How to dispute a Bank of America credit card charge

If you noticed that there is an illegitimate charge that you do not recognize in your bank of america credit card And you do not know how to make the claim, do not worry! The dispute process is quite simple and you have the option to do it from the safety of your home. Read on to learn how to properly file a Bank of America dispute.

In the United States, millions of consumers have one or more credit cards available and a significant percentage of that population uses them more than once a day, whether it is to do your daily shopping, to pay for groceries or even to make a payment for essential services. However, and although it is one of the safest means of payment in the country, sometimes banks or companies make mistakes and make illegitimate charges.

Of course, this does not mean that nothing can be done about it. Anyone with a credit card you should review your account statements periodically to identify erroneous transactions and, if you have them, dispute them by contacting the issuing bank.

What are the erroneous charges?

Most of the erroneous transactions reported by consumers in the United States are due to situations such as:

  • Involuntary double transactions, that is, without intention.
  • Problems with subscriptions and affiliations, like Netflix, for example.
  • Errors in programmed automatic charges on credit cards.
  • Payments that have been declined and are now reflected on the statement.

However, these are not the only scenarios in which erroneous transactions occur, although they are the most common. There are also fraudulent charges that are the product of information theft through illegal practices, such as phishing or one lost credit card that has not been canceled.

Hence the importance of verifying account statements month by month or entering the bank’s portal to check the latest movements. Think that, the earlier you identify the error, the more chances you have to get your money back instantly.

How to dispute a credit card charge at Bank of America

If you noticed a billing error on your Bank of America credit card statement, claim it! There are different ways to dispute illegitimate or unauthorized charges on your credit cards, so you just have to choose the alternative that best suits you:

Consider blocking your Bank of America card

The first action you should consider if you believe your Bank of America credit or debit card has been compromised is to prevent further illegitimate transactions from taking place and your debit balance from continuing to rise, especially if you have lost plastic or believe you are a victim of a fraud. To do so, all you have to do is request a block through the different service channels that the bank has arranged for its customers.

You can do this by making a phone call (either to Bank of America or the number on the back of your card) or, if you prefer, using the bank’s online platform.

Remember: Once you block your Bank of America credit card, no one will be able to make charges or transactions, not even you.

Contact the store or company directly

Before disputing with Bank of America, try contacting the business or store that made the unauthorized charge directly. In fact, this may be the fastest way to resolve the issue.

The merchant’s information and phone number appear right next to each transaction that appears on your credit card statement. Use this information to call him and discuss the wrong purchase or transaction and, if necessary, offer valuable information to support your side. For example, you can email them the purchase invoice or a screenshot showing that the transaction was inadvertently charged twice.

Although this step may not be enough to reverse the charge on your credit or debit card, will help you in case of making a dispute with the bank. And it is that, according to federal law and the Fair Credit Billing Act, it is appreciated that the user has made an effort to try to resolve the dispute with the merchant in good faith.

Contact a Bank of America agent

If you had no luck contacting the merchant who made the improper charge, your best option is to contact your bank. To do it, you have three different options: by phone, online and in writing. Choose the one you prefer and wait a reasonable period for the bank to study your case and give you an answer.

For telephone disputes

To dispute a Bank of America credit card transaction over the phone, call 1-866-266-0212. Have all information related to the credit card charge or dispute at hand, including the statement on which the transaction appears, the amount, and the merchant ID.

If you have the purchase receipt, don’t forget to include it in the supporting information! Provide all the necessary data to the bank agent and he will take care of requesting the start of the investigation.

Remember: Bank of America has 30 calendar days to investigate the case and give you a written response. If you don’t receive a response within the allotted time, please contact them immediately to find out what is causing the delay.

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For online disputes

To use Bank of America’s online platform to dispute an erroneous or duplicate charge, you’ll need to provide them with the same information as in the previous section. Enter the Bank of America website, log in to your account and visit the “Information and Services” tab.

There you will find a series of instructions that you must follow to the letter to send your dispute. As in the previous case, Bank of America will conduct an investigation using the information you have submitted about the disputed charge and will respond to you in less than 30 days.

For disputes in writing

If you prefer, you can also dispute a charge in writing. To do it, you shall write an explanatory letter where you expose the case and the reasons why you believe the transaction should be considered an unauthorized charge. Do not forget to attach the supporting information that you have on hand, such as the purchase receipt or invoice, the account statement and the communication that you gave to the merchant.

In order for the letter to be processed, be sure to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your credit card number
  • The exact amount of the transaction
  • The posting date of the movement
  • A description where the error is explained in detail

The dispute letter should be sent to Bank of America’s Billing Inquiries Department at the following address: PO Box 982234, El Paso, Texas, 79998-2234.

What types of transactions can be disputed at Bank of America?

The above procedures are valid only for disputing transactions that have been posted to your account, not charges that are still pending. Our recommendation? Constantly check the movements of your credit card, since you have a limited period to dispute them. (60 days)

In addition, it is important that you know that dispute procedures can only be initiated for inaccurate transactions, that is, in which the merchant charged an amount greater than the amount due or billing errors, such as duplicate charges, for example. If you are faced with a fraudulent charge for identity theft or loss of the card, block it and contact the bank immediately.

In short, how do you dispute an improper credit card charge at Bank of America?

Although credit and debit cards are recognized as the preferred and safest means of payment on the market, at least more than cash, you should know that they are not infallible. Sometimes, merchants and subscription platforms can make erroneous charges with an amount higher than your debt or double billing unintentionally.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep your Credit cards safe and the best way for you to do this is by reviewing your transaction history and account statements on a regular basis. If you notice any errors, please dispute immediately! You can do it online, by mail or by phone, and you will get a response in less than 30 continuous days.

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