What is the price for sending a cash money order?

The cash mandate allows you to send cash securely and legally to the recipient of your choice. But this money transfer operation is not free. What is the price for sending a cash money order? The prices for a shipment via the Internet or from a post office.

Sending money between individuals Western Union

La Poste ended its ordinary and urgent cash mandates in 2018. Transfers of cash between individuals go through Western Union cash money orders, the services of which, however, are relayed by the Post. Money orders sent from a post office are capped at € 1,500, which is not the case when sending an Internet cash mandate.

Money order fees are most often lower when sending online compared to the same service relayed by La Poste, although they may be similar on certain amounts.

The price of sending the money order between individuals depends on the amount to be transferred and the mode of issuance of the mandate.

Prices are the same up to € 30, but the difference becomes significant beyond that.

  • For a cash mandate between € 30 and € 50,

costs can amount to € 8.50 via the Post office against € 4.90 in line.

the price of the cash mandate is € 8.90 online and to 15 € in post office.

the Post office invoices the money order 19 €. Online, you can will cost 14 € for a mandate up to 150 €.

  • Tariffs continue to increase until ceiling of € 1,500 observed by the Post Office,

where the fees go to € 56.

  • To send a larger amount, it will be necessary to proceed online.

The costs are calculated up to 3.20% of the sum of the cash mandate from 2000 € sent.

The international ordinary cash mandate

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The ordinary international cash mandate allows you to send money abroad.

52 destinations are possible through the Post. Amounts sent by La Poste international ordinary cash money order are capped at € 3,500.

The price of the ordinary international cash money order depends on several factors: the amount to be sent, the way of issuing the money order (online or via a post office) and the destination country.

The amounts sent can be in currencies other than the euro.

Some examples of prices:

For a cash mandate in a currency other than the euro and for an amount of less than € 50, you have to count € 3 online fees against € 4 at the Post Office.

  • For 100 € to 200 € sent, the invoiced costs are 5 € via internet vs € 7.5 via Internet.
  • Of 400 € to 750 €, they are re-evaluated at € 12 online and at € 15 in a postal agency.
  • Between 750 € and 1500 €, the costs of the international ordinary cash mandate are estimated at € 15 at the Post Office and € 19 from the Internet.

The international cash express mandate

As its name suggests, the deadline for transferring money abroad is shortened with the international cash express mandate.

As with the other types of mandate, the currency and the means of generating the cash mandate vary the prices.

For a shipment of 200 € to 400 €, the costs will vary between € 9 and € 13.

The cash mandate is not free, whether it is done in a post office or online. It remains an interesting tool to send money, thanks to its security and the speed of the transfer of funds.