How to open an account at BB&T Bank

As of December 2019, BB&T has changed its name to Truist Financial Company

The first step to start having a financial life is simple: open a bank account online or in a branch. Why? Because banking gives people the opportunity to build credit, access financial savings products, open an emergency fund and invest to multiply money. Of course, banks and credit unions are much more than an institution designed for the generation or safe storage of assets: they also open the doors to the world of loans.

But despite the fact that creating a bank account is now easier than ever before – this putting aside its essential nature in the financial world – a quarter of American families live unbanked. If you are in this group and you are thinking of changing this -or you would simply like to change banks to improve your alternatives and benefits- We leave you an option to consider: BB&T Bank.

How to open an account at BB&T Bank

A quick look at BB&T Bank

BB&T Bank, now called Truist, is a bank based in North Carolina. This financial institution has 1,700 branches -approximately- in 15 states of the country and offers products ranging from classic savings accounts to extra asset management services.

Don’t know how to open an account at BB&T Bank? Do not worry! The process is so easy you won’t believe it. You can create your bank account online or go to an agency to complete the process in person.

To clarify your doubts, we have prepared a special article that will explain Everything you need to know before opening an account at BB&T Bank.

Note: BB&T is one of the banks that uses Zelle in the United States to transfer money for free.

How to open an account at BB&T bank?

Opening an account at BB&T Bank is a simple, easy and quick process to complete. As long as you have some important information at hand and you know what type of product is right for you, you’ll be able to jump in and out immediately (so to speak). And it is that, the process is so simple to do that we have summarized it in just three steps:

#1 Identify the bank account you want

Not all bank accounts are the same. In fact, there are differences -well marked- between the most popular: savings accounts and current accounts or checking accounts. Although savings accounts are perfect for accumulating that extra money you have left at the end of the month (or opening an emergency fund), they are not the most suitable for paying your bills and outstanding bills. Fortunately, BB&T Bank has thought of everything to the point of creating one of the most varied catalogs in the sector:

  • Elite Gold (current account)
  • eSavings (savings account)
  • Bright Banking (checking account)
  • Young Savers (savings account)
  • Student Banking (checking account)
  • Senior Checking (current account)
  • BB&T Fundamentals (checking account)
  • Investor’s Deposit Account (savings account)
  • High Performance Money Market Account (savings account)

Remember that no matter how good the BB&T bank offer is, nothing prevents you from opening more than one account. In fact, having a checking account for monthly payments and everyday expenses, and a savings account to store money for the future is very common. Choosing the appropriate version in each case will be essential for you to start having financial discipline.

#2 Have your personal information at hand

To complete your application and open an account with BB&T Bank, you will need certain personal information. Therefore, we recommend that, before starting the opening process, you have the following at hand:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your date of birth
  • an initial deposit
  • Your contact phone
  • your e-mail
  • Your personal identification (with photo)

Although BB&T is known for being a safe bank, will never ask you to give your Social Security number or other information to an unauthorized person. Make sure that you share this information only with a bank representative and, if you choose to open the bank account online, that you visit the appropriate website.

#3 Complete the process online or in person

Once you know which is the ideal bank account for you and you have all the personal information that the bank will need to complete the registration, you will be ready for the third step, which is to apply for bank account opening.

If you live near a BB&T branch—something you might be able to discover just by using the bank’s branch locator tool—you might prefer approach the agency to complete the process in person. When you set foot in the office, walk up to the teller window and let the bank representative know you’re there to open an account at BB&T Bank.

If you don’t really like the idea of ​​wasting time in a branch or simply prefer to create a bank account online, visit the bank’s official website, open the drop-down menu and select the type of account you want, choose the option you like best from the list and click “open account”.

Immediately a screen will appear with the following question: “Are you already a BB&T bank customer?” Answer “Yes” or “No” and then select your state. Click continue, Fill in the form with your personal data and voila!

Remember: You need to ask everything about your new bank account so you don’t get any surprises. Elements such as what is the interest rate of your savings account or what is the maximum amount that you can withdraw from an ATM in cash are essential.

BB&T Bank Account FAQs

If you want to expand the information you have about the BB&T bank and its bank accounts, welcome! Here we will leave you everything you need to know about the institution to help you evaluate if this is the best alternative for you.

I need help with my BB&T account, what do I do?

If you have questions or concerns about your bank account, the BB&T account opening process, or anything else, we recommend that you contact their customer service. To do so, call 800-BANKBBT (800-2265228) or log in to online banking to send a secure, encrypted message with your inquiry. Of course, visiting a BB&T agency will also be an option.

What are the fees for BB&T checking accounts?

BB&T Bank offers a wide range of checking accounts, each with different benefits. The following table may help you clarify your doubts:

BB&T Checking Fees, Surcharges and Commissions
Current account type Minimum opening deposit monthly maintenance fee Fee for operations at an ATM outside the network overdraft fee
BB&T Fundamentals Checking Account $50 $5 $3 $36
Bright Banking Checking Account $50 $12 $3 $36
Student Banking Checking Account $0 $0 $3 $36
Senior Checking Account $100 $10 $3 $36
Elite Gold Checking Account $100 $30 $3 $36

What are the fees for BB&T savings accounts?

The perfect savings account could be in the BB&T bank catalog. Let’s see what their rates are:

BB&T Savings Account Rates, Surcharges and Commissions
Current account type Minimum opening deposit monthly maintenance fee Fee for operations at an ATM outside the network overdraft fee APR
eSavings $0 $0 $0 $36 0.01%
High Performance Money Market Account $100 $12 $0 $36 From 0.01% to 0.10%
Investor’s Deposit Account $1,000 $15 $0 $36 0.01%
Young Savers $0 $0 $0 $36 Does not apply

How do I avoid being charged fees on my BB&T account?

The best way to avoid charges to a bank account—whether it’s at BB&T Bank or any other institution—is to stay on top of things. What does this mean? You should request a list of all fees, surcharges and commissions that apply to your new accounteven before opening it.

Compare these rates with the other accounts in the bank’s catalog and, if possible, with those of other institutions. In this way, you can make a 100% informed decision.

How to protect my BB&T bank account?

The entry of the financial world to technology has opened the doors to endless economic opportunities, either to facilitate the process of creating an account -which can now be done without leaving home- or to access products at a reduced cost.

However, the Internet is also full of people with bad intentions and it is these same advances that now allow new crimes and dangers, such as phishing and information theft. However, you can always take precautions to keep your money safe and away from unwanted people:

  • Don’t share your personal information (let alone your bank account code), whether online, over the phone, or in person.
  • Avoid signing in to your online banking from public places or unknown or public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Check your bank account regularly. Pay attention to the balance, the movements, the requests and the last date of visit.
  • Try not to access your account from a shared computer or laptop or from someone else’s mobile.
  • Do not open emails that are from unknown senders, even if the subject has to do with the bank.

Recommendation: You can go to a BB&T bank branch to speak with a representative and ask what else you can do to keep your bank account safe. Some banks offer insurance against computer theft, phishing, and online scams.

Should you open an account at BB&T Bank?

Yes, as long as you feel good about the care and products that the bank offers you. However, we must warn you that there is no perfect formula to evaluate one bank and compare it with another. You can put their rates on the table to see which of them offers you the best or perhaps base your decision on the trust, track record and security that the bank transmits to you.

What we can tell you is that, so far, BB&T Bank has demonstrated everything a consumer would want from a financial institution: strength, security, trust, good customer service and a wide range of options. Our recommendation is simple: take your time to evaluate BB&T bank accounts and weigh their pros and cons on a scale.

Use the branch locator to find out if there are branches in your state and, if there are, whether or not they are near you. Ideally, you should have a bank account at a bank that you can visit in person while traveling or while at home.

If you think BB&T offers you this, plus a competitive rate and low commissions, you could jump right in! Perhaps it will become your favorite bank.

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