How to reload a Netspend card?

If you need send or receive money for a family member, friend or business associate, you’re lucky! Here we will teach you how to recharge a netspend card. A couple of decades ago, the only way to complete an operation like this was through a bank transfer and, for this, you needed to open an account in a financial institution.

But now the options seem endless. There are wire transfer services that you can access, technology companies that offer financial services, payment wallets, cryptocurrencies, rechargeable cards, etc. Some of the most famous alternatives are Amazon Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, and of course Netspend.

Of course: most of these services are subject to restrictions. However, with a prepaid credit card like Netspend (which works more like a debit card) you’ll be able to send and receive transfers without any hassle.

And it is that, Netspend allows its customers to make and receive electronic transfers in order to access their funds. How? Well, through the card. These transfers are made from account to account, that is, both the issuer and the beneficiary of the operation must have a Netspend account.

In addition to this option, Netspend also allows its customers to send and receive money in other ways. Don’t you know how to top up a Netspend card to be able to enjoy all its benefits? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will explain how the netspend card and what options do you have to recharge it.

How to reload a Netspend card?

What is netspend? a key description

Netspend is a provider of prepaid cards with MasterCard and Visa seal. The company was founded in 1999. Your cards can be purchased through various local retail stores as well as large chains such as CVS4 Pharmacy, 7-Eleven and Walgreens, to name just a few examples.

Unlike regular credit cards on the market, you won’t need credit to get a Netspend card. In fact, no one will check your score. Why? Because this is a prepaid card: what you can spend is not a limit of money as a loan, but the funds that you have loaded on the card.

One of the attractive factors of Netspend is that 1) you do not need to have a minimum balance on it and 2) you do not need to pay an annual fee to be able to enjoy it. This is a clear difference with Payoneer, for example, which charges you an annual fee if you do not make -at least- one movement per month.

Consumers use their Netspend cards like a debit card. That is, they need to have an available balance that is large enough to pay for their purchases and services. In addition, the operation of the card is practically identical to that of any debit card: it has a PIN code, an electronic chip and a magnetic stripe.

Conclusion? You can use your Netspend card anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard as a means of payment and thus complete your purchases, pay bills or withdraw cash from an automated teller machine or ATM.

How to reload a Netspend card?

So this prepaid card It is similar to others on the market. But, How to recharge a Netspend card? Are some modalities different from the others? Let’s see it! The first thing you should know is that Netspend customers can top up their cards in several ways:

  • With direct deposit of paychecks
  • Through social security payments
  • With the money from the tax refund
  • With unemployment benefits
  • With benefits from other government assistance programs

You can also reload a Netspend card by transferring funds from any of your checking or savings accounts to the receiving account of the card. The advantage? This operation is very easy to complete, since you can do it online and without having to leave home.

To do so, all you have to do is add the Netspend account as an external account that you authorize to transfer funds to and voila! It will be practically the same as making a bank transfer.

As a Netspend cardholder, you can also transfer the funds from the card to your bank account, provided that 1) you own both accounts and 2) the Netspend card you have displays the MasterCard or Visa logo.

Remember: Netspend is not a checking or savings account, but a prepaid card that you can top up whenever you want.

Can I receive transfers from friends and family with Netspend?

Of course! Netspend customers can also send money to other cardholders, as well as those of other providers. For example, if your best friend has an ACE Elite, Purpose, or Control card, you’ll be able to do this with no problem.

All you need to send the money is the recipient’s name and ID. FlashPay. FlashPay, which works with these four specific brands, is nothing more than a service that allows people transfer money to and from your reloadable card accounts.

How to send money from my Netspend account?

Netspend prepaid cardholders can also transfer funds from their Paypal accounts. This works exactly the same as in the case of bank transfers. The cardholder must link their Netspend and PayPal accounts, just as they would their bank account. (This operation must be carried out in PayPal)

Once the accounts are linked, you can transfer your funds from PayPal to Netspend. Netspend users will also be able to transfer money to their PayPal accounts in the same way: it’s a two-way street, so to speak.

Note: Some Netspend customers can also send or receive money through the Western Union service.

Limitations on top-ups and transfers with Netspend

Bank and PayPal transfers have maximum daily limits that vary depending on account limitations or terms and conditions. Also, remember that you may have to pay charges, fees and commissions, either to Netspend, PayPal or your trusted bank.

Regarding availability, you should also know that the transferred funds will not be in your account immediately. Usually a transaction like this takes about 2-3 days.

For bank transfers, you could select to have your funds available immediately, but it won’t be free: you will need to pay an additional charge to be able to enjoy this alternative.

Note: This option is not available for PayPal accounts. Keep in mind that fees vary from bank to bank and will largely depend on the type of transfer.

In short, what you need to know about Netspend top-ups

Netspend offers us an easy, fast and hassle-free way to receive money on a Visa or MasterCard prepaid card.. You will be able to reload the Netspend card through direct deposit, but remember that this option is only available for paychecks and a number of benefits from government programs.

Netspend customers can also transfer money from your own checking or savings account, and even from your PayPal account. This is not a bad option, especially if you usually receive several transfers in these accounts from your customers.

Netspend debit cardholders can also exchange money with other Netspend customers, as well as ACE Elite, Control and Purpose cardholders. This alternative is innovative, since few companies that issue prepaid cards have something similar.

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