Unemployment Insurance Benefits Chart

The unemployment insurance programs they are governed by state governments and funded by state, federal, and private companies that pay employment tax. Ultimately, the responsibility for balancing the checkbook rests with the state government, so the state has to decide the maximum benefit amount, duration, and eligibility for benefits. For this reason, it is observed that Unemployment benefits vary greatly by state.

Some states like Massachusetts could pay up to $1,220 depending on the eligibility criteria. But only a handful of states like Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey provide such generous benefits. Most states provide average benefits in the range of $300 to $500.

Editor’s note: The special benefits granted to citizens by the federal government to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic ended on September 6, 2021. This decision affected more than 8 million unemployed throughout the country.

Although these special benefits have ended, it is still possible to apply to receive the regular unemployment benefit, as it existed before the pandemic. To do this, each state has its own rules and requirements.

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Before we get to the details, you can check your eligibility Y calculate unemployment benefits in your state.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Chart by State

This table provides a full list of unemployment benefits and their duration for the 50 states. It provides the maximum dollar amount per week and also the maximum number of weeks of benefits that each state provides.

Unemployment Benefit Comparison by State

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Comparison Chart by State

The following data compares unemployment insurance benefits by state:

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Chart 1

States that pay the most for unemployment insurance

  1. Massachusetts – $1,220
  2. Ohio – $802
  3. Washington – $790
  4. Rhode Island – $730
  5. Connecticut – $724

Massachusetts is the state that pays the most, but keep in mind that the range from $769 to $1,220 depends on your eligibility.

States that pay the least for unemployment insurance

  1. Mississippi – $235
  2. Arizona – $240
  3. Louisiana – $247
  4. Alabama – $275
  5. Florida – $275

Mississippi is the lowest paying state, followed by Arizona.

States that provide unemployment insurance for the longest time

  1. Massachusetts – 30 weeks
  2. Montana – 28 weeks

States that provide unemployment insurance for less time

  1. Florida – 12 weeks
  2. North Carolina – 12 weeks
  3. Missouri – 13 weeks
  4. Georgia – 14 weeks
  5. Kansas – 16 weeks

Not surprisingly, states that offer unemployment insurance coverage for a shorter period also provide less money. These are the “stingy” states you don’t want to live in if you’re afraid of unemployment. These states are more likely to be business-friendly, as businesses do not have to pay as much employment tax as other states.

State Performance Excellence Awards

The Department of Labor awards states based on their performance each year. Awards are given based on management, planning and supervision, resulting in inefficient service for workers and employers. This map shows six states that won Performance Excellence Awards in 2018:

State Performance Excellence Awards

If you want to know more visit UI Performance Awards.

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The data was collected from various government websites. There may be some minor errors and it is advised that you contact your State employment office for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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