How to transfer money to Paypal with a credit card

PayPal is one of the most powerful and popular online electronic payment processing platforms in the world. It allows you to make payments with your bank information more secure because it allows you to link your account with your credit card. That is why we dedicate this installment to teach you how to transfer money to Paypal with a credit card.

Online stores and many people prefer to use payment platforms such as Paypal to avoid having to provide their personal bank details, which gives them greater security and peace of mind.

You have probably wanted to make an online purchase and have come across the Paypal logo. You decide to create your account, but now how do you start using it to make payments if you don’t have money or have any banking products added?

Paypal allows you to transfer funds from any of your accounts, whether checking or savings, then link them to the platform by following the required verification steps.

And it is something that can also be done with the credit card, but it requires another series of steps so that you can dispose of the funds from the card to your account PayPal.

In reality, the process would not be to transfer money to PayPal with a credit card, but more specifically to link your credit card. In this way, the limit you have on your card will be available for purchases and payments in PayPal.

That is, when making the purchase with PayPal, you are going to designate in what credit card affiliate is charged for the transaction, but with the additional security that whoever sells you will not be able to see or access any of your information. credit card.

How to transfer money to PayPal with a credit card?

The steps to transfer money to PayPal with credit cards, in summary they are:

add the card

The first step is to add your credit card to the Paypal platform, as follows:

  1. Enter the PayPal portal, and log in with your account (if you do not have one, you must create one).

On the main page, after having entered your account. You must select “Profile”, and then “Update card”.

In the option “update card” will appear in a drop-down menu.

  1. The next thing is to select the button “Add a card” that will appear on the “Debit and credit cards” screen to continue with the process.
  2. When it has loaded, in the drop-down menu where it appears: “Type of card”, you choose “Credit card to have new fields revealed to you to fill in with your card information.

You will need to enter the card number above, the expiration date, and the three-digit verification or CVC code on the back of the card. credit card.

  • You will also need to place the Billing Address of the credit card. This is a very important point and you must make sure that it matches the address provided when creating your account PayPal.

In case they differ, you should select “Enter a new address as billing address” and enter your information so that it matches the card in the field that appears there.

  1. Now you must select the “Add card” option to finish the process and PayPal will confirm that you credit card has been added to your account.

Verify credit card

Before you start shopping with PayPal, first you must verify credit card. The process is not complicated, just follow the following steps:

  1. If you are not in your account PayPal ok, you have to log in again. Find the “Profile” section on the main page and when the drop-down menu appears select “My money”.

A list of financial sources from “My profile” appears, where you must locate the credit card that you have added to the account.

Next, select “Update” that is detailed next to the list, the “Debit and credit cards” screen will appear for your credit card.

  1. Now you must select the “Confirm my card” button and then “continue” or depending on the type of PayPal account, the option “Link and confirm my card” may appear, then you will choose the “Save and continue” link, as it appears in the list for your credit card.

To verify, Paypal will issue a refundable charge of US$1.95 to your credit card within the next 2 days.

Get a verification code

  1. Now, after the charge has been made in your credit card. you shall look up account statement o the list of transactions in the online account of your card issuer; You locate the charge and the corresponding four-digit code that appears on it (in charge details).
  2. When you have this information ready, log in to PayPal, select the “Profile” option and then “My money” as above.
  3. Locate the credit card that you have added in the list of your financial sources in “My profile” and click “Update”.

When your account screen has loaded, select the “Enter Paypal code” or “Enter confirmation code” button and type the code you found on your credit card statement.

  • Finally, click on “confirm code” to end the process.

You are now ready to make payments with your credit card through Paypal.

Transfer money to PayPal with a credit card – Clarifications

The charge made to you credit card of US$1.95, it will be refunded in approximately 30 days, some clients claim that it is a matter of two days, but others do not.

If for any reason you lose your credit card verification code or you cannot locate it on your account statement, go through the process of requesting a new code through “Confirm my debit or credit card” that will appear in Home page.

You can request the verification code a maximum of three times.

In case you incorrectly enter the Verification code from your credit card three times, you will not be able to use it with PayPal. If something like this happens to you, you will need to contact Customer Service to go through the process of adding the credit card with accompaniment.

Then you will have another opportunity to perform the verification process with a new code to complete the validation.

PayPal It will always use the balance you have in the profile or account before accessing the payment instruments that you have linked.

Transfer to PayPal from a credit card

Linking is not allowed prepaid credit cards to gift card PayPal.

Make sure that the billing address is transcribed exactly as it appears on your billing statement. credit card so you can add it without problems.

In case it doesn’t match, very possibly it won’t be allowed to add it.

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