How to get proof of income if I am unemployed

Although the unemployment rate in the United States has recovered somewhat after the arrival of COVID-19 in the country -in fact, it stood at 7.9% in September 2020, this after almost 22 million people were displaced from their jobs in the months of March and April of the same year- there are still citizens who have not recovered their jobs; this according to the latest figures from the Department of Labor from USA. For someone who is unemployed, obtaining proof of income would seem impossible, but it is not.

Being unemployed greatly influences the family economy -there is no doubt about that- but it also affects the way people without a permanent job access different financial products what is on the market.

For example, if you need to apply for a credit card or a bank loan, you will need to prove that you have a steady stream of income, even if the source of this money is not from an employer.

That leads us to answer the following question: How do I get proof of income if I am unemployed?

How to get proof of income if I am unemployed

How to get proof of income if I am unemployed?

As usual, unemployment is verified by award letter the person will receive from the state workforce agency. Having this document at hand will help you for your personal financial files.

You can get a paper copy of this certification by going to your local unemployment website or by checking your mail. Remember that if you applied for unemployment in the state of your residence, you should have received a document like this.

Now, perhaps the benefits certification letter will help you show how much you receive for each week you are unemployed. This is great because often people who need to go to the bank for a credit card or student loan Must provide proof of income.

As expected, the compensation you receive for unemployment is an acceptable source of income, just like any other, regardless of its temporary nature.

How can you access verification of unemployment income? As we stated earlier, there are several ways to do this:

Get your notice of award of benefits

Once the state unemployment agency approves your weekly benefits, will send you an email with a letter of award of benefits. This letter is usually received by mail and is a notice detailing, among other things, your eligibility, your maximum benefit payment and the weekly approved amount.

Having a copy of the benefit award letter on hand will help you prove your income. Therefore, the first place you will find this certificate is in your mailbox.

If you do not have it, access your unemployment account

If you don’t have the award letter at hand, you can print a copy by logging into your electronic account on your local unemployment website. To do so, visit the website of the state workforce agency that applies to you. If you applied for unemployment online, you will already have your username and password. Otherwise, you will have to create an account.

To create an online account, you will need to provide certain personal and claim information, such as your unemployment application number, your phone number, your claim number, and your weekly benefit amount.

Note: There may be some restrictions when using the website. Sometimes you will have to wait for the unemployment agency to mail you the necessary information to access your online account for the first time, that is, a username and password. This will depend exclusively on your state of residence.

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll have several options. One of them is to download the unemployment certificate and the second is to download the payment history online, which is a document similar to an account statement. Any of these should serve as proof of income.

Call the workforce agency

Calling the local unemployment agency or office that is processing your case is also an option. Through a phone call, you could request that they send you your benefit certification letter or payment history. In many cases, you will access an automated service desk and you will need to complete a few steps before you can speak to a representative.

Note: Keep in mind that you will have to call during business hours.

Send the application by mail

If you need your payment history, you can request it in another way. The first one is through your online account and the second visiting the unemployment agency closest to your home. Check on the unemployment website of your locality how you could do to request your financial movements in situ.

Visit the regional unemployment office

The unemployment agency can give you a hard copy of any documents you need, including your online payment history. You can check the Regional office locations and business hours at the link below.

Other ways to get proof of income if you’re unemployed

Of course, unemployment certificates and payment history aren’t the only documents you could use to prove to the bank or credit union how much income you receive from month to month. Here are some other examples that might help you:

  • Form 1099-G. The institution that is asking you for proof of income may accept Form 1099-G as proof of income. Typically, the state unemployment agency uses this form to notify the Internal Revenue Service IRS how much you receive in benefits. This form shows the amount you received from unemployment during the most recent tax year and the amount of taxes that were withheld. To get a copy of Form 1099-G, log into your online unemployment account or call (visit) a local office.
  • Download an account statement. Obtaining a copy of your bank statement is a fairly easy thing to do. The good thing is that an account statement is perfect to show the amount of income you receive month to month. Of course, the account will show not only what you receive from official sources, such as unemployment, but also any other relevant financial information, such as interest received on certificates of deposit, the APY of your savings accounts, the fees you receive for the property rental, among others. Go to your bank and request your account statement. You can download it in PDF using online banking and then print it.

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