How to cancel a shipment in Xoom?

If you have a PayPal account and usually receive your payments through this payment wallet, congratulations! You may not know it, but this gives you the opportunity to send money to Mexico or other Latin American countries without having to spend a lot. And it is that, PayPal acquired one of the most popular payment platforms for remittances (Xoom) and with it, you can order shipments from the comfort of your home.

Does that mean that only those who have PayPal can use Xoom? No, but yes you can login to this platform with your PayPal credentials or -if you prefer- pay with the balance of your wallet accessing a very attractive rate (that is, $0).

Do you already know how to use Xoom to send money and what its advantages are? Great! The only thing left for you to learn is how to cancel a Xoom shipment.

How to cancel a shipment in Xoom

But first, a bit of Xoom history

Xoom was born as a remittance company in 2001. In fact, it was one of the pioneers of 100% online money transfers. Thanks to its latest technology, security, reliability and speed; became a favorite of many, especially among immigrants who needed send money to relatives abroad. This made PayPal set their eyes on her and then end up acquiring the company.

Today, Xoom will allow you send dollars, soles, Mexican pesos or any other type of exchange to more than 130 countries in the world.

Note: If your sending is less than $5,000 per day or $9,999 per 180 days, Xoom could be a good option for you! If you want to know more about remittance companies, be sure to see our guide “The best applications to send money to Mexico”.

How to cancel a shipment in Xoom?

Canceling a transaction on Xoom is quick and easy. Here we leave you a step by step so you can do it without problems:

  1. Sign in to Xoom
  2. Click on “transaction tracking”
  3. Review the transaction history and identify the operation you want to cancel
  4. Press the button “Cancel transaction” and ready!

How do I cancel a mobile top-up or bill payment on Xoom?

Unfortunately, mobile balance top-ups and bill payments are operations that are processed instantly by the platform. Therefore, you will not be able to cancel these payments after authorizing them.

How long does it take for Xoom to return your money?

The refund term for canceled transactions on Xoom It will depend on the payment method you used to complete the shipment. money at first. Explore all the details below:

Cancel a shipment in Xoom paid with your bank account

If 30 minutes or less have passed since you authorized the transaction, Xoom will send you the refund within three business days following the request to cancel the operation. But beware! This refund can only be made if the company has not yet delivered the money to the recipient.

If on the contrary, more than 30 minutes have passed since the payment with bank account, Xoom will need to confirm that your trading partners have not yet processed the transaction. If the cancellation of the shipment is possible, Xoom will refund your money within three business days (as above).

Important: Take into account that this period could be extended up to 5-10 business days, since the company needs to wait for the approval of the United States Federal Reserve and respect all payment terms between banks.

Important note: If the transaction cannot be cancelled, you will receive an email indicating that the shipment could not be interrupted and that the money has arrived at its destination.

Cancel a shipment in Xoom paid for with your credit card or debit card

If you chose the option to pay for your shipment by Xoom with a credit or debit card, the terms will be as follows:

  • If you cancel the order in less than 30 minutes, the refund will occur within three business days.
  • If more than 30 minutes have passed since the payment of the order, Xoom will need to confirm that the payee has not withdrawn the money. If the transaction can be cancelled, the refund time will be the same as in the previous case (three business days).
  • On the contrary, you will receive an email with all the details why your Xoom transaction could not be cancelled.

The “cancel transaction” link does not appear. What I do?

If the “cancel transaction” button or link does not appear, we are sorry to tell you that there will be nothing to do. Why? Because that means your trade can’t be cancelled. This occurs when the Xoom partner is already processing the payment or if the payee has already withdrawn the funds.

Note: Your transaction has not been completed and -yet- you do not see the “cancel transaction” button? We recommend that you immediately contact Xoom by calling 877-815-1531 (if you are within the United States) or +1-415-395-4225 (if you are outside the United States).

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