Molina Healthcare Customer Service Contact

Contact Molina Healthcare: Please find Molina Healthcare customer service details below, including phone and email. In addition to contact details, the page also provides an overview of the healthcare provider’s products and services. Contact Molina Healthcare customer service below with questions, complaints, or comments.

Molina Healthcare Head Office
200 Oceangate, Suite 100
Long Beach, CA 90802,
Phone: (562) 435-3666

Molina Healthcare Customer Service
Phone: 888-562-5442 (general)
Phone: 800-898-9892 (Medi-Cal)
Phone: 866-403-8293 (Medicare)
Phone: 855-542-1974 (Marketplace)
Phone: 855-322-4075 (Health Professional)

Regional contacts
California: (800) 526-8196
Florida: (866) 422-2541
Idaho: (208) 373-1300
Illinois: (888) 858-2156
Louisiana: (225) 216-6000?
Michigan: (248) 925-1700
New Jersey: (800) 776-6334
New Mexico: (800) 377-9594
Ohio: (800) 642-4168
Southern California: (855) 882-3901
Texas: (877) 665-4622
Utah: (801) 858-0400
Washington: (800) 869-7175
West Virginia: (304) 348-3200
Wisconsin: (888) 999-2404

About Molina Healthcare
Molina Healthcare began in 1980 as a small Long Beach, California clinic providing affordable healthcare solutions to low-income individuals and families. It was founded by Dr. C David Molina. It currently serves nearly 2.8 million members in 11 US states Beneficiaries include mothers, children, TANF and CHIP families, Medicaid and Medicare members, the elderly, the blind, and the disabled. In 2014, the Fortune 500 company had revenue of $ 9.7 billion

Most of Molina’s health plans are accredited by NCQA. It has a large network of independent doctors, hospitals, and clinics. To locate a provider closest to your address, click here. You can locate one by program, specialty, or accessibility / accommodations. If you have not yet become a member, you can do so on the website. Have on hand the reported annual family income, the age of the adults, the number of dependents, among other details that must be provided.

For Medicaid managed care patients, Molina offers the InstyMeds prescription dispenser, a service to fill instant medications to patients. There is also a 24-hour Nurse Advice Line that provides free medical information to patients; shuttles for transportation; and patient access coordinators.

For those who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, the government offers high-quality Marketplace plans. Molina Healthcare currently offers Medicaid plans in California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Registered members can manage their plan with Mi molina. Members can use the tools available there to change doctors, update contact information, request an ID card, receive health reminders, view service history, or make a payment. For more information or inquiries about a new application, member ID card, doctor and hospital locations or others, please contact Molina Healthcare customer service by phone or email.