How to pay the BP card

The BP Credit Card allows you to earn 10 cents per gallon discount for every $100 you spend on BP fuel and other gas station purchases. Without a doubt, it is a good option for those who tend to fill their tanks frequently at BP gas stations. However, to take advantage of these benefits and others that we indicate later, you must be up to date with the payment of your consumptions. Don’t worry, we’ll explain 3 ways to pay the BP card.

BP also offers the BP Visa Credit Card issued by Synchrony, that gives you 25 cents off a gallon for every $100 you spend at BP stations, 15 cents off a gallon for every $100 you spend on eligible groceries, restaurants and travel, and 5 cents off a gallon for every $100 you spend spend anywhere else, all within the first 90 days of opening your account. There is no annual fee with either card, and rewards can be redeemed at the pump. Plus, you get $0 fraud liability and access to cash at the ATM.

You can complete a BP credit card application online for either card and you can also manage your account online.

How to pay the BP card

3 ways to pay the BP card

So that you can make your consumption payments on time, we present you 3 ways to pay the BP card

How to pay BP credit card by mail

If you receive a monthly statement in the mail, you can also mail a check, using the return envelope provided for that purpose. If you lose your return envelope or are enrolled in paperless billing and want to pay by mail, follow these steps:

  • Use your BP credit card login information to access your online account and view your bill.
  • Write a check for the amount due and include your account number in the notes section of the check. Mail your check to:

BP PLCC and Visa

PO Box 965006

Orlando, FL 32896-5006

How to pay the BP card by phone

You can pay your BP credit card bill over the phone for free using the automated system. The number to call depends on the type of BP credit card you have:

    • BP Card Phone Number: 844-832-0035
    • BP Visa Card Phone Number: 844-832-0030
    • BP Platinum Visa Card Phone Number: 844-887-1975

How to pay BP card online

BP credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank, so to access your account online, go to You will need your BP credit card account user ID and password to log in and access your eStatement to make a payment.

What to do if your BP credit card payment is late

The payment due date for BP credit cards is 23 days after the close of each billing cycle. You will not be charged any interest on purchases if you pay the balance in full before the due date. The late payment penalty fee is up to $38.

Please note that late payments can be made by mail, phone or online.

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