What if you can’t pay your medical bills?

You go to the hospital, they treat you and cure you and finally they give you the bill for the expenses, and now? Many people in the USA ask the same question What happens if I don’t pay the hospital bill in the United States? The answer may vary depending on your situation and the clinic you went to.

The main cause of health debts is the high disease rate. The number of cardiovascular diseases, due to the use of opiates, other narcotics, as well as cancerous conditions increased in the United States.

The population every day has to go to more expensive places and with a health insurance which doesn’t seem to work. It is a true spiral that generates medical bills that cannot be paid; debts that gradually accumulate and increase.

You will ask yourselfwhat if you can’t pay medical bills? But you well know that not going to an establishment harms your health, so it is necessary to find a solution and for this reason, we recommend that you read below.

Why can’t medical expenses be paid?

For him University of Illinois Hospital medical bills they increase depending on the service provided, not only fees but outpatient care, private exams and specialized consultations; are services that significantly increase medical bills.

If hospitalization is required, you will have to to pay many more things, such as the hospital bed, the medical supplies and the medical care provided.

The payment methods for medical bills and its quality is going backwards, before credits and insurance were higher. Now every day insurers cover fewer illnesses and the premium per insured is lower for the same sum insured.

Unpaid Medical Bills: What Happens If You Don’t Pay?

for the BBC, hospital emergency services in the US can “save lives but ruin bank accounts”.

And according to research of the NORC group, of the University of Chicago shared by the bbc, 57% of Americans say they have “been surprised with a medical bill” which, they thought, would be covered by the insurance company

This is what can happen when you can’t pay your medical bills.

Default fees and interest

It is important to check that each medical bill has the date of issue. When treating any disease, verify this particularity and that the date is correct at all times.

Depending on the county or state you are in, this fact can save you from pay a fine and interest for late payment of medical expenses.

In some states of the union it is not allowed to earn interest on unpaid medical bills.

In other states it is allowed, but the clinic must clarify it in the treatment conditions. For this reason you should be careful what you sign before receiving any medical treatment.

The most important is review your medical bill, see when it was issued and stay tuned to avoid paying additional fines. The overdue medical bills they can cause you more expenses, worries and loss of money.

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Past due medical bills and your credit score

On occasions of medical emergencies not taking a treatment is not a valid option.

It is true that if you do not pay you cannot generate additional charges and the actions are limited. But having one medical bill without paying can have disastrous consequences financially.

According to firms such as TransUnion and Experian, medical debts in most cases are not mentioned in credit reports.

These firms recognize that doctors, hospitals and other health providers they will scarcely report the non-payment of medical bills directly.

What if you can’t pay your medical bills?

Hospitals simply take action.

Clinics call collection companies and organizations to harass you and force you to pay.

It may seem like a small thing to you, but it is something that can affect you financially.

Collection companies, if they usually report to credit agencies and it is something that can definitely affect your credit score. Banks can stop lending you, for a project or something if you don’t pay on time.

pay your medical debts on time, trust is the best way to preserve your bank credit.

The debts in medical bills should be to pay. If you dont do it, you’ll get a bad name with the banks.

Lawsuits, trials and jail

In case earning a bad name with hospitals and finance companies isn’t enough, clinics have other ways to apply pressure.

the undertake legal actions is the final form of pressure so that pay your medical bill.

The hospitals can demand payment of the medical bill, for negligence in honoring it. The court will study the case to determine if there was negligence on the part of the patient-debtor.

If the court finds that you were negligent, it can enable the hospital to deduct the debt with interest from your wages. Wage garnishment is common but it is usually partial and lasts for a certain period of time.

What if you can’t pay your medical bills in terms of penalties? jail you can not worry, since nobody goes to jail for not paying a civil bill. Yes you owe the government It’s another story, especially with taxes.

The BBC shares with us the experience of three cases of exorbitant charges in US hospitals.

How can not paying my medical bills affect me in the future?

not paying your invoices It has consequences as you can see.

Unfavorable precedents may occur, be it at the banking, financial, personal and even legal level. That is why it is recommended that you pay your medical bills on time.

The health provider he just wants you to honor your medical bill, however exorbitant it may have been. It may sound crazy but you have to pay it; maybe you won’t be able to do it the first time. There are ways to negotiate a flexible payment plan.

How and when to pay your medical bills can be easily arranged, so first seek to reach an agreement to obtain optimal conditions for both parties.

In many cases, medical bills can be paid in installments or installments. Hospitals provide small payment packages. You can to pay your invoices comfortably without having to go through stress.

The accumulated medical bills they can be a headache for you. It may be advisable to seek help from other people who can lend you money to pay; maybe it’s better to owe a friend than a hospital.

Other way to pay is through banking institutions, which can finance your debt at comfortable installments. This is in the case that the clinic is in refusal to accept the payment of the medical bill through a flexible payment plan.

In this case you can pay the accumulated sum in overdue medical bills through installments to the bank with considerable interest. You will have a slightly larger debt but you will be able to to pay more comfortably and long term.

Stay up to date with medical bill debt It is essential for you to have stable personal finances. It is preferable to be up to date with the debts for medical consultations, than to live in person how you feel some of the situations described.

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