Old Navy Credit Card: How It Works

many people like Old Navy because they can buy fancy clothes at low prices. You may find shirts for $5 or suits for less than $30. The store also offers customers its own old navy credit cards, so it is very likely that when you go through the box you will be offered to acquire one.

Key information:

  • Old Navy offers a closed-loop card and an open-loop card that is available based on your credit history.
  • The old navy card can be used at any Gap store to earn points within the rewards program.
  • The card has an APR of 27.49%.

Types of Old Navy Credit Cards

Old Navy, following the industry standard, offers two similar cards but with some differences, the open circuit card and the closed circuit card.

The open circuit works like other standard cards, allowing the user to make purchases anywhere the Visa brand is accepted. open circuit. The closed circuit card only allows you to make purchases in the store itself, although it is important to point out that the old navy credit cards they have broader options which are explained below.

The Old Navy Store Closed Loop Card is easier to get, and if your credit score is very good, you may qualify for the Old Navy Open Loop Visa Card. Both have similar benefits.

The open-loop Visa card, however, allows you to earn rewards anywhere your Visa card is accepted. The store card is only accepted at Gap brand stores.

Old Navy Credit Cards: The Bank

Cards are not offered directly by Old Navy’s parent company. The issuer is Synchrony Financial (SYF) who offers them through its Retail Cards division, responsible for sponsoring private label credit cards. Synchrony Financial, founded in 2003, was owned by General Electric until 2015, when it spun off to become an independent publicly traded company.

The company found himself in a difficult situation prior to their separation due to questionable financial practices, but settled the case with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Justice in June 2014. The company single-handedly pointed out its flaws rather than wait for regulators to find out through investigations. The company and the Financial Protection Bureau worked together to resolve these issues..

Old Navy credit cards: the card

Perhaps the greatest advantage and appeal of credit cards credit Old Navy is their Gap brand affiliation. Since Old Navy is owned by Gap (GPS), the Old Navy card can be used at all Gap-owned stores, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperlime. Gap and Banana Republic also offer their own Synchrony Financial cards with similar terms.

Customers receive a $5 reward for 500 points earned after spending $100 at any Gap store. This translates to five points earned for every dollar spent and $1 in rewards for every 100 points earned. Customers can also collect points outside of Gap stores with the Old Navy Visa Card. The clients of the cards of credit Old Navy Visa they receive one point for every dollar spent. Once they earn 500 points, they receive a $5 reward redeemable at any Gap brand store.

When you subscribe to the card you get a 20% discount on your first purchase. You can also get promotional notices by providing your email. Additionally, customers with the Old Navy card can schedule discounts for their birthday.

Old Navy Credit Cards: The Fine Print

The old navy credit cards They have no annual fee. The annual interest rate (APR or Annual Percentage Rate) is high: 27.49% tfor both open circuit card and closed circuit card. There is no special rate for new customers like some other cards offer.

If you pay late, you will be charged a $39 late fee but on the other hand there is no penalty interest rate.

If you use your open-loop Visa card outside of the United States, you will pay a 3% foreign transaction fee on each purchase. So, if you are a frequent international traveler it is preferable that you use another card on your trips.

Cash advances using the OLd Navy Visa card are $10 or 4%, whichever is greater, and an APR of 28.49% applies. If you only have the Store Card, cash advances are not available.


Like all credit cards, the Old Navy card will charge you interest. With an annual interest rate of 27.49%, your monthly statements will rack up some hefty fees.

But nevertheless, the closed circuit card can be used in any Gap store, which provides a lot of versatility to shoppers. Loyal customers of the Gap brand can also take advantage of the rewards program, which offers five points for every dollar spent and $5 in rewards for accumulating 500 points. Also, the card can be a good tool for your credit if you make regular payments on time..

However, the interest rate is a point that you must take into account. At 27.49%, this card’s APR is one of the highest interest rate tiers in the industry. So while the card’s benefits may be attractive overall, carrying an outstanding balance will eliminate any reward benefits once interest is charged. For this reason, many people prefer cards with a lower interest rate and/or other promotional rewards offers, such as full rewards points or cash back.

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