How do I contact Rakuten customer service Number?

Rakuten is an internet services company, since 2017 it has owned the largest e-commerce site in Japan. In this article you will find all the ways to contact Rakuten brand and customer service.

How do I contact Rakuten customer service?

There are several ways to reach Rakuten customer service advisers, including by phone, email, social media, and mail for less urgent reasons.

How to contact Rakuten by phone?

To contact Rakuten by phone, simply call the switchboard at the following telephone number: 09 70 75 64 60.

How to contact Rakuten by email?

Unfortunately, Rakuten does not provide its customers with a public email address. Nevertheless, the company has a page titled “Contact our dedicated teams”On its website. To get in touch with one of the Rakuten advisors, simply select the correct category and fill in the information on the contact form.

In addition, Rakuten also has a page Faq, question-answer, on their website which may help you solve your problem without having to contact the company.

How to contact Rakuten on social networks?

Rakuten customer service is also available on social networks to answer all your questions by quoting them, commenting on one of the different publications or by private message, you will get an answer from them within 48 hours maximum. You can therefore contact the brand’s customer service on these various social networks:


How to contact Rakuten by mail?

In addition, to contact Rakuten customer service by mail for less urgent reasons, simply send your request to the head office at the following postal address:

Rakuten France
92 rue Réaumur,
75002 Paris, France

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