How to contact the Vente Privée- Veepee customer service?

The telephone is not the preferred means of contact for the Private Sales-Veepee teams. Indeed, like many companies, Vente Privée-Veepee fears being invaded by calls from its customers and prefers to conceal its phone number somewhat in order toencourage customers to go through the mail. Whether it is electronic or postal. It is therefore not always easy to find the customer service phone number of Vente Privée-Veepee .

Contact the Vente Privée-Veepee customer service by phone

Nevertheless, provides you with all the phone numbers you are looking for, and in particular that of

If you want call Private Sale-Veepee , you will need to dial the following number: 0 809 10 88 88. This number is the Private Sale-Veepee customer service direct line . By calling it, you will first be put in touch with an answering machine telling you the following message:

Hello and welcome to Vente In order to improve the quality of our service, we inform you that this call may be recorded. If you do not wish it, we invite you to press the 0 key now. “.

After listening to this message, you will be directly put in touch with a sales advisor from Private Sale-Veepee . Explain your request to him, and he will respond to it as soon as possible.

The Private Sale telephone number is a non-surcharged telephone number. Indeed, although many people believe that numbers starting with 08 are systematically surcharged numbers, this is in fact not the case (find more information on premium rate numbers in France). So you can to call without fear, the call to this number will not be subject to any additional billing from the Private Sale-Veepee services. .

Be careful, however. Before calling, we recommend that you have all the information you need to allow the agent you are going to contact to identify your order. You will need to be able to give the name, first name, address and phone number of the person who spent the ordered. You will also need to be able to clearly state the problem with the command. Whether it concerns a claim, a refund, or one return. So make sure you have all the necessary information before you call.

Contact the Vente Privée-Veepee customer service by email

Whoever has already placed an order on the Private Sale site necessarily knows Cecile de Rostand. Cécile de Rostand is your main contact when you are in contact with Vente Privée-Veepee. So how do you contact Vente Privée-Veepee’s customer service by email? By writing to Cécile de Rostand of course! Explain your situation well in the body of the text, give as much detail as possible about your order in order to allow the advisor who will read it to identify you, and send your email to the following address: Where

Contact the Private Sale customer service by post

To get in touch with Vente Privée-Veepee by mail, you will need contact the Vente Privée-Veepee customer service . Write your letter and send it to the following address:

Private sell
For the attention of customer service
249, avenue du President Wilson
93200 Saint-Denis

You may also want to speak directly to the President of Private Sale. In this case send your mail for the attention of Jacques Granjon. It is today Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vente Privée-Veepee .

Contact the Vente Privée-Veepee customer service using social networks

Vente Privée-Veepee is also very present on social networks. Besides the fact that they are very useful for keeping abreast of the latest news from Vente Privée-Veepee, as well as upcoming sales, social networks can also be used as a platform for exchange.
You can contact first Private Sale-Veepee via Instagram. The Private Sale login is simple: private sell. You can also use the next link to join their page.
You can also contact Private Sale-Veepee thanks to Twitter. In this case, join the next link.
You can finally contact Private Sale-Veepee thanks to Facebook. If so, join the next page and send an e-mail to Vente Privée-Veepee.

About Cécile de Rostand

Vente Privée has the particularity of embodying its customer service through a fictional character: Cecile de Rostand. Cécile de Rostand is not just an allegory of customer service! It is the very soul of Vente Privee-Veepee! She also manages social networks, the Newsletter, she is editor-in-chief of the Cahier des Idées, and makes sure that you receive good Private-Veepee sales plans. Notice therefore to those who were beginning to attach themselves to the services rendered daily by Cécile: this one does not exist !

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