How to request a replacement Medicare card?

Generally, Medicaid and Medicare members need an ID card to prove their coverage, make claims, and enjoy associated benefits like free SilverSneakers memberships and discounts. Although plastic is susceptible to deterioration, theft or loss; anyone can apply for a replacement Medicare card in a few minutes and without leaving home. How to apply for the new Medicare card? We leave you all the ways to do it.

How to request a replacement Medicare card

How to request a replacement Medicare card?

There are several ways to request a replacement Medicare card. Regardless of what happened to yours (lost, stolen, or damaged), you’ll have several methods at hand to get a brand new ID:

Request a replacement Medicare card online

You can use the same platform of the Social Security Administration (SSA or Social Security Administration, in Spanish) that allows you to see your Social Security benefits or how much you have accumulated to request a replacement Medicare card:

  1. Visit My Social Security and log in with your credentials. If you are not registered, click on “Create a new account”. You will need to have your US Social Security number handy.
  2. When you have entered the My Social Security platform, open the menu and select the option “Replacement Documents”.
  3. You will see a list with different alternatives. The corresponding would be “Mail my Medicare card”.

Remember to have your address and contact information updated to avoid delays, losses or setbacks. After completing the application, you should receive your replacement Medicare card in less than 30 calendar days.

Another valid option to obtain a replacement Medicare card would be to log in directly to with your username and password.. The procedure is much easier than the previous one: once you are inside your profile, open the menu and press the “Duplicates” option. Now select the “Get a replacement Medicare card” option.

The system will allow you to print the duplicate. Therefore, it could be said that this method would be perfect for all those who urgently need a copy of their card.

Request a replacement Medicare card over the phone

If you can’t connect to My Social Security, Call the Social Security phone number: 1-800-772-1213 or, for the hearing impaired, TTY: 1-800-325-0778. The hours of operation for the Social Security Call Center are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. You can also dial the Medicare phone directly: 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

Try to have on hand the information you used to apply for Medicare: full name, home address, age, an identification number (it can be your driver’s license), among others. The phone operator will want to confirm your identity to make sure someone isn’t using your social security number..

Request a replacement Medicare card in person

You can request a duplicate Social Security and Medicare card in person by visiting the SSA office closest to you.. Use the locator tool to find the branch that suits you best. Since you will receive the plastic right away, this would be another good way to get your urgent replacement Medicare card.

Tip: If you have a Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO, or PDP Plan, you need to contact the service provider directly to have your new Medicare card sent to you.

What do I do if I lose my Medicare card?

If your Medicare card is lost or stolen, it’s important to take additional measures to protect your identity. For it:

  1. Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) and report the card lost or stolen.
  2. Contact the Federal Trade Commission directly, especially if you suspect someone is using your personal information. You can do it online and without leaving home by filing a report at
  3. Review your Medicare statement (Medicare Summary Notice or MSM). Log in to your Medicare account with your username and password, and click “Request a hard copy of your file.” The system will also allow you to see the last providers that billed using your name and Medicare number, the amount of service and any non-covered charges.
  4. Contact your private health insurance company. If you have individual or supplemental private health insurance, such as dental or vision insurance, file a lost or stolen card report with them so they don’t process unauthorized charges that weren’t covered by your Medicare policy.

Medicare fraud is real and you should report it as soon as possible. Anyone who has access to your Medicare number or card could make you a victim of identity theft.

Frequently asked questions about the Medicare card

If you have questions about the Medicare card, don’t worry: we have prepared a FAQ section to answer some of them:

What is the Medicare card?

The Medicare card is proof of your health insurance affiliation. When you finish your registration, you will receive an envelope by post with your card and the welcome package.

What information does the Medicare card contain?

besides you Name complete and the affiliation number, the date coverage begins Medicare Part A (listed as “Hospital”) and Medicare Part B (listed as “Medical”).

What is the Medicare card number for?

The Medicare card number is unique and serves to identify you as a member. Every time a health insurance provider in the United States or a clinic wants to charge a service to your coverage, they will do it through him. The Medicare card number is a 11-digit alphanumeric sequence and appears on the front of the ID.

Caution: Do not share your Medicare number with anyone other than your trusted health care provider, insurance company, or broker! Doing so puts you at risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Do I always need to have my Medicare card with me?

If you only have Medicare, it’s important to take your card with you everywhere so that, in the event of an injury or accident, you can obtain quality medical attention. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or any other Medicare health plan, you can leave the original card at home and load only add-on plan card. This way, you will protect the Original Medicare identification from theft or loss.

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