What is Green Monday?

The last months of the year are full of offers. First, there’s Amazon Prime Day, which offers movie discounts for Amazon Prime members. Then we have Black Friday (November), which falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Then there would be Cyber ​​Monday, which is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. And finally there would be Green Monday, the most important day of the entire month of December for the ecommerce sector and consumers. But, What is Green Monday and when does it fall? If like us you ask yourself that question, it’s time to discover the answer.

What is Green Monday?

What is Green Monday?

Green Monday is one of the most important days for online shopping. In a nutshell, it’s the date when shoppers realize that Christmas is just around the corner—specifically, about ten days—and that if they don’t make their purchases that day, they won’t arrive before December 24. Due to its relevance, it is also known as Cyber ​​Monday 2.

When is Green Monday?

Green Monday is the second Monday of December. This 2020, Green Monday fell on December 14. The next Green Monday will be Monday, December 13, 2021.

Remember: Both Green Monday and Cyber ​​Monday occur after the celebration of Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.

How to take advantage of the best offers?

The first thing you should know is that each online store publishes its own Green Monday deals. All you have to do is go to your favorite store and check if they have special offers on this day. For example, last year Shoes.com offered shoppers 60% off plus an additional 35% off their Green Monday Madness.

Some stores -to win over consumers- activate price matching on Green Monday, something they don’t do on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. This would help you a lot to save because if you saw an item for $20 in one store and then in another for $30, this second store would sell it to you for $20 as long as you buy everything you need -and your Christmas gifts, of course- In one single place.

To maximize savings on Green Monday, select a list of providers that offer free shipping or use your membership cards. In this way, not only will you have your purchase at lightning speed, but you will also avoid paying a few dollars for home delivery.

Tip: If the price match feature is turned off at the store you like, you still have ways to save a ton. Try any of these browser extensions.

Who created Green Monday?

Green Monday has been promoted by major online stores in the United States. Some examples? Target, Walmart, and Amazon. This date was put on the table to extend the streak of online purchases after Thanksgiving, that is, to sell even more after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, which is the day of discounts and offers from the technology sector.

However, Green Monday is not the authorship of any of these giants of online sales, but of another; one of the most famous web pages in the United States: eBay.

Why is it called Green Monday?

The history of the name of Green Monday begins in the year 2007. Precisely in that year, eBay informed its shareholders -and the general public- that the day of greatest activity or completed sales had been the second Monday of the month of December. After looking closely at the landscape, they realized that this was the last day that shoppers could order their products in order to receive them before Christmas.

After that, eBay decided to name this lucky day for its box as Green Monday.. Why? Well, for two reasons. The first, which refers to the green color, has to do with income and profits, a very positive point for the company. The “Monday”, as you might suspect, is for the day it falls: the second Monday of the month of December.

Note: Recently, eBay added an extra that strengthens the “green” character of Green Monday. Which one? Caring for the environment. In fact, on the page you can find good offers to buy organic products or hire more ecological forms of transport and delivery.

The importance of Green Monday in the modern world

The popularity of buying gifts, holiday apparel and decorations online is no surprise. After all, the ease of entering an online store, browsing the catalog, choosing products with up to 70% discount and -on top of that- taking it with the free shipping option is one of the favorite activities of anyone.

In fact, the most decisive factor in deciding to buy online versus buying in a physical store was the free shipping method, something your Amazon Prime membership could help you with.

To give you an idea, 2020 closes reporting that online sales account for 25% of retail spend and it may be that, as of December 31, this number will be found to be even higher. Why? Because the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of this industry.

Some studies show that, even having the ease of visiting the physical store, consumers prefer the online experience. In 2019-2020, 45% of Americans used their mobile phones from the store to verify that a product that had caught their attention was at a good price or if, on the contrary, they could find it cheaper online. The other 12% used their smartphone to pay for purchases while in the store.

Note: The Christmas shopping season is critical to the economic health of the business world because a fifth of all annual sales are completed in this short period of time. Specifically, this amount of sales occurs from Black Friday until the arrival of Christmas day.

Does Green Monday have competition?

Every year, Green Monday faces stiff competition. From who? Of cyber week. With Amazon Prime and other exclusive or membership services, shoppers can wait until Christmas Day approaches, shop online, and still have it delivered before Christmas arrives.

However – and despite these new loyalty facilities – Green Monday is still a relevant day and in it you can find unbeatable bargains, offers and discounts.

How much is sold on Green Monday?

The last official statistics reported on Green Monday were made in the year 2016. What did they say? Let’s see it:

History of sales made on Green Monday
Year Sales

(in billions)

Porcentual increment
2008 $0.859 -2.5%
2009 $0.854 -0.6%
2010 $0.954 11.7%
2011 $1,133 18.8%
2012 $1,275 12.5%
2013 $1,401 9.9%
2014 $1,615 15.3%
2015 $1,408 -12.8%
2016 $1,621 15.1%
2017 $2,059 27.0%
2018 $2,629 27.7%
2019 $3,454 31.4%


Before we go We leave you a list with the key data that you have to take from this article:

  • Green Monday is a day of offers and discounts, just like the Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Amazon Prime Day.
  • Green Monday started in 2007-2008 and was brought to market by eBay. Then retailers like Target, Walmart and Amazon jumped on the challenge.
  • Green Monday falls on the second Monday of December, about 10 days before Christmas.
  • Due to its sales volume and importance, many know Green Monday as the Second Cyber ​​Monday.

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