How to report lost WIC card?

“I lost my WIC card, now what do I do?” If you feel identified with this phrase, then you are in the right place. Losing the WIC card is more common than you think and it has a solution.

If you WIC card was stolen, damaged or lost; you can get a new one! And it is that, there are replacement procedures you can use to order a new WIC card. The first thing to do in this case is to inform your local clinic about the loss or theft of the card.

This will allow the appropriate WIC office to deactivate the card for prevent an unauthorized person from gaining access to your benefits. The next step will be to manage your replacement card. To do this, you must schedule an appointment by calling your local center.

Note: It is important that you understand what will happen to the benefits you had on your WIC card. Depending on the date your card was lost or damaged, you may have the opportunity to recover unused money. He also thinks that many states in the country replace the WIC benefits to users by check.

Important: Acting quickly when you learn your WIC card has been damaged or stolen is essential to recovering or securing your benefits. The faster you act, the more chances you have to receive a WIC check or new card before your monthly benefit transfer.

How to report lost WIC card?

How to report a lost, damaged or stolen WIC card?

What do I do if I lose my WIC card? This is one of the frequently asked questions that beneficiaries of the food assistance program ask themselves. If your card is lost, damaged or stolen, you must tell the WIC office about the case. You have the option of reporting the loss or theft directly to a WIC-associated clinic near you or by contacting customer service.

Once you notify your card of loss or theft, the representative will automatically block it for you. This will prevent anyone who has not been authorized, that is, a third party, from accessing your benefits. What does this mean? That if you later find your card, you won’t be able to use it for your regular purchases. You also won’t be able to call or visit a WIC office to request reactivation. The only way you will have to regain access to your food benefits is through a new WIC card.

Note: In the event of a lost or stolen WIC card, we recommend checking the balance of the electronic benefits card to ensure there are no suspicious transactions. To check your WIC card balance, you can check your transaction history online or by calling WIC Customer Service. After doing so, block your card so that no one can access the money that is deposited on it. For more details on the WIC card, be sure to read our guide “How to find out my WIC card balance in seconds”.

How to get a new WIC card?

To receive your replacement WIC card, you have several options. One of them is schedule an appointment at the office closest to you. Keep in mind that some states allow you to visit the center without an appointment to advance the replacement of your electronic benefit card.

To schedule an appointment, you also have several alternatives. You can set a date to come to the office by phone -when you block the WIC card- or also online, of course, as long as your state allows it.

Note: In some states, you won’t be given a new WIC card if you don’t have an appointment. Replacement protocol varies by state or county, so the best thing to do is to confirm what the procedure is when you call to request a card block.

What do I need to order a new WIC card?

If you already have an appointment to request a replacement WIC card—or your state works on a walk-in basis—you may need to give the agent handling your case certain things to verify your identity. Thus, you should carry a photo identification card. Take into account that, when filling out the replacement form, you will have to present it.

Depending on the state, you may also be required to fill out an incident report. There you should note what happened to your old WIC card, i.e. is it damaged, stolen, lost, etc. Some locations will also ask you to attach a police report or an official fire report to confirm the cause of the loss of the card, but this is not the most common.

Once the application form is ready, you must sign it and complete any other additional forms that the social agent requests.. At this point, the card may send you a check with the rest of your benefits in the mail, or they may send you a new card with those benefits instead.

If you want to know more about this topic, be sure to see our guide “I lost my WIC card, what do I do to get it back?”.

What will happen to the benefits I had on my old WIC card?

If your WIC card was lost, stolen, or damaged at the end of the month, there is a risk that you will lose the benefits that you have not used. For example, if you lost your WIC card on October 31, 2020 and you had a $20 balance left, this benefit will not carry over to the new card in November. This is because it takes 1-7 business days for WIC offices to complete the entire replacement process. EBT card.

If you lost your card at the beginning or middle of the month, you may get a new card with that remaining $20. But nevertheless, this will largely depend on the state you live in.

Do I need a new PIN for the WIC card?

Your local office will give you the option to keep your old PIN or change it to another. If you want to create a new PIN for the replacement WIC card, you will need to follow the instructions given to you by the center. Remember to choose an easy-to-remember four-digit code for your PIN. If you enter the wrong PIN multiple times to complete a transaction, your card will be automatically blocked.

What do I do if I lose my WIC check?

Although not many, there are still states that distribute your benefits in WIC checks, this instead of using an electronic benefit card. If you live in one of these states and you lost your WIC check, you should contact your local office or customer service call center as soon as possible. Any of these offices will void your check, which will prevent unauthorized people from using your benefits.

Again, if you find your WIC check after asking to void it, you will not be able to use it or reactivate it.

Note: Please note that if your WIC check is lost, damaged or stolen, not all states will replace it with a new one. You will have to wait for the next profit distribution to receive the money. You may also need to provide proof of the lost or stolen check to the office to get a replacement. For example, if your check was lost in a fire, you will need to bring a copy of the official fire report to the appointment.

If your check is damaged and you cannot cash it, you should also report it to your nearest WIC center. Most offices will ask you to bring the damaged check to give you a replacement. If you visit the facility and don’t have your check with you, you may not get a new one.

Warning: Some offices will not issue replacement WIC checks if the user is unable to provide proof of loss or misplacement.

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