How to Find Out If Your SNAP Food Stamp Application Was Approved

Besides WIC (Women, Infants and Children), The United States has a immediate assistance program for the purchase or acquisition of food called SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), popularly known as food stamps or food stamps. But what is SNAP? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federal program that provides financial assistance to low-income families so that they can eat a healthy diet that allows them to live with dignity. Find out here if your application for SNAP was approved or in what state it is.

This program, like many others, is managed by every state in the country. Therefore, application and verification processes may vary from state to state. However, we could say that, in essence, there are three ways to check if the request for food stamps was or was not approved by your state department of welfare. In this article you will be able to answer the question How to view my SNAP case? and find out if your food stamp application has been approved or not.

How do I know if my SNAP food stamp application was approved?

Before proceeding with the prompts to check the status of your SNAP application, it is important to make a preliminary stop.

In general, those who fill out the form and submit their application will have to go through an interview conducted by the state agency. This interview can be in person or by phone and is usually scheduled about 7 business days after submitting the form online or in person.

According to the SNAP FAQ, your state agency should send you a notification by mail within the next 30 days. This period begins to count after you have submitted the application. If approved, the letter will contain certain information of interest, such as the duration and amount of your benefits. If the application was denied, the letter will state the agency’s reasons for rejecting the application.

What do I need to check the status of my SNAP food stamp application?

Regardless of the review format you choose (online, by phone, or in person) you may need to have certain information on hand which will allow the social agent to verify the status of your application and review your SNAP case:

  • Normally, when applying you will be given a case or application number. Make sure you have it with you when checking the status of your SNAP application.
  • Identity verification is a process that is carried out in any of the review methods. To verify your identity, simply provide or present a personal identification document with photo (like passport or driver’s license).
  • In addition, you will have to tell the agent your number social Security, full name, home address Y phone number.

3 Ways to Check If a SNAP Application Was Approved or Denied

If 30 days have passed since you submitted your application and you have not received any communication from the state agency, You have three options to check the status of your application:

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# 1 Online

Not all states have the online application method. But if yours does, and in fact, you completed your application using this method, you will be able to verify if you have been approved or not, or in what state your application is, through the Internet (some states even offer assistance in Spanish).

For example, him Florida state has a website that allows citizens to learn a little more about the benefits and eligibility conditions of SNAP. Through this same page, people can make their requests regardless of the time of day.

Massachusetts is another of the states that offers an online application process that you can access by clicking here. There you can enter and read the updates related to your file. New York also provides real-time updated information about your SNAP application. In fact, it also includes certain essential data, such as your benefit balance and its duration.

# 2 In person

Visiting the local office that handles welfare programs is also an option. To do so, review the SNAP section on your state’s website and visit the office selection for determine which is the closest to your address and what is your address, telephone number and hours.

We recommend that, before going to the office, you call by phone because some agencies work with a pre-appointment system. Therefore, if you go without an appointment, you may miss the trip.

# 3 On the phone

There are several ways to find the hotline number for your state. The first is visiting the website, or by calling your state department of social services, which is generally part of health and social assistance services for children and families at risk.

The second way is review any notices or documents that SNAP has given you after or at the time of your application. Remember that, In addition to writing down the phone number, you should also write down the name and surname of the social services assistant who handles your case..

Call the corresponding number and ask for the status of your request. Remember to have your personal identity document, your social security number and, if possible, your case file number on hand.

How long does the application process for food stamps take?

The SNAP procedure is generally expedited. In fact, usually takes as little as 30 days to complete. During those 30 days, you may need to attend or appear for an interview, although some states may schedule a home visit or interview you over the phone. Now, it may happen that even after these 30 days your request is still pending.

What does this mean? That the agency is still reviewing your application. If the department needs more information to determine your eligibility status, it will send you a notification asking you to provide the relevant documents.

Note: Not all requests take 30 days to be approved. If a family has less than $ 100 of bank balance and receives a monthly income of $ 150 or less, they will qualify for a preferential status. In this case, the agents will evaluate the case quickly and could make a decision in as little as 7 days.

How do I get a copy of my SNAP approval letter?

If your SNAP application was approved and finished processing, you will normally you receive a notice from the state agency. The submission mechanism is typically by mail, but some states update the status of the application in the online system. This letter will contain two important pieces of information: the amount of your benefit and its duration.

Benefits are deposited monthly to an EBT card, also known as a benefit card. With it you can buy your food and, in some cases, review certain additional information through the mobile application.

SNAP benefits by state:

SNAP benefits are updated every year, check what are the SNAP benefits in your state:

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