Univision credit cards

You heard about the Univision prepaid card and want one? Well, you are in the right place because today we will explain everything about this prepaid card. So keep reading to find out how to apply for Univision credit cards, what is their rate and what are their benefits.

Univision prepaid card

The Univision prepaid card It stands out among other prepaid cards because it seeks to attract the Spanish-speaking community. In addition to its partnership with the leading Spanish-language network, Univision Mastercard advertises that its portal, customer service, product information, and even text alerts are available in Spanish. Without a doubt, this is a great benefit for those who do not speak English or for those who are less comfortable with this language.

Univision Prepaid Card: Everything You Need to Know

Is the Univision card free? Well no, the monthly fee of $ 9.95 is high compared to other prepaid cards and there is no way to qualify for a lower monthly rate like RushCard or Walmart MoneyCard. The Univision card fee is well above the average monthly fee of $ 5.

One of the benefits it offers to users is its free ATM network. Univision uses Allpoint, the largest network, and charges lower than average fees for out-of-network ATM withdrawals.

Some of its features are very interesting. The Univision card offers a $ 10 bonus for setting up direct deposit. You also have more cash loading options than most cards. However, it does not offer a mobile app, a service that has become common among most other prepaid cards.

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Univision Prepaid Card Services

The Univision Mastercard prepaid card includes standard services like direct deposit and text alerts.

Also offers:

  • Customer service in Spanish: Univision offers free customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with Spanish as the primary language. It also offers text alerts in Spanish and website.
  • Free ATM network: Univision offers free transactions at all Allpoint ATMs. This network has more than 55,000 locations, including places like CVS, Walgreens, and Target.
  • Transfers between Univision cards: you can send or receive money to or from any other Univision card at no charge.

Card limits

The balance limit of the Univision credit card is $ 9,000. That is the average amount of other prepaid cards. The daily limit for ATM withdrawals is $ 500, also similar to other cards.

The other limits are slightly lower than most cards. Univision limits daily spending to $ 3,000. Cash loads are limited to $ 950 (less than 50% of average).

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Card fees

How much does the Univision prepaid card cost? Well, the Univision card has a relatively high monthly price of $ 9.95. Transactions, customer service, and card-to-card transfers are free.

ATM transactions are free when using an Allpoint ATM. Even out-of-network ATM withdrawals cost less than most other cards. It costs $ 1.95 plus any ATM owner surcharge. You can find the addresses of Allpoint ATMs here .

Univision card refills

There are several ways to add money or reload the Univision prepaid card:

  • Direct deposit: you can set up direct deposit of paychecks or government benefits at no charge.
  • Mobile check deposit: Although there is no mobile application to deposit checks on the card, the Ingo Money application allows you to deposit checks on many prepaid cards. Ingo Money offers a free option that takes 8-10 days to be available. They apply a rate of 2% to 5% of the value, depending on the type of check, for availability the same day.
  • Online bank transfer: If you have a bank account, you can transfer funds to the Univision card online. Like most prepaid cards, this option is free.
  • Cash refills: Univision has more cash loading options than most cards. Accepts cash refills from MoneyGram, Vanilla Reload, Reloadit, Walmart Rapid Reload, Western Union, and Green Dot Reload @ the Register. The card does not charge a fee to carry cash, but establishments will. The cost ranges from $ 3.74 to $ 4.95 per cash load.

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Where to buy the Univision card

You can purchase the Univision card at various retail stores such as Family Dollar and Speedway. However, retail stores will charge a purchase fee. Getting the card online is free.

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Univision Prepaid Card: Overview

The Univision card has a relatively high monthly fee. However, it doesn’t charge a lot for services. Free ATM withdrawals can offset some of the higher costs if you still use cash regularly. The services are relatively basic, and the card lacks some common features, such as a mobile app. But it does offer customer support in Spanish, which makes it more accessible for those who aren’t as comfortable with English.

Ideal for: Spanish speakers; those who make frequent withdrawals at ATMs.

It is not so good for: people who are comfortable with English and for those looking for a cheaper monthly rate.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In May 2020 Univison published on its official website that the Univision prepaid card and Univision Mobile Money will stop working as of July 14, 2020. For more information, enter here.

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