How to delete a standing order?

The standing order is a recurring transfer, the frequency of which is defined when it is set up. It concerns fixed sums. It is most often used to pay bills, such as rent for example, or to save without thinking about it. Easy to set up, the standing order can be canceled. How to delete a standing order? Response elements

Solutions to cancel a standing order

Different methods can be used to terminate a standing order, at the convenience of the bank account holder:

  1. By Internet with personal spaces on bank sites,
  2. By mail
  3. In appointment in agency.

Delete a standing order online

All banks offer an optional service to their customers for online account management. Those who have chosen to join can set up permanent transfers, modify them but also delete them.

The process ofcancellation of a standing order online is extremely fast. A few clicks are all it takes for the request to be sent to the bank.

  • After logging in to your personal space, you should consult the list of ongoing permanent transfers.
  • A standing order cancellation option will be available for each item saved.

Ask your bank to cancel a standing order

It is possible ask their bank advisor to terminate a standing order.

All you have to do is make an appointment at a branch with your advisor to ask them to cancel the standing order.

Cancel a standing order in writing

Email has become a useful means of communication to contact your bank.

Request the termination of a transfer by email to his bank adviser became admissible.

Although this process is used less and less, it remains possible to cancel a standing order by letter, addressed to your bank.

To help you in your process, standard letters are available on the Internet. A sending by simple letter is enough for your request to be taken into account, no need to pay for a sending by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

When to cancel a standing order?

A standing order can be canceled at any time. However, sufficient notice must be observed because the bank needs time to process the request.

If the request to terminate the standing order is too close to a deadline, then it will still go to the account.

To avoid this, it is advisable to respect a minimum delay of 24 hours. However, this duration varies depending on the bank.

A transfer in progress can no longer be canceled. You must act as soon as your decision is made, at the earliest, while the transfer is in the status of pending transfer.

How much does it cost to cancel a standing order?

The fees charged for removing a standing order are freely set by the bank.

  • Some make thefree operation when performed online.
  • Some charge only fees for canceling a non-SEPA mandate outside the euro zone carried out in an agency.

You should consult your bank’s price list, which is made available online on the establishment’s website, displayed in the branch or on request in case you have not kept it.

Setting up a standing order is without engagement. The terms for terminating a standing order remain the same for all operators. The process can be started at any time on request. Only the possible costs inherent in the operation of canceling the automatic transfer differ from one bank to another.