How to write a claim letter to the bank?

We provide you with some basic tips on how to write a claim letter to the bank. Then, an example model so that you can have as a basic reference …

The customer is not always right. But nevertheless, every client has the right to claim if you don’t get what you expect.

Even more if there is money involved, improper charges, unrecognized bank movements or problems with withdrawing funds that belong to you.

A letter of claim to the bank serves to inform the authority, representative or department in charge within the banking institution about a particular problem, in order to solve it as soon as possible.

The presentation of the letter in writing, whether you send it by e-mail or deliver it in person, is of great relevance, since it is a way of leave a record of such situation.

In the event that the problem grows older and requires recourse to court, the claim letter to the bank will serve to demonstrate that the problem in dispute was duly communicated.

claim letter to the bank

Banks often offer their own digital / printed forms and specific systems for the presentation, follow-up and resolution of queries, complaints and claims.

As examples:

Depending on the type of claim, the letter could be addressed to the customer service department, the head of a certain bank branch, or even the bank manager.

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How to write a claim letter to the bank?

There is no standard format of claim letter to the bank, because each banking institution is different. In addition, the types of claims are also very different.

how to write a claim letter to the bank

But in all cases, it is suggested to present the claim in writing, with a formal, simple, clear and courteous language, without ironies, threats, or angry expressions.

It is also advised provide evidence of the situation (either with documents, screenshots, images, etc.) and include what is expected in return as a solution.

Although the forms can change from one bank to another and depending on the type of claim, it is generally required:

  • Provide customer identification data.
  • Provide information about the bank account.
  • Mention how long you have been a customer.
  • Specify in a clear and concise way what is the reason for the claim.
  • Include data associated with the operation that is the subject of the claim (date, concept, amount, etc.).
  • Suggest what could be done to fix the problem.
  • Provide contact information for an easy and quick location of the client.
  • Attach / Attach documents that serve to support the claim.

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When to submit a claim letter to the bank?

If you have had any of these and other problems, submit your claim letter to the bank as soon as possible:

  • Problems with particular bank services
  • Unrecognized withdrawals
  • Unrecognized operations in shops and / or through the Internet
  • Unrecognized credit card / debit card charges
  • Duplicate Charges
  • Unauthorized access to bank accounts
  • Technical errors in the bank’s web platform that prevent making transfers
  • Claims for unauthorized movements
  • Adulterated amounts
  • Amounts other than subscribers
  • Account / fund locks
  • Inability to withdraw funds from ATMs
  • Blocks of PINs, keys, etc.
  • Security issues of the bank’s digital platform
  • Errors in transaction amounts
  • Canceled purchases / Returns NOT reflected in the account statement

Sample letter of claim to the bank

Although there is no single way to write a claim letter to the bank, below we share an elementary model to facilitate the task:


Day, month and year the letter is written.


Name of the recipient / Name of the bank, branch and location.


Indicate in 2-5 words the reason for the claim.

Body of the letter:_________________

Specify how long you have been a customer, describe the problem or situation, provide your bank account details, as well as the amounts and type of operation involved in the claim.

Suggest a solution to the problem and, if possible, attach / attach documentation -screenshots, payment vouchers, etc.- to support the claim.

Client’s signature_________________

Sample letter of claim to the bank


Pearl Bank, Sucursal 118, Margarita de Ocas 234

Dear Mr./Mrs .:

My name is Gerardo Menesteiros, a client of Pearl Bank for eight years, a bank where I have a personal savings account, which was opened in December 2013 at branch 118.

I wish to inform you that I have noticed an unauthorized movement in my bank account No. 12989756330, for an amount equivalent to $ 6,000.

After reporting the problem to the Pearl Bank Customer Service department, they referred me with more than five people, without giving me a specific solution or a procedure to follow.

They promised that they would contact me shortly, which has not happened yet.

I request that my case be investigated and they give me an immediate solution, reimbursing the funds made not authorized.

Also, I demand that you give me an accurate answer regarding the origin of the problem.

On several occasions, these kinds of situations are due to errors and recklessness of the user. However, other times they respond to severe security flaws in digital platforms provided by banks.

I have been working in the cybersecurity field for four decades, so I could properly tell you that the problem did not stem from carelessness on my part.

These are the details of my bank account:

  • Account holder: Gerardo Menesteiros
  • Account number: 12989756330
  • Account type: Savings bank

Thank you very much in advance and I await your prompt response,


Gerardo Menesteiros.

Cell phone number: +89 5659 969 56 / E-mail:


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