How to refund a Money Order?

To know how to refund a money order, You must first know what is a refund?

This is just one return, something that returns to you after having sent it and since it is a money order, what will be returned to you is the money.

The money order refunds they usually appear on rare occasions for reasons such as bad business, return of a defective purchase, a scam or even a misunderstanding between businessmen or ordinary people.

If you need a refund, you must request it by physical mail, email or fax to the company with which you decided to process the Money Order; the company will issue the refund in certain situations only if you have actual proof of your Money Order or evidence of having purchased it.

One of the most useful advantages of a money order is that you can track them or cancel them and this helps the process of reimburse your money without major risks.

So don’t worry! you can stay calm, we’ll explain how to refund your money order.

What you need to know about a money order refund request

To request a refund on your money order, you must take into account the requirements that you must comply with and follow a series of processes that may vary depending on the issuer from which you purchased the money order.

In general, almost all companies comply with the same protocols or processes. Here you can advise yourself in a very clear way; so you don’t skip any steps and don’t forget the data and useful information at the time you want refund a money order.

When can I request a refund of a Money Order?

The “when” is up to you and how fast you act depending on the situation.

If you feel that your money is at risk, you can take preventive measures; which will help you secure a refund Cash if you wish.

In the event that you have a misunderstanding or go through an uncomfortable situation, requesting a refund of a Money Order can be simple if the money order has not been used or cashed, also in the case of loss, damage or theft of your Money Order you could receive a refund if it has not been used.

However, if it was charged, you will receive a copy of the money order charged for your records and so when you make your request, you must provide documents such as the receipt of payment and / or the purchase receipt; to prove that you are the real buyer of the money order for which you request the refund.

How to refund a Money Order?

Is it easy to get a money order refund?

Most cases requesting a money order refund they can do it satisfactorily.

However, you must take into account that the protection of the documentation on your money order It is very helpful when it comes to request a refund.

The place or business where do you buy money order is a factor to take into account, since some sites are deficient at the time of request a refund of a money order.

According to reviews published in the MoneyGram opinions on refunds, are not very encouraging, in fact, users give it a qualification 1 star on a scale of 5.

There is talk of deficiencies in the service and unsatisfactory experiences for users who address the issue of how to refund a money order. But it is something that is partly due to levities committed by uninformed users regarding the subject.

There are those who say that the best problem is the one that is avoided.

That is why we recommend you to be careful when you feel that you may be cheated, be sure to protect information that can be falsified and not provide it to strangers or untrustworthy people.

Request a refund if you are the purchaser of the money order

In case you are the buyer of money order you should consider the following:

I have my money order or original receipt

It is vitally important that when buying a Money Order you keep the receipt that the issuer gives you, that will help you provide valid proof that you are the legitimate buyer; something that would make your refund request even easier.

Once you have your receipt handy, follow these steps:

  1. Complete and sign the follow-up application and refund of money order which is usually located on the back of the receipt or failing that, complete the form request refund of the client for money order.
  2. Submit the necessary documents described in the request or required by the issuing company of your money order.
  3. In some cases you may be required to pay a non-refundable fee, this fee may vary depending on the company; companies like Western Union They charge non-refundable fees of US$ 15 for doing this type of request.

Take into account that the money order refund requests they must comply with a cycle of processes and many times it is something that takes time, you must be patient and wait for a response. Commonly, it takes about 30 days to process it and become effective if approved.

I do not have my Money Order or original purchase receipt

Yes you lose your money order or purchase receipt For some reason, it may complicate things a bit.

For this reason, we recommend the guard of the receipts money order in a place where you trust it will be safe and Risk free to loss or theft.

In that case, don’t worry; there is a solution to this problem that might be useful to you, since the cash register receipt from the store where you bought your money order could serve as an objective test for your request refund.

And if you didn’t save the cash receipt either, you could ask the store manager to reprint it, since most cash registers have a backup of daily information where the reports and invoices of the sales made are kept.

Keep in mind that granting you that copy depends on the goodwill of the store employee or manager.

How to request a refund without proof?

To facilitate the process of refund of a money order without proof follow these steps:

  1. From your computer or mobile device, visit the website of the issuer of your money order and there download the form request of investigation of payment orders.
  2. Print, complete and sign the form.
  3. You need to certify the form.
  4. Send by physical or electronic mail all available documents that prove that you are the one who bought the money order together with the non-refundable fee, which may vary this time due to not having the receipt of the money order. In some cases it can be double what you would normally pay.
  5. If the pay order was stolen, it is necessary that you attach to the documents a copy of the police report and also a copy of the bank statement showing the payment of your money order.

This process can take 6 to 8 weeks., and you may not be eligible for a refund. The opportune thing is to send all the possible proofs that show that you are the legitimate buyer of money order and you can receive a satisfactory answer to your request from refund.

Refund if you are the recipient of the Money Order or legal representative of a company

The refund request process money order for recipients Y legal entities it is very different compared to when the buyer requests it. If that is your case, follow these steps:

If you are recipient

This type of request is submitted when the addressee of the pay order, does not receive or is unable to collect the money available in the money order.

Reimbursement requests for recipients are generally handled through an affidavit or “affidavit.”

According the affidavit or affidavit It is a written document or oath in which two or more parties agree to comply with certain rules or statutes so that no one is harmed and to be able to solve a problem.

In our case, it is a Money Order refund request for which you will have to pay a non-refundable fee of approximately US$15, although it may vary, for making this type of request.

This statement may change depending on the company where you are requesting your refund, you must complete it accurately and without alterations; sign it, so that later you certify it before a competent authority on the matter and finally wait for your response.

For Legal Entities (legal representative of a company)

A situation that occurs when a legal entity (company) receives a money order as part of a payment or draft (for payment of utility bills, insurance premiums, and telephone charges every month) and it is not made effective.

if you are the legal representative of one business; Both you and the company must follow the following steps:

  1. complete the sworn declaration or affidavit accurately, without alterations, sign and certify it.
  2. Pay US$15 (or a little more) non-refundable processing fee, you can pay with a money order or check.
  3. Present proof of payment (either of the two options is valid):
  • Original or copy of money order.
  • Original or copy of receipt money order.

Once you complete the requirements you must wait an estimated 30 days to get the answer about the money order refund in favor of the company you represent.

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