How to cancel a transfer to Crédit Agricole?

When issuing a transfer in favor of a third party, it is better to be rigorous when choosing the recipient, entering their bank details and even the amount transferred. Despite everything, no one can consider themselves immune from error. How to cancel a transfer to Crédit Agricole? Response elements.

The case of a transfer in progress

When a transfer is issued in favor of a third party, the request may be subject to a processing time. It is only processed during working days, from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Nevertheless, when the external transfer has been validated and that the debit appears on your bank account, which is in principle fast at Crédit Agricole, it is no longer possible to cancel the operation and the transfer request will be executed.

Neither you nor a Crédit Agricole advisor can intervene to cancel an external transfer in progress. The operation will come to an end.

Cancellation can only occur before the debit has been taken into account by Crédit Agricole..

Cancel a scheduled Crédit Agricole transfer

In the case of an automatic transfer or a deferred transfer, the cancellation remains possible. up to 48 hours minimum before the operation is effective. After this period, the transfer can no longer be canceled and your account will therefore be debited.

The procedure for stop a scheduled transfer is the following :

  • Consult the section ” My operations », Accessible from the menu bar;
  • Then go to the ” My payment methods “;
  • Then in the part “ Manage my current payments “.
  • You will then find all your scheduled transactions and their terms (due date, amount, recipient) and can cancel the ones you want after selecting them one by one.

Cancel a beneficiary

To avoid any risk of error, it is also possible to delete a beneficiary. Its details will no longer be remembered, and you will no longer be able to inadvertently select it when you make a transfer. This solution is preferable for one-off or very one-off transfers.

You keep the possibility of entering the coordinates manually later if the need arises to make a new transfer in his favor.

  • You can cancel a beneficiary from the ” My operations “,
  • then ” My current transactions “,
  • and ” Manage my beneficiaries “.
  • Select the beneficiary to delete, then validate.

Automatic cancellations of Crédit Agricole transfers

In some cases, Crédit Agricole transfers can be canceled automatically. We distinguish among the main cases:

  • the bank account does not have a sufficient balance to honor the amount of the transfer;
  • your account has a limited number of transfers and you have reached the ceiling ;
  • the recipient’s account is capped and cannot receive the amount of the transfer in its favor.

If the transfer does not go through, the Crédit Agricole Advisor is able to provide an explanation of the cause of the blockage and, depending on your file, to propose an alternative solution, such as for example a new contract with revalued ceilings, a transfer of money from another savings account …

Canceling a transfer is therefore an action reserved for scheduled deadlines.. The operations in progress are final. It is therefore preferable to re-read the information entered before validating your request. In the event of an error, recourse is minimal. An amicable agreement remains the best solution, but it is at the good will of the recipient however.