How to Check Food Stamp Application in New Jersey

SNAP is one of the immediate food aid programs, the largest and most popular in the United States. Through this program, which provides nationwide coverage, people who meet the eligibility requirements will be able to receive stamps or an electronic benefits transfer card, known as EBT card. Learn here to review the application to the SNAP program in New Jersey.

If you need help, you can find the SNAP eligibility requirements on its website, in addition to locating the closest office to your home. Thus, you can fill in the form and continue with the application procedure online or in person, depending on your state.

If you have already sent the form and do not know how to review the SNAP stamp application in New Jersey, do not worry! Remember that once you apply, the state SNAP office will notify you of your eligibility status within the next 30 days.

Keep in mind that the social agent will not only have to review your application and verify your income to decide whether or not you qualify for the program, but they will also have to evaluate the result of your interview. But if you have doubts and prefer to take the lead to find out the status of your application, Check out our guide right away!

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How to check the SNAP application in New Jersey

To check the status of your New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application, you have three options: contact the office by phone, access the website online, or visit the office directly of your county.

Take into account that, in order to access the status of your application, you will have to present, depending on the review format you choose, a photo id.

What type of identification can you present? The one you prefer! SNAP accepts passports in force, driver’s licenses or any other photo ID that is issued by the federal or state government.

Note: If you prefer to call the assistance center, the SNAP representative will ask you certain security questions to verify your information. In order to pass the phone verification process, you may need to provide the agent with your Social Security number and date of birth.

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How long does the evaluation of SNAP applications take?

As posted on the program’s website, if your application for SNAP is approved, the New Jersey Department of Welfare will notify you by mail. This notice will contain several important pieces of information, such as the approved monthly amount and the duration of the card balance or food stamps.

As usual, applicants will start receiving their food stamps in a maximum of 30 days counted from the submission of your application. But what if your SNAP application was denied? In this case, you will also receive a notice containing the reasons why the state found you ineligible for the program.

Tip: You have not received any notification and it has already been more than 30 days since you submitted the form? It is best to contact the New Jersey Department of Welfare to verify the status of your application and what is causing the delay.

Remember that, to do so, you have three options: by phone, in person or online and we will explain how to complete each of these procedures.

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How do I check online if my SNAP food stamp application was approved?

As always, online applications are perhaps the easiest to do because you can initiate them at home or via your mobile phone. To check the status of your application, you will only have to visit the following web page: and click on “Check the status of your application”. To start the procedure, you will have to enter certain data, such as:

  • The application number
  • Your date of birth

Follow the system instructions and, finally, click “get status”. Next, a new window or tab will open with the requested information.

How do I check in person if my SNAP food stamp application was approved?

If you prefer to skip the online reviews and come straight to the office, you can do that too. Most New Jersey Bureaus of Social Services serve citizens and those interested in a hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., although there are some that keep their doors open until 4:30 pm So that you do not miss your trip, it is best to check the opening hours of the office closest to your home before leaving..

Note: Although not all, some New Jersey welfare offices work only certain days of the week or through an appointment program. That is why it is important that you check first by phone, or check the schedule, address and mode of service online, before leaving home.

How do I check if my SNAP food stamp application was approved by phone?

To check if you SNAP application was or was not approved, call the Department of Family Development directly (in English, Family Development Division) that belongs to the section of social assistance of New Jersey at the following number: (800) 687-9512. In this state, the program is administered by the Bureau of Social Services, at least in most New Jersey cities and counties.

If you want more information about the offices and the opening hours of each of them, be sure to visit the official page of the department.

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Before Moving On: 2016 SNAP Regulation

Starting in 2016, the federal legislation that regulates the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) determined that civilly eligible adults who do not have dependents and who are not currently working, will only be able to access three months of SNAP benefits in a given period. of three years. Take this into account before applying to the program and consult your situation as an applicant with a social agent.

Remember: If you are out of work, you can apply for unemployment in new jersey in the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. If you qualify, you can receive temporary financial compensation that will allow you to cover your basic expenses, such as food, housing and utilities. The maximum that the state of New Jersey grants for unemployment is $713 per week.

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