Univision Card phone number

People who live outside the banking system tend to order prepaid cards to complete some daily operations easily and quickly. We’re talking about things as common as paying your utility bill online or cashing a check. However, these projects -promising at first glance- do not always end up prospering.

This has been the case with the Univision Card, once listed as the best prepaid card you could get in the United States. Through a statement dated May 13, 2020, Univisión informed its cardholders of the suspension of the card; a measure that would come into force as of July 14 of that same year.

But, what about users who have pending money on the card? Then, We leave you the phone number of the Univisión Card so you can communicate with them (plus a couple of replacement options).

Univision Card phone number

Univision Card – Phone Number

If you used to have a Univisión Card in your hands and you still have some pending matters to resolve -such as the withdrawal of your balance- contact the following telephone number: 1-877-883-6688. The call will be completely free.

Why call the phone number of the Univision Card?

Since the Univisión Card has been withdrawn from circulation, the most popular step among consumers is to withdraw the outstanding balance they had on the card. Normally, you can request the remaining balance and receive a direct deposit to the affiliated checking or savings account in the system.

However, some cardholders have had trouble getting their funds back; this -generally- motivated to a security block for suspicious activities.

In that case, consumers should contact the customer service telephone number of the Univisión Card and submit documentation that proves your identity.

What will happen to the monthly rate and the closure of the Univisión Card?

Regrettably, the monthly fees you have paid to use your Univision Card -which was $9.95 each- will not be returned to users. Luckily, there’s an add-on that you might have been able to enjoy: once customers paid the monthly fee, they could transact completely free. If you’ve had your card for a while, you’ve already saved a ton!

Alternatives to the suspension of the Univisión Card

The Univisión Card was, without a doubt, an alternative for all those who prefer to live outside the classic banking system.. Unlike other options, it only requested a single payment -which was the monthly fee- leaving the other transactions free of charge.

Although the monthly rate is higher than that of other similar prepaid cards, you could use the ATM for free, as well as receive bonuses -and not have to pay anything- for refills and direct deposits. This, coupled with its great customer service in Spanish, gave it a 10 / 10 among users.

Although the news of the closing of the Univisión Card is sad, there are many other options to enjoy similar benefits. The first -and most recommended- of them is open a checking or savings account with no maintenance fee.

Remember that although prepaid cards they are an alternative to traditional banking, have hidden fees and commissions much higher than what you’d find at a big bank like Bank of America or Chase.

If you don’t want to -or can’t- open a bank account in the United States and want to stay within the same format of prepaid cards, We leave you some replacement options for the Univisión Card:

#1 American Express Serve FREE Reloads Prepaid Card

What we like about this edition of the American Express Serve Card is that every recharge you make will be free. This is a great benefit, but only if you receive multiple payments in a single month. The card also has identity theft protection and online fraud, ATM withdrawals free of charge (only on the MoneyPass network) and a monthly fee cheaper than the old Univision Card: $6.95.

If you want to use an ATM outside the network, you will have to pay $2.50 for each operation. The American Express Serve FREE Rewards Card issuance is completely free (online), but may also be subject to a $3.95 fee if ordered in person at a retail location.

Tip: The American Express Serve FREE Rewards Card could be a great choice if you live in Texas or New York because the monthly maintenance fee has been abolished there.

#2 Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

What we like about the Starbucks Rewards Visa Card is that, for every $10 you spend, you will accumulate a star. These stars function as points and can be redeemed for drinks at Starbucks. If you are an avid coffee lover, this could be a good option for you.

The disadvantage of this edition is the ATM withdrawals -which are not available- and that the top-ups must be a minimum of $25. Fortunately, not everything is as bad as it seems. The Starbucks Rewards Visa Card is free of monthly maintenance fees and does not charge fees for each reload (like others).

#3 Walmart MoneyCard by Visa Prepaid Card

This option is wonderful if you like to do a lot of shopping at Walmart.. Why? Well, because the Walmart MoneyCard works with rewards. For every purchase you make in the retail store you will receive 1% cash back. If you buy your products in the online store, the percentage increases to 3%.

To this should be added the cashback for fuel purchases at service stations affiliated with Walmart and 2% interest on the amount deposited (which is rare to see on prepaid cards).

Other benefits that you could enjoy with the Walmart card is that you will not have to pay anything for direct deposits, online check deposit or bill payments.

What we don’t like so much is that each refill is priced at $5.95. Also, you will always be charged $2.50 for ATM cash withdrawals.

Is it worth ordering a new prepaid card to replace your old Univision Card?

This is something you will have to evaluate on your own. As we already exposed, opening a bank account and using the debit card is usually much cheaper than having a prepaid card, but we know that not everyone wants to live within the banking system or simply cannot.

Prepaid cards can be a good alternative for remote work charges because some of them -such as the Payoneer card– offer you multi-currency fund receiving accounts: British Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen, etc. In this way, if you have a client across the pond, you could receive the payment in seconds.

The Payoneer card also offers you an easy way to get rid of the maintenance fee (which, in this case, is annual). To do so, just use your card at least once a month at a PoS. Top-ups are not usually subject to a specific cost (only in euros or pounds sterling) and they have good customer service.

Regrettably, Payoneer does not pay interest on the amount deposited -such as Walmart MoneyCard or US savings accounts– and it will not give you points redeemable for rewards or cashback.

No matter what you decide, keep in mind that times have changed. Before, having a prepaid card was a way to access your funds 24/7 without leaving home. But, at present, most traditional banks offer online banking for much less money.

What does this mean? That, for better or worse, the banking system has been upgraded; which begins to blur the fine line that separated prepaid cards from regular debit cards.

For example, when Payoneer launched its free transfer service between users, many migrated to this platform. But now that banks use Zelle and similar apps, prepaid cards with free transfers have lost their appeal. Our advice? Analyze very well the maintenance costs and the benefits that both options offer you to make an informed decision.

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