How to calculate the price of a car title, tag and taxes in Florida

Having a car in Florida can be a serious blow to your pocket due to the amount of taxes that must be paid, but it does not always have to be that way. Yes, we know that fuel costs and what you will have to pay in taxes, maintenance, repairs, services, tags, among others, could be higher than you think. But, if you prepare well and organize your finances, you could easily overcome this. The first thing you need to do to get started is find out what are the requirements and fees that are handled in the state of Florida.

When buy a car in florida, you must pay taxes (or taxes), tags (or labels) and fees for the car title. This will allow you to drive without any problems in the state. As in any calculation, there are certain factors that can influence the final price, but we are sure that with this summary you will learn the basic principles to calculate how much it costs to have a car in Florida.

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How to calculate the taxes on the sale of a car in Florida?

Let’s start with something simple: what taxes are paid to have a car in Florida? Well, regardless of whether the vehicle you have purchased is new or used, you must pay the sales tax that is calculated on the total purchase price. To give you an idea, the basic tax rate for motor vehicles in the state is, as of 2015, 6% of the value expressed in the sale.

Also, note that according to the latest statements issued by the Florida Department of Revenue, some counties in the state may apply an additional charge on the first $5,000 of the purchase price.

Recommendation: To determine if your county charges this additional fee, it’s best to visit the website of your local tax collector’s department. It would also help you to visit the website of the Florida Department of Revenue (Florida State Department of Revenue) to find out which counties in Florida are tax-free for the purchase or sale of a car.

How to calculate the price of a car title, tag and taxes in Florida

How to calculate car tag rates in Florida? (Better known as labels)

Car tags in Florida are a bit more difficult to calculate, at least when compared to other states in the country. Let’s see: the base fee to register a vehicle in the state of about 1135 kg is $14.50. But you may also have to pay certain additional fees associated with the weight and type of car you own.

For example, if you have a truck that weighs between 2000lbs and 3000lbs, it would cost you about $22.50 and the tag for a wrecker would be around $41. Other registration fees associated with tagging cars and other vehicles in Florida include paying for:

  • Registration costs
  • Branch fees
  • State statutory rates
  • Charges for services provided by the Florida Tax Collector

Remember: Florida has about 120 special vehicle plates. If you have one of these plates, you will also have to pay an additional registration fee for the tag. If you have personalized the label, you will have to pay an extra customization fee. Evaluate these costs before putting a personalized plate on your car, since the total amount may not be worth it.

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How to calculate car title rates in Florida?

If you buy a new car out of pocket and want to register it in Florida, you should be prepared to pay at least $79.75 in title fees. If you finance it or have a lien for any reason, you’ll pay an additional $2 for each lien on the car title.

Please note that these rates apply to private drivers only. Businesses, nonprofits, and hired drivers (such as taxi drivers) are charged certain fees, which are sometimes much higher.

If you choose to apply online to have the title e-mailed to you, it will cost $87.25. The good part? You will have your title immediately.

Our recommendation? Although people who buy a car on credit pay, at a minimum, a title registration fee of $81.25, there are a wide variety of factors that could affect this cost. To be sure of how much money you will have to pay the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), visit the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Thus, you will know if it is worth buying the car on credit or, on the contrary, if you complete the payment by requesting a personal loan, for example.

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Warnings: If your car is new or you have never driven it in the state of Florida, you will also have to pay a fee called “New Wheels on Road” which is $225, in addition to the registration of the title before the state agencies.

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