How to repay the Provisio money reserve?

Provisio is funded by revolving credit offered by BNP Paribas bank. The principle is to put a money reserve at your disposal, this sum being accessible at any time. Until you use this money, you will not have nothing to reimburse.

It is only when you spend it (in part or in full) that you will have to make a monthly repayment. This reimbursement will be automatically withdrawn from your BNP current account. The debit will then stop only when you have returned the initial balance of your reserve.

reimburse provisionio

Operation of the revolving loan Provisio

the revolving credit (Where revolving credit, or permanent credit) is a type of credit that offers many advantages. Indeed, for the subscription to this form of credit, it is generally necessary few formalities. It puts at your disposal a reserve of money that you can use in the event of a hard blow, such as unforeseen expenses, an automobile repair, the change of a household appliance …

The advantage is that you won’t have to carry out any rpayment that when you start to tap into your credit reserves. It therefore tends to appeal to people with financial difficulties. Many banks, including BNP Paribas, make this type of offer available to their customers. Once unlocked, you will be able to reimburse your reserve according to your possibilities.

Anticipate how you will repay your reserve before releasing the funds

  • Know first of all that to easily repay your credit, you must choose from the start the repayment term as short as possible and therefore opt for larger monthly payments than those offered by default by BNP when the loan is released. Indeed, the monthly payments low cost are a trap to avoid because they do not impact your budget in the short term
  • You will also need to use your credit to respond to a one-time need and set you a total prepayment limit : in other words, multiple uses should be avoided. Indeed, as long as you do not reuse it, the parameters of your credit will remain unchanged, and it will be easier to make estimates for reimbursement. Do not use your Provisio reserve to regularly cover an authorized overdraft, for example, because over time you will no longer be able to repay your loan.
  • Then, already anticipate your refunds . The arrival of an exceptional premium, or the closing of savings expiring are all good opportunities for you to decide to repay.

How to repay quickly its Provisio reserve?

Partial or total reimbursement of your Provisio reserve is quite easy to do.

  1. Dial 34 77 . To contact BNP Paribas customer service, an advisor will redirect you to the most suitable service for reimbursing Provisio.
  2. Or contact 09 69 32 75 02 which is the direct number of Cetelem, the organization in charge of loans offered by BNP.
  3. Go directly to the Internet. In a few clicks, you can either from your computer by logging into your BNP customer area, or from your mobile phone, reimburse your reserve,
  4. Apply to an agency. By appointment, or simply by going through the reception of your BNP branch, you can ask an advisor to reimburse the Provisio reserve for you. Take advantage of it in the process, if you are sure that you will no longer use this credit to request its termination by submitting your handwritten request.

The Provisio silver reserve, a credit to be used in a measured way

The revolving credits will only present a real advantage if you know how to thwart the various traps that surround these devices. The main thing is therefore to repay your reserves as quickly as possible by using various tips, including the prepayment. This method is certainly the most useful. In addition, it is framed by law: if your refund is less than 10,000 euros, you will not have to pay any fees.