How to pay transit tickets in New York

As in any other country in the world, in the United States the driving of vehicles is conditional. In order for a person to be able to ride their car freely, they must meet certain requirements, such as having the vehicle registration in order, valid license plates and, of course, a driver’s license.

However, any driver can lose the right to move freely with his car in an instant. For example, New York State uses a point system to help Licensing Department (better known as DOL) to determine whether a person’s permit should be suspended or revoked.

According to the applicable regulations, fines for not having a driver’s license and other infractions are calculated with points. If a driver accumulate 11 points in a period equal to or less than 18 months, you would automatically lose your driver’s license, at least momentarily, as long as you do not perform any procedures to reactivate it.

But, what actions warrant the imposition of a fine, how to pay traffic tickets in New York, How much money are we talking about? The answers to all these questions are here.

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What is a traffic ticket? Types and differences

In New York, traffic fines are sanctions, mainly economic, filed by a competent authority as a result of the infraction or violation of a specific rule. For example, driving over the established limit carries the imposition of a fine. The same happens if the driver is intoxicated or if he is driving without his driver’s license.

However, not all fines are the same. In fact, there are different types:

  • Criminal offenses
  • Local court fines
  • Traffic camera tickets
  • Parking violations
  • NYS traffic tickets (TVB)

You must take into account that the New York is one of the harshest states when it comes to imposing fines. Therefore, you could have a registered violation without even knowing it.

If at this point you wonder “How to know if I have traffic tickets in New York”, do not worry! You will be able to discover it without having to leave your home.

What are TVB fines and how does the point system work?

We say that a traffic fine is of type TVB when it is issued by an official attached to the Department of Motor Vehicles in any of the districts of NY. Each violation of traffic regulations will be punished with a pecuniary fine and points that affect the driver’s record.

Each point earned is added to the base and, upon reaching the total of 11 points in 18 months, the suspension of the driver’s license is automatically activated. This point allocation is done depending on the severity of the fault And the consequences for the driver can be aggravated if he repeats.

For example, if you accumulate 6 points in less than 18 months, you will have to add USD $ 100 extra when paying traffic tickets in New York. If you exceed 6 points -but you still do not reach 11- each of the additional points will have a surcharge of USD $ 75 in the payment.

Let’s look at this point system in several examples to understand it. You will then see a list of transit infractions and the number of points that are added to the driver’s record. Note that, depending on the severity of the fault, the points increase or decrease:

  • Driving 1-10 MPH over the speed limit: 3 points.
  • Driving 11-20 MPH over the speed limit: 4 points.
  • Driving 31-40 MPH over the speed limit: 8 points.

Using the mobile while driving adds 5 points. Driving recklessly, 5 points. Failure to yield the right of way, 3 points. And so on.

How to know if I have traffic tickets in New York

You can find out if you have tickets pending payment using a ticket finder in New York. Note that the platform of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) It will not release information related to traffic camera tickets or parking violations.

To access this service, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Register in MyDMV. Enter the DMV official page and sign up. If you already have a username and password, enter your account.
  2. If you are logging in for the first time, you will have to complete the Registration Form. Have your social security number and driver’s license number handy.
  3. Click on “consult” and the system will return the fines that are related to your license or the registration of the car you have registered.

If your record shows pending fines, you have two options:

  • Pay the fine. In this case, you would be accepting your guilt for the infraction.
  • Request an audience. In other words, plead not guilty and attend the hearing to present your case.

Traffic ticket prices in New York

The financial sanction filed by the authorities will depend, in essence, on the severity of the fault. Let’s see the most common:

  • Using the mobile phone while driving. If it is the first time, it varies from USD $ 50 to USD $ 150. If it is the second offense, it can reach $ 200. In the event of a repeat offense, it would be set at up to USD $ 400.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the mildest case, it would be set between USD $ 500 and USD $ 1000. In the most serious, up to USD $ 10,000.

Remember that, in case of recidivism, you will also have to pay additional fees and contributions.

How to pay transit tickets in New York?

Gone are the days of waiting in long lines at the bank or the DMV office closest to you. Now how to pay traffic tickets in New York is as easy as going online. To do the pay on line, click on declare / pay, fill out the form, send it and you’re done. We recommend that you save a PDF of this procedure for any eventuality.

If you prefer, another way of how to pay transit tickets in New York by post mail or directly at the DMV office. If you opt for a turn, do it on behalf of the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles”.

Can I avoid having my driver’s license suspended?

Prevention is the key. To keep your driver’s license and not affect your pocket, the ideal would be to respect all current state regulations. However, a mistake can be made by anyone. If you already accumulate more points than you would like in your registry, you have the option of reducing them by attending a point reduction program or PIRP.

The PIRP is an educational program that seeks to alert drivers to the dangers of driving while intoxicated, for example, or skipping a stop. Taking a PIRP can reduce up to 4 points from your record. Therefore, it is a good alternative.

What about the other fines, tickets and tickets?

In New York, not all tickets are issued by the DMV. Some of them (such as speeding tickets captured by the traffic camera) are processed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). To check if you have a pending ballot and make the corresponding payment, go to the official website of the Department of Finance.

In case you want pay parking tickets in NY, you can use a specialized platform. For example in FineNYC You can check if you have debts to pay and, if so, pay them online just by entering your license plate number.

What are New York Police Pink Tickets?

Pink tickets are actually citations. They are called “pink tickets” because the police deliver a ticket of that color. This summons does not warrant an arrest or police review.. Usually corresponds to offenses committed on public roads, like consuming alcohol, for example. To declare yourself guilty or innocent of the sanctioned act, you will have to go to court. And it is that, in these cases, online payment or declaration is not yet available.

Now that you know how to pay transit tickets in New York And what are the differences between these, the pink ballots and infrared camera infractions, it’s time for you to catch up. This way, you will avoid the suspension of your driver’s license in the future.

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