How to get a RIB quickly?

Checkbooks, cards and cash are endangered means of payment. All digital banking dominates the market and gives way to payments by transfer or direct debit. If this method of money transfer is very widely used, it is because today it is easy to register a bank account online and to carry out a transaction. Yes but here it is, you have to start at the beginning! Find your RIB! If you are still looking for your account numbers and you don’t know how to get them… Follow the guide!

Find Rib

Go to your bank’s distributor to edit a RIB

One of the banking services offered by financial institutions is the use of their ATM to withdraw money. Logic you will say to me it is made for that! Yes indeed, but not only! With your bank card, browse the screen of your preferred distributor. You will find, by looking a little, that several options are available to you. In particular the edition of a RIB. By clicking on a simple button, you can then receive your bank details in the form of a receipt. Useful when you have taken nothing other than your bank card and suddenly in the street, you remember that you have to give your account number to someone!

How to get a RIB without a bank card?

Use your checkbook to find your Rib

When opening your bank account, your advisor has certainly ordered a checkbook in your name. Useful for paying a deposit for example but maybe less for everyday use. So like everyone else, after having received your checkbook and put it aside, at the bottom of a drawer? And yet! All check books contain a bank identity statement. You just need to find your checkbook to get your hands on your RIB.

Go to your bank’s customer area to get your bank identity statement

Do you need your RIB to obtain a refund for an order? And in front of your screen, you do not yet know how to recover it because yes, if you are reading these few lines, you do not have it in your possession! Do not panic ! Go to the customer area of ​​your bank, with your customer codes and log in. You should quickly find a tab offering the RIB item. This method is very practical when without a printer, you will have to send your RIB to a third party. In fact, by clicking on the appropriate buttons, you will be able to find your downloadable bank details in PDF format. All you have to do is send it by email to the recipient of your choice.

Use your bank’s mobile app to find your RIB

100% of banks have their own banking applications, Caisse-Epargne, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel and others will offer you to add their apps to your mobile phone. By doing a search from the Apple store or from the Play Store, it is impossible to miss it. From there, use the same connection codes as at home, in front of your computer to react quickly and obtain a RIB. In a few minutes you should be able to find the precious sesame and pay or get paid.

Go to your bank branch and simply ask to receive your RIB

Our last method of receiving a RIB makes so much sense that we could have missed it! Go through the door of your bank branch and ask for your RIB. Even if some bank branches only receive by appointment, it is sometimes easier to ask for your RIB from the advisor in charge of your portfolio. Without checkbook, without mobile network and in case of urgent need, you will necessarily find a good soul to give you your banking information in exchange for a simple identity document. Call if necessary to receive a RIB by email explaining that you have no other choice.

The bank identity statement is indicated on all account statements

Listed small and drowned in the mass of information, look no further! If you have a bank statement ready, you also have your bank account statement. By taking a good look at your last bank statement, you should find BIC and IBAN written somewhere at the bottom of the page. Have a sharp mind and your eyes wide open, you can’t miss it.

Conclusion, the bank identity statement is a document often untraceable when it is necessary! But now, you won’t have so many excuses to avoid making a payment, regularizing an invoice or receiving a sum of money other than by transfer. You can find your RIB in just a few minutes.