How to cancel or replace a money order

At some point it could happen to you that, after making a purchase of a money order your plans change, either due to personal matters, loss or theft. So the question ishow to cancel or replace a money order?

It should be mentioned that most of the issuers of a money order, included USPS, Western Union Y MoneyGram, they can cancel the payment.

To do this, you must complete a form or, failing that, you can also return the money order to the place where you originally purchased it.

Thus, you must carry your personal identification and any information you have about the money order to start the process. We recommend that you have your receipt handy. the purchase of the money order original.

If you are successful, the issuer will return the funds, which typically has a waiting period of approximately 60 days.

It is important to mention that the faster you act the better, because if a money order is collected or deposited, it will be much more difficult to get your money back.

Cancel or replace a money order

To cancel or replace a Money Order, you must do some procedures, which you can formalize either in person or remotely. For example, with Western Union, you can send the form by fax or email.

We advise you to send your request in person, as it is the safest method. Plus, a representative can help you verify if you meet all the requirements, and you don’t have to wait for the forms to arrive in the mail.

However, you may experience delays inherent in the relevant investigation by the issuing company.

It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to go to the same place where you bought the Money Orderalthough it is sometimes useful. Actually, you should be able to visit any post office that handles USPS Money Order, you can also use different branches of the same bank, credit union, or money transfer company.

Look at the forms

To start the process of how to cancel or replace a money order, you can observe the requirements that are requested through the customer service website of your money order issuer whether they are:

Replacement instructions for USPS

The money order service of Western Union or

The service forms MoneyGram.

Keep your original receipt

Always save your receipt every time you buy a Money Order. It is best to provide the receipt at the time of cancellation as it contains relevant information such as the your money order number, beneficiary and other details.

What if I don’t have a receipt?

If not have the money order receipt, we advise you to gather all the possible information that you have. In fact, even a photo of the money order original is useful.

It’s important to note that if you don’t have a receipt, the issuer may charge you additional fees when canceling or replacing a money order, however, there is a chance you won’t be able to do so without a receipt.

If you still have your original Money Order

yes still keep your money order is very helpful, as returning the document to the issuer ensures that it is not charged, which at the same time reduces risk and can help speed up the process. refund process.

How long does it take to cancel or replace a Money Order?

Once you submit your cancellation request, the issuer of your money order will investigate the transaction and confirm that it has not been paid.

On the other hand, if it is still in “pending” status, you will receive a refund or replacement minus any fees applied, depending on the issuer.

Plan that the process takes between 30 and 60 days

We clarify that the period of time or wait to cancel or replace a Money Order may vary depending on how complicated the situation is.

In the event of an approval, some issuers offer refunds while others provide a Replacement Money Order. But as we indicated before, the term can range from one to three months.

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What if it was already charged?

If so, you can usually get a photocopy of the document so you can see who approved the document. money order and when.

If there was theft or fraud, such documentation could help you and law enforcement officials, allowing them to track down violators.

In addition, the information could also help to recover your money, only when the bank has been responsible for not properly verifying the identity of who cashed the money order, for example.

Fee to cancel or replace a Money Order

In the event that a significant number of days have elapsed since the issuance, cancel or replace a Money Order to recover it will cost you.

For example, both Wester Union and MoneyGram charge $15, and the USPS discounts $6.25, however those prices may increase if you don’t have a copy of your original receipt or if you want to expedite the process.

We recommend that you submit the fee payment along with your cancellation request, because in some cases, the fee can be deducted from your refund, but it also slows down the process if the money order was collected, since there is nowhere to get the funds.

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If you receive a Money Order as a means of payment

If you receive a payment via money order, you may be wondering if it is a completely secure payment method or if your buyer can cancel it before you collect it.

To be safe, collect or deposit the money order as quickly as possible, by doing so you reduce the chances of leading to any problems resulting from the cancellation of the money order.

Next, we mention what are the two risks you face when you get paid with a money order:

fake money order

There may be the possibility that the money order be false, as it is one of the most common ways scammers use to carry out their malicious practices.

The buyer can cancel the money order before cashing it

It is advisable to try to verify the payment by calling the issuer before sending the merchandise, but the safest approach is collect the money order with the sender.

Resources available when canceling a money order

If you need cancel or replace a money order, it is better to go directly to who issued it.

However, in case you are trying to understand what is involved in doing so, you may need to review the following documents and information available from each issuer:

Western Union: application lost money order search through the web Western

MoneyGram: claim card money order on the web link

For USPS money orders, PS form 6401 online at

For updated forms and the fastest service, you can contact your money order issuer.

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