TD Bank routing number

you will need the TD Bank routing number to perform various banking transactions, including setting up direct deposits, making automatic payments, and transferring money to friends and family.

What is a routing number?

In 1910, the American Bankers Association created a system of bank routing numbers to identify financial institutions, which helps banks keep your accounts organized and ensure your money goes to the right financial institution.

A routing number consists of nine digits that identify the bank with which the account is held. Routing numbers are issued to Federal Reserve banks, units of the federal government, and units of the state government. They are printed on checks with magnetic ink in a format that is readable by a machine.

Use the table below to easily find your TD Bank routing number

TD Bank routing number

TD Bank routing numbers by state

TD Bank Location TD Bank routing number
United States (bank transfer) 031101266
Alabama N/A
Alaska N/A
Arizona N/A
Arkansas N/A
California N/A
Colorado N/A
Connecticut 011103093
Delaware 031201360
D.C. 054001725
Florida 067014822
Georgia N/A
Hawaii N/A
Idaho N/A
Illinois N/A
Indiana N/A
Iowa N/A
Kansas N/A
Kentucky N/A
Louisiana N/A
Maine 211274450
Maryland 054001725
Massachusetts 211370545
Michigan N/A
Minnesota N/A
Mississippi N/A
Missouri N/A
Mountain N/A
Nebraska N/A
Nevada N/A
New Hampshire 011400071
New Jersey 031201360
New Mexico N/A
New York (NYC/Commerce Subway) 026013673
New York (Upstate NY / Banknorth) 021302567
North Carolina 053902197
North Dakota N/A
Ohio N/A
Oklahoma N/A
Oregon N/A
Pennsylvania 036001808
Rhode Island 211370545
South Carolina 053902197
South Dakota N/A
Tennessee N/A
Texas N/A
Utah N/A
Vermont 011600033
Virginia 054001725
Washington N/A
West Virginia N/A
Wisconsin N/A
Wyoming N/A

For all TD Bank accounts, the wire transfer routing number is 031101266

Some states have “Not Applicable” as the routing number. This is because TD Bank does not have branches in those states. If you opened your account online, your routing number is related to the branch location to which your new bank account was assigned. In this case, read on for information on how to obtain your routing number.

Most banks have only one routing number, so you might think that all routing numbers for TD Bank are the same. However, that is not the case. They are separated by state and sometimes region. For example, the account routing number in Florida is 067014822 while the account routing number in Pennsylvania is 036001808. Some states have more than one number. New York, for example, has two routing numbers. The number is 026013673 for accounts opened in the New York City metropolitan area and 021302567 for Upstate New York.

How to find TD Bank routing number

There are several ways to find a TD Bank routing number. If you remember what state you opened your account in, simply use the table we shared above.

If you have a TD Bank checking account, you can also find your routing number on a check. In this case, it would be the first nine numbers in the lower left corner of your check.

If you don’t have a check handy or if you prefer to use the phone, you can call your branch or request your routing number from a representative through TD Bank’s toll-free customer service line (1-888-751-9000 ).

If you’re not sure which number to use, we recommend calling TD Bank. Otherwise, your money could go into the wrong account.

You also have the option of visiting your local TD Bank branch and asking a teller for the routing number. Alternatively, you can visit TD’s online help section at

TD bank transfer numbers

There is a TD Bank routing number for each state and for some state regions where TD Bank has branches. TD Bank sometimes divides its customers based on where they originally opened their accounts.

In addition to routing numbers, TD Bank has routing numbers for wire transfers. International bank transfers require SWIFT codes, which are international business identification codes for banks. SWIFT codes, also known as bank identification codes, are between 8 and 11 characters long.

These are the wire transfer numbers for TD Bank:

national bank transfer 31101266
international bank transfer 31101266

Routing number (basics)

The first four digits of the routing number are the routing symbol for the Federal Reserve, and the first two digits indicate which of the 12 Federal Reserve regions the bank is located in. The next four identify the ABA institution and the last number is a check digit that can be used to verify that the routing number is valid.

Some banks and credit unions, particularly smaller institutions, have a single routing number and others, mostly banks nationwide, have multiple routing numbers that include area-specific digits. Every bank has at least one ABA number; all financial institutions are guaranteed up to five routing numbers, but may request more.

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