How to pay GEICO insurance in Spanish?

GEICO offers different ways to pay for your home insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, car insurance or any other policy you have with them. The ideal is to make the payment of the insurance premium (premium, in Spanish) or monthly fee before receiving a cancellation notice to avoid any interruption in coverage. Choose the payment method of your choice in our GEICO guide in Spanish pay safely.

  Pay GEICO in Spanish

GEICO in Spanish: pay insurance online, by mail or by phone

There are at least six ways to pay for GEICO insurance. Some of them are faster, like paying the policy online, and others are slower, like sending the payment by mail. The ideal will depend on the particular case of each person. The most important?

  • Pay before the due date (about 2-3 days before if you decide to pay by mail)
  • Don’t skip any payment to avoid problems with coverage.
  • Pay the full amount due. Otherwise, interest will accrue.

How to pay GEICO online

If you want to pay for your GEICO insurance online, visit the official GEICO website and log in with your ID, email or insurance policy number and password. Later:

  1. Click on “Online Payments”.
  2. Select the amount to pay.
  3. Choose the payment method.
  4. And ready!

Using the insurance online platform, you will have several forms of payment: Credit cards; with the debit card balance from your checking, high-yield savings, or money market account; an electronic check or Apple Pay Cash.

If you do not want to log in to the GEICO platform in Spanish, you can use the GEICO express payment service. Enter the previous link and fill in the form with your data:

  1. Registered phone number, US social security number, or policy number.
  2. Postal code of the address that you registered when you signed up for the insurance.

When you’re done, click “continue.” The system will show you the amount owed. Check the box to make the total payment and choose the payment method.

How to pay GEICO for the app

Another quick and easy way to pay GEICO in Spanish is by downloading their app on your iOS or Android phone. The process is practically the same as in the previous case: you log in with your credentials, you do Click on “pay bill”, select the amount and method of payment, and voila! After completing these simple steps, you will be up to date with the payment of your insurance policy.

The payment methods are the same as in the previous case. You can use everything from secured or classic credit cards to the balance of your bank accounts in the United States.

How to pay GEICO at my bank

You can also use your bank account’s bill payment service to stay current with GEICO. To do this, you will have to login to online banking using your credentials and click on “pay bills” or similar. Search for GEICO in the list or add it if you haven’t already.

Note: Keep in mind that the payment through the banks could take one to three days to be reflected in the insurance platform. Don’t panic if you don’t see it right away.

How to pay GEICO by phone

You can pay your policy by calling GEICO customer service in Spanish for insurance payments: 1-800-932-8872. Follow the instructions of the automated system, verify your identity (by entering your insurance policy number, for example) and voila! In this option, only credit cards are allowed. Please keep this in mind before you call.

Remember: GEICO’s Spanish phone number to pay insurance bills is available 24/7. You can call any day and at any time of the year.

How to pay GEICO by mail

You can pay GEICO insurance mailing a check or money order to any of the following addresses:

Pay insurance with GEICO before the court date:

GEICO Remittance Center

PO Box 70776

Philadelphia, PA 19176-0776

Pay for insurance with GEICO after the court date or upon notice of cancellation of the policy:

GEICO Remittance Center

PO Box 70775

Philadelphia, PA 19176-0775

Remember to fill out the money order or check correctly, including your policy number.

How to pay GEICO automatically

GEICO offers the option to schedule or cancel an automatic payment. Scheduling an automatic payment will allow you to forget about entering the bank or the GEICO mobile app, since every month, right on the due date, the system will deduct the amount owed.

To enroll in GEICO’s automatic payment program, Log in to the insurance platform or the GEICO Mobile app and select the “Pay bills” option. There, click on “automatic payments” and register your preferred payment method. You can use checking accounts, savings accounts, or credit cards; whichever is easier for you. If you have a virtual credit card, you can also use it as a payment method.

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