Uber Visa debit card for drivers

People who need an extra job – or perhaps a independent work with a flexible schedule – they found an ally in Uber. After all, just by downloading a mobile application and filling out a form, they could become drivers on the platform and make a lot of money in your spare time. How? Well, taking whoever needs it from point A to point B, at least on most occasions.

Of course, since its appearance, Uber has changed a lot. Not only has it grown as a company, expanding its services throughout the country (and the world). With its growth there have also been new requirements to work in the company as a freelancer, this is for 1) facilitate payments and 2) keep customers 100% secure.

But perhaps one of the factors that has changed the most with Uber is the how to make and receive payments. And it is that, this company -in the beginning, 100% technological- now offers debit cards subject to attractive rewards for both customers and their drivers.

That has motivated us to make a complete evaluation. So, without further ado, join us at the uber visa debit card review for drivers.

Uber Visa debit card for drivers

Introducing the Uber Visa Debit Card for Drivers

The Uber Visa debit card could allow Uber drivers to save a lot of money and take advantage of some advantages, all – as you would expect from a rewards card – for free or low cost. The first thing you should know is that this card is only available to Uber drivers, although the company also has a version for consumers.

Note: Please note that the Uber Visa it’s a debit card, not a credit card not even a charge card.

So what are the benefits of an Uber Visa debit card for drivers? Although we will talk about the advantages in detail later, we consider it important to give you a kind of appetizer here: Uber Visa cardholders earn cash at gas stations (twice as much at Exxon and Mobil) to give just one example.

an extra? Holders can access a very cheap roadside assistance service, plus some extra features that are certainly quite convenient for Uber drivers.

Important: To apply for the Uber Visa debit card for drivers you will need to open a checking account with GoBank. When you do, you must opt ​​into the rewards program in order to start earning cash. If you already had the previous Uber card, you can enroll in the rewards program using the Uber app.

The Uber Visa card at a quick glance (and in numbers)

Before we dive into the Uber Visa card for drivers review, let’s talk rewards! At least some of them. This will be our preliminary introduction before delving into the subject:


  • 15% discount for some Jiffy Lube services
  • 3% cash back at Exxon and Mobil when you use your PIN at the pump
  • 1.5% cash back at all other gas stations
  • 2% cash back on purchases made at Walmart stores or Walmart.com
  • 10% cash back at Advance Auto Parts and participating Carquest locations. (Up to $100 in rewards per month)
  • 8% cash back on monthly Sprint mobile bill payments and store purchases (Up to $50 in rewards per month)

Interesting fact: The Uber Visa debit card for drivers does not provide introductory bonuses, but it certainly offers interesting rewards and discounts.

Among other highlights, the Uber Visa debit card gives drivers access to a quite cheap 24/7 roadside assistance service. The price? As low as $0.49 per month. A bargain!

Note: With the Uber Visa debit card you can withdraw your Uber earnings up to five times a day without having to pay a penny to do so. You’ll also be able to make free cash withdrawals at any GoBank network ATM.

Uber Visa Debit Card for Drivers Review [2020]

Welcome to the review! The Uber Visa card is a debit card specially designed for drivers. In addition to the benefit of being able to access your earnings for the day when you need it, it includes a series of rewards, discounts and benefits specially designed so that you can grow with Uber and, at the same time, offer a first class service to customers. platform users.

The following list includes details on offers from participating merchants in the GoBank Uber Visa Debit Card Rewards Program.

Note: Please note that offers from these merchants are subject to change by both the affiliate merchant and Uber and GoBank.

Important: In order to enjoy the benefits, you must activate your card and choose to remain in the rewards program. Only then can you start earning money for returns or discounts at participating merchants.

Warning: The cashback deposit may take up to 7 business days to become available.

Returns at Walmart

Drivers who prefer to make their purchases in Walmart they will receive a 2% rebates, both in purchases made in physical stores and in the online store, including groceries.

Of course, the benefits do not end there. Drivers will also be able to enjoy a 1.5% rebates for fuel frequenting Walmart stations.

Refunds at Advance Auto Parts

Keep a car in top condition helps Uber drivers to provide a good service. That is why the fact that the Uber Visa debit card offers discounts and offers at this point is extremely beneficial. After all, those involved in transportation need to maintain and repair their vehicles more frequently. But what are the advantages? Let’s see them:

  • 10% cash back on purchases made in Advance Auto Parts and at participating Carquest locations.
  • Maximum of $100 cash back per month (on a total of up to $1,000 of monthly spending on purchases).

Note: Cash back applies to all products in physical stores in the US and Puerto Rico, as well as online.

Fuel refunds

Uber drivers who use their card at Exxon and Mobil stations can earn up to 3% in rebates, while in other service stations we would be talking about 1.5%. But how does this translate into numbers? Let’s do a quick calculation. As stated on Quora by Uber drivers themselves, a person who works about 60 hours a week spends about $500 a month on fuel.

If this driver buys his fuel from Exxon, for example, he will receive about $15 a month, i.e. $180 a year.

Note: Monthly rewards are limited to $200 per month at Exxon and Mobil service stations.

Rebates on Jiffy Lube

among the drivers, Jiffy Lube needs no introduction. This is a franchise that specializes in vehicle maintenance. there you can do your oil and air filter changes, check the brakes and much more.

To give Uber drivers advantages -and, of course, to ensure that the vehicles are in very good condition to offer a first class service- the Uber Visa card offers a 15% discount in most of the services of its catalog.

In order to receive the benefit, the driver must identify themselves as an Uber driver on their first visit to Jiffy Lube. You don’t need to make an appointment, although perhaps due to the pandemic it is a good idea to contact the station before visiting it.

Note: While Jiffy Lube does offer tire swaps, batteries, and gift cards; these are not included in Uber discounts.

Note: Jiffy Lube rebates and discounts are only available to stores located in the United States.

Returns on all other purchases

So far we have seen the rewards you will receive when you buy with your card at Uber partners, but what about all other purchases? As usual, you will receive 1% cash back, up to a maximum of $100 per monthyes; Leaving aside, of course, Jiffy Lube, Advance Auto Parts, and fuel stations.

Emergency Balance (Backup Balance)

Beginning July 8, 2020, Uber drivers will be able to make purchases of up to $100 even if their Uber Visa card has a zero or negative balance. This modality is known as emergency balance or Backup Balance.

The amount used from the Backup Balance will be automatically deducted from the next Uber earnings transfer. Of course: to be able to access this complementary balance, drivers must meet certain conditions:

  • Deposit at least $1,000 every 30 days to maintain access to the Backup Balance feature. Earnings made within Uber, direct deposits from other sources, or funds transferred from any bank account are considered eligible deposits.
  • To unlock the feature for the first time, the driver must have made at least 250 trips in their entire history as an Uber partner and have completed 80 trips in the last 30 days.

In short, Uber Visa debit card for drivers

Let’s see in an informative table the benefits of the Uber Visa card for drivers:

Uber Visa Debit Card Rewards for Drivers
Specification Percentage reward type Limitations
Fuel at Exxon and Mobil 3% cash back Up to $200 per month
Other service stations 1.5% cash back Unlimited
Shopping at Walmart and Walmart.com two% cash back Unlimited
Advance Auto Parts 10% cash back Up to $100 monthly
Jiffy Lube Services fifteen% cash back Does not include all services
Uber Visa Debit Card Details
welcome bonus No
Annual maintenance fee No
Discounts on travel and flyer miles No
Foreign transaction fees 3%
emergency balance $100 per month* (certain conditions apply)
Additional benefits of the Uber Visa debit card
roadside assistance service $0.49 per month
Free cash withdrawals at GoBank ATMs Unlimited
Withdrawal of earnings from Uber to the card Free (up to 5 times a day)

As you can see, the Uber Visa debit card could be a great choice for drivers because they will be able to make free cash withdrawals, reduce the costs of maintenance and services that the car needs, save on daily purchases -as long as they are made at Walmart- and reduce the amounts that are usually spent on fuel.

Points against? The surcharge rate for foreign transactions amounts to 3%, which, although it remains within the market average, could be lower considering that Uber is a company that has expanded worldwide. Another downside? Although it is not very big, returns will be available after 7 days.

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