hire their services; however, discounts and eligibility will always be different from case to case.

How much does the GEICO rate increase after an accident?

On average, the insurance policy could increase between 3 and 22 percent after an accident or citationbut according to the same company, filing a claim does not immediately affect the rate due to all the other elements that go into the policy premium. In fact, after an accident clients can qualify for the forgiveness program with which it is possible to keep the premium low.

How long does it take for GEICO to process and pay a claim?

According to Geico, they typically give a customer a check as soon as possible after the accident investigation is complete, and try to schedule repairs within 24 hours of filing a claim. However, reviews of Geico’s service indicate that the company is not among the best in terms of the time it takes to process and pay claims..

How do I cancel GEICO auto insurance and what is the cancellation fee?

If you have decided to cut ties with Geico, you will not be able to cancel the policy online. To do so, you have to call 1-800-710-7751, but be prepared to answer a series of questions. Now, as for the charges, you may be charged a fee if you cancel the policy in the middle of the contract.

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