How to sell my used car?

if you’re thinking change your old car for a new one -or you just need cash- you need to put things in order. And it is that, Selling a used car fast could be challenging, but not with these tips.. At the end of the day, you need to study the market, set an attractive price and choose the right website or platform to publish the sale; this among other tasks.

Below we present this research done to determine how to sell a car fast in 7 simple steps. By following them, you can take a lot of stress off yourself – and save yourself a lot of time – during the process.

How to sell a used car fast

What is the best time to sell a car?

In itself, it could be said that whenever you want. After all, it’s a recordable asset that can be turned into cash, right? Nevertheless, There are several factors that you should take into account to sell your car at the best possible time., not only because you will be able to get out of it much faster, but also because you could get more money for it.

We leave you some important information that perhaps you should review before deciding to sell your car:

  1. According to experts, there are two times of the year that are the best to sell a car. Which? summer and spring. Avoid the seasons of offers and discounts, like Black Friday, for example; and stay away from the festivities.
  2. Economists always advise trying to sell the car before you need it. It may sound strange, but it makes sense. And it is that, if you are looking for money instantly, you may accept a bad deal. Our recommendation? Be predictable. If you think your liquidity level is not where it should be – and that it will continue to decrease – take your time and sell the car before you get to the bottom of it.
  3. When it’s in perfect condition. A car in perfect condition is ideal for sale. He thinks that the buyer will not have to do anything to him, not even maintenance. If the vehicle breaks down, needs repairs or maintenance and you try to sell it like that, you will receive almost nothing for it. And if you decide to repair it before the sale, you may not recover your investment.
  4. To change model. If you are decided to buy a new car, sell the one you have and use that money as part payment. Thus, you will not have to pay double in tax or insurance and neither will you leave your old vehicle in the garage or out in the open to gradually deteriorate.
  5. When you know that you will not be able to continue paying the car loan. If you financed the purchase of your vehicle and you know that in about three months, for example, you will not have how to pay the installments, get out of your car! Getting good money and paying the loan in cash will be better than the damage to your credit score.

What should be done when selling a used car?

There are several tasks that you should complete in order to sell your used car fast in the United States. What are we talking about? Of the following:

#1 Organize documentation

To sell a car you need to have some important papers at hand, such as:

  • car title. This document is also known as a pink title or pink slip. We are talking about the certificate that gives you the legal right to sell your used car.
  • lender permission. You will only have to complete this in case you have bought your old car with a loan that you have not yet finished paying. In a scenario like this, you will need to contact your lender to find out how to complete the sale.
  • Visit the DMV online. Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see what documentation is required to effectively transfer ownership. There you can download and print many forms, such as a bill of sale, for example. And while you’re there, find out if the plates stay with the car once it’s sold.
  • Request car history. When it comes to selling your used car, you must go beyond other advertisers. Request a history Carfax or AutoCheck so you can show it to buyers who are interested in your vehicle. This will give them security and increase their attractiveness.

#2 Set the selling price

To make your car stand out from the crowd, you need to make it as attractive as possible. Keep in mind that, depending on the platform, the catalog will be full of used vehicles for sale, some worse than yours and some better. There may even be hundreds of identical used cars, of the same color and model. So how can you do to shine among the others?

A great way to do this is to set a good selling price. To find the right one, visit Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book and note the prices of similar cars that are listed in their catalogs. Calculate the average and set a sale price a little higher than the current market value so that you have a margin of negotiation with the buyer.

For example, if the price guide shows that your used vehicle costs about $4,200, you could set the price at $4,750. If the buyer is interested in your car, but isn’t sold on the price, you could discount it and sell it almost instantly.

Tip: Cars priced under $10,000 must maintain a maximum margin of $1,000 above market value, but when you do your math, be careful! Remember that buyers refine their search using the filters on the page. Let’s take the example above. Suppose you already know that your car costs $4,200. If you raised it $1,000, the sale price would be $5,200.

But nevertheless, search filters work with round numbers. In this case, the closest would be $5,000. If you leave the value of the car at $5,200, you would be losing out on potential buyers. Also, there is an unpleasant psychological difference between $4,900 and $5,200. In fact, prices ending in “9,” such as $9.90, have been shown to drive purchase.

#3 Raise the attractiveness of the car

The best way to sell your used car fast in the United States is to give it an attractive exterior. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words and, furthermore, people “eat” with their eyes. What you want in this case is that the buyer who looks at the photos of your vehicle says “it looks fantastic”.

Yes indeed: you do not have to spend more than the account. You don’t need to fix every little dent or scratch. What you do need to do is give it a deep clean, vacuum it completely, add a car freshener and maybe give it a wax treatment at home to make it look shiny.. Hydrating the tires will also give it a special touch. If you can, buy an upholstery cleaner to give the interior of the car a clean. So it will look like a movie.

#4 Create eye-catching ads

One of the factors that will make your publication stand out from the rest is the photographs. Taking good photos will make your car stand out and the buyer can see every detail of the car.. Find a nice place to park the vehicle and wait. Just after sunset is the best time to do a photo session because you will have better lighting.

Remember to take photos from various angles. Move around the car and get into it. Take a photo of the driver’s seat, the view from that seat, the rear seats and the trunk. Also to the odometer so the buyer can see the current mileage of the vehicle. Do not forget the tires and open the hood so that those interested can see the state of the engine.

How to sell your car safely?

There are many places you can explore to sell your used car fast in the USA. Let’s look at some options:

  • craigslist. It is a free page that has reach throughout the country. You just have to be careful with scammers.
  • auto trader. It’s not free (fees start at $25) but this platform is safe and often attracts serious buyers.
  • eBay Motors. If you prefer, you can auction your used car or buy a listing for a cheap fee.

Note: Most platforms will ask you to add basic information about your used car, such as the year, make, model, mileage, and price. Therefore, you should not repeat that same information in the description section. It is preferable that you use that space to add additional data, such as complementary accessories, improvements, among others. Avoid phrases like “clean title” or “just passed a smog test.”

#5 Optimize communications

When selling your used car on Craigslist or AutoTrader, you need to streamline your communications. This will save you headaches, as It will allow you to detect before answering the call who is trying to communicate with you to discuss the purchase of the vehicle.

Our recommendation? Create a new email separate from your regular account and get a free phone number through Google Voice. This is the contact number you should use to communicate with interested parties.

Remember that if you put a low price on a popular model, you will receive many calls. In this case, you may want to let calls automatically go to voicemail. This will give you the opportunity to review and shortlist them.

When you find a buyer who seems legit, at least on the surface, talk to them about the car’s features and gauge their interest. Do not try to force a sale or you will drive away the interested person.

#6 Offer a test drive

Think of a safe, public place to meet legitimate buyers. Thus, you will be able to show them your used car first hand. It can be, for example, a shopping center or a local coffee shop. If possible, don’t go alone: ​​take a friend with you. Some cities have safe places for used car buyers and sellers to meet. Look online to see if there are any of these near you.

Let buyers test drive the car, but don’t leave them alone. Go with them. On a test drive, avoid transactional conversations. Keep quiet, let them feel how the car is handling, and answer all their questions, if they have any.

If the buyer asks you to have a mechanic inspect the car, they will have to pay for the service. If the buyer tells you that the inspection revealed that there are problems that need to be repaired, think about whether or not it is in your best interest to sell the car, since, if you decide to sell it, you may have to reduce the price.

#7 Prepare to close the deal

After seeing the car firsthand and taking a test drive, the closing part begins. Let the buyer make the opening offer. If he asks you “how much can you sell it to me for?” try not to answer with a specific figure. Instead, let him know that you think your asking price is fair, but that you’re open to offers.

Take your time negotiating and make sure there are no misunderstandings. Before you agree to the deal, make sure the buyer is willing to pay cash or cashier’s check. If you still owe money on the financing, you may need to close the deal at the lender’s office.

In most cases, all you need to do is sign and date the title and provide the buyer with the bill of sale.. In some states you will also be required to submit a “liability release” form to show that you no longer own the vehicle.

To finish -and once you have completed all the previous steps- cancel your car insurance policy and think about replacing your old vehicle with a new one.

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