How to cancel Timeshare Westgate?

The season of adventure travel, family getaways and vacation days were, together with the holidays, the most anticipated by American citizens. In fact, In 2019 alone, about 38,000,000 people traveled abroad and about 41,000,000 to other states of the country (domestic tourism).

Many of them were racking up flyer miles or signing up on vacation platforms like Airbnb and Timeshare Westgate. And it is that, this last one, offered something different: the opportunity to stay in a resort with all the comforts. However, the arrival of the pandemic changed everything: tourism has been one of the sectors most affected by COVID-19 in a world where travel and transfers are prohibited or, at least, very limited.

This has caused many to consider terminating their contract with Timeshae Westgate, leading us to ask ourselves the following questions: How to cancel Timeshare Westgate? It is easy to do? Will it have any impact on your finances? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about today.

How to cancel Timeshare Westgate?

How to cancel Timeshare Westgate in few steps?

If you want to cancel your vacation contract, you’re in luck! Timeshare Westgate is on your side. In fact, the company released a statement in which they practically indicate that they understand the situation that the planet is going through and that they have no problem terminating the contract ahead of time. So much so that it shares certain key information with users to be able to cancel services properly and without complications.

Did you know that Timeshare Westgate is a resort? What it offers is the membership of a tourist complex full of houses, chalets and apartments on the seafront with all the comforts, luxuries and services. It could be said that what they do is sell you a share that will give you access to the vacation properties they have in the country.

Whatever you do, don’t stop paying!

Timeshare Westgate reminds users who need to terminate the contract that, whatever they do, do not stop paying. And it is that, stopping subscription payments without first canceling the contract could have devastating effects on your credit. What happens if you stop paying?

  1. Your account will be in default and, therefore, you will not be able to terminate the contract. You will have to pay the debt first in order to continue with the usual cancellation procedure.
  2. If you don’t pay, Timeshare Westgate will report the debt. You may not remember it, but when you signed the contract with Timeshare Westgate you must have seen a very important clause: the company reports to the main credit bureaus in the country. Just like with your mortgage, keeping up with your payments will help you take care of your score.
  3. If you don’t pay, you’ll go into foreclosure.. It may not be the same as the one in a house, but it is real. Foreclosures on apartments and timeshares will show up on your credit report and have a very negative impact on your score.

How to terminate the contract with Timeshare Westgate?

The only way to terminate your contract with Timeshare Westgate is to 1) stay current with your payments and 2) explore with the company the best way to cancel your contract without affecting your credit.

This last route is not available to everyone. In fact, Timeshare Westgate states that Only eligible candidates participating in The Westgate Legacy program will be able to access it.

For more information, we recommend contact the company directly at 800-351-0461 during office hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5 pm Eastern time.

Other Exits to Westgate Timeshare Cancellation

Although Timeshare Westgate does not offer a vacation home rental or property resale program, it can help you transfer ownership.. For this, it is important that you go to their offices first to discuss the available options. Depending on what you agree with the company, you can request the support of a serious, effective and trustworthy real estate agent to help you with the sale.

Remember: Timeshare Westgate is not affiliated with a third party company. Any outside company that offers to cancel the contract, sell your shared property or transfer it to someone else; could put you in danger. In fact, there are many scams related to this topic. That is why Timeshare Westgate recommends not going to third parties and discussing all these issues directly with them, either by calling them on the phone or speaking with a representative in person.

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