How to fill out a Chase check

How to fill out a Chase check It is something that you should definitely know, especially if you have a current account in that bank. Although it may seem a bit old-fashioned, since there are many other payment methods available today, such as Chase QuickPay and Chase QuickDeposit, it’s definitely a skill worth having.

If you’re a Chase customer and need to learn how to write checks, now is the best time to learn. When you opened your checking account you should have received some checks, so half the work is already done. However, we’re also going to explain how to request Chase checks if you don’t have any more.

As you may have already imagined, in this article we are going to show you how to fill out a chase check to make payments other than payments, so be sure to read the entire article for all the details. But first let’s start with the basics.

Things to know before writing a check from Chase or any other bank

Writing a check is something that should not be taken lightly, and before you do it you must make sure that it is absolutely necessary. The truth is that the process of writing a check is a bit cumbersome, and it’s not always the fastest way to move money or make payments. In fact, you could write a check and end up spending the money in your bank account before it’s cashed, which can get you into a lot of trouble later on.

For example, if a check is deposited or cashed and the account where the funds come from is at 0, it will automatically “bounce”, which is never a good situation, since in this case the banks charge a penalty, which in certain Circumstances may cause an account to be overdrawn.

So when is it advisable to write checks?

When shopping at certain stores

Due to various factors, including processing fees, some small businesses and merchants do not accept credit cards. In fact, one study found that only 27% of small businesses prefer digital payments (like credit cards or ApplePay) over non-digital payments (like cash, checks, and money orders). So if you hire someone to mow your lawn, or shop at a local store or flea market, you may find it convenient to have a checkbook on hand.

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When paying employees

For most employers and business owners, using checks to pay their employees makes it easier to keep human resources records and ensures that they always have accurate documentation of when money was spent and how much was paid. This helps in case there are disagreements later on.

when giving gifts

If you’re short on time and heading to a birthday party, wedding, or special family event, that probably means saving money on a card. But when giving money as a gift, checks may be a better choice than cash. While both cash and checks can easily get lost in the excitement of opening gifts, one is meant specifically for the person and the other isn’t.

How to Write a Chase Check

Here we explain, step by step, how to fill out a chase check. Basically the whole process consists of 6 steps, and in each one you must use a specific type of information.

  1. Date. The date is usually written in the upper right corner of the check, and you should use the current date, that is, the day you are writing the check. Make sure you type it correctly, as a simple mistake can cause serious problems. On the other hand, writing the current date also helps you keep track of your finances.
  2. Pay to order. This is the next section to complete, and it contains the name of the person or company to which the payment is directed. If it is a person, you will be asked to put their name in the space provided. Always double-check the name of the person, and if in doubt contact him or her to verify how their name is spelled, because if there is any problem or if the name is misspelled, the check will not be able to be cashed
  3. Amount. The amount to be paid is normally indicated twice. Once in numerical form and once in words. Be very careful when completing this step, as you must ensure that the cents, full periods, and commas are correctly placed to avoid making mistakes that could make the check uncashable. If there are no cents in the amount you’re paying, include a comma and two zeros after it (for example, 123.00) to make sure you’ve entered the amount completely so someone else can’t alter the amount and increase the amount. Also, start writing as far to the left as possible, for example, if you’re paying $7.50, make all sevens just to the left of the box, to avoid fraud.
  4. Then write the exact amount in words on the line below. Be sure to include the cents. This field, along with the numerical amount, will determine the validity of the check. If any of the fields is incorrect, the charge will not be valid.
  5. To or Memo. In this section you write the reason why you are writing the check. This is not a required step when writing checks, but it helps you more accurately track your payments.
  6. Firm. This is the most important step when writing a check, as it is impossible to cash one without a signature. You must use the signature that is registered in the bank’s database, otherwise the check will be invalid.

After completing these steps you will have completed your Chase check, congratulations!

how to fill out a chase check

after writing a check

Once you’ve finished filling out your Chase check and mailed it to the payee, it’s important to post it. In fact, it’s wise to always keep a copy of the same check in case you need it later for whatever reason. On the other hand, a check register is an ideal book to have, as it allows you to record every check you have ever written.

What if I want to open a new Chase account?

Now, if you’re looking for a simple checking account, we recommend you take a look at the Chase Total Checking account. The check account Total is a great account for all your daily needs. However, this account will not earn interest like the Chase SapphireSM checking account.

On the other hand, Chase also has accounts meant for business owners.. If this is the case for you, then you need to take a look at the Chase Total Business checking account. This account provides up to 100 transactions per month without a fee and also unlimited electronic deposits.

How to request checks from Chase

personal checks

  1. Sign in to your account at and then click on ‘Client Center’.
  2. Find the ‘Checking/Savings Account Services’ section and click ‘Request Checks or Deposit Receipts’.
  3. Select the bank account with which you want to request the checks.
  4. Once the window appears, you will be able to select new checks that you can order, and even customize them.

business checks

  1. Order Chase checks on the Deluxe website or by calling 1-888-560-3939. Make sure you have your account numbers handy.
  2. The process is similar to ordering personal checks; In addition, you can choose the same type of custom options.

You can also order personal and business checks by visiting a Chase branch.

Additional Tips When Writing Chase Checks

In this section we are going to talk about security tips that can protect you from possible fraud and theft, which are (sadly) very common when it comes to writing checks.

make it permanent

When writing a check we advise you to use a pen instead of a pencil. With a pencil, anyone with an eraser can easily change the amount of the check and even the name of the payee. Now, in most banks the use of pencils on checks is not allowed.

Don’t write blank checks

A blank check is one on which all the information except the payee has been written. This is quite dangerous and can expose you to many serious problems like fraud because if this check is lost, anyone who finds it can simply type their name and voila! The check becomes theirs, and they are free to cash it.

Prevents the amount from being altered

When writing a Chase check, make sure the dollar amount is written in such a way that the value cannot be altered. What we want to tell you is: Do not leave any blank spaces.

keep a copy

It is always advisable to make a copy of the check before handing it over. This provides you with a paper record of the check and also allows you to use it as evidence in the event of a dispute.

sign correctly

It’s common to have problems signing checks because people tend not to have legible signatures. Some even sign checks with humorous images that are not consistent with what is on record at the bank. Consequently, we recommend that you use a clear and legible signature that you can use at all times. Make sure you don’t forget her!

Don’t make it a habit

Unless you run a business, don’t write checks out of habit. In fact, we recommend that you emit them as little as possible. Although checks are not as risky as you might think, there are other safer ways to make payments, especially for day-to-day transactions. Another advantage of making an electronic payment (for example) is that there is no loss of paper and, furthermore, the evidence will be available forever.

In conclusion

If you follow the steps and tips that we have explained, you will know how to fill out a Chase check correctly and that it has zero chance of bouncing. Remember, as we’ve mentioned, if a check bounces, the bank will charge you a fee, and this is never a good thing.

Now knowing how to write and fill out a check is one of those things that everyone should learn, regardless of whether they use them or not.

On the other hand, as we have seen small and insignificant errors can invalidate a check and therefore you need to pay close attention to things like spelling the name correctly, making sure the amount in words and figures are identical, and of course putting the correct signature at the bottom of the check.

If you have more questions about how to fill out a Chase check, you can contact Chase customer service in Spanish.

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